Iran says it has captured drone; U.S. denies losing one

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    NOT Headline News means what Iran says is correct.

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    Well, at least they can't torture the drone, for later to claim it confessed spying. They also can't have a kangaroo court in order to sentence it, and a drone can't be imprisoned. All in all, I guess US does quite well by using these machines.

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    Herve Nmn L'Eisa

    " “We have no evidence that the Iranian claims are true.” Double-talk from lying White House Jay Blarney.

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    So...they captured an unlost drone. That works for me.

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    Except that it's a gross violation of international law

    If we start with this, having illegal centrifuges, and processing nuclear fuel up to military grade is a far bigger violation of international law. It's like: let's create a big fuss over a problem, hoping that the world won't notice what we try to hide here. Besides, military satellites fly on daily basis at 80-100 km above Iran snapping pictures of every inch visible. Is this not a far bigger problem?

    The US military should at least be man enough to admit

    yeah, like they give a damn if Iran believes them or not. Besides, Iran could have bought (or built) a mockup of such a drone, and just pose with it in order to get their slogan published. Why fuel their propaganda?

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    Well, it might be a USN one, but if they are on general sale and 1,685 have been built, Iran could have got one of these from anywhere. Hard to say. One side or the other looks to be lying.

    If Iran is lying, it's a good lie and a rather convincing story.

    If it really is a US drone, then this will be at least the second time Iran has succeeded in guiding one down to earth and the US will be secretly worried, I guess. How are they jacking them?

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    @ NS

    The U.S. Navy said had not lost any unmanned aircraft in the area. The 1.25-meter surveillance drones built by Boeing Co are deployed in the region by the United States military and also by other countries.

    Considering this type of drone was probably also shot down by Isreal a few weeks ago its more likely that other ME countries will be using these.

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    Using knowledge of the previously captured U.S. drone, it's a new drone made by Iran to make it look like a U.S. drone, so that Iran has an excuse to close the Strait of Hormuz.

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