Islamic State suicide bombing at Pakistan shrine kills 75

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    Religion done wrong...

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    RIP innocents. Another disgusting cycle of religious violence taking place. The Sufis do have a history that has included extreme violence and have committed atrocities in the name of their beliefs. They led vicious 'revivalist' attacks to try to force a 'pure' form of Islam. Now another Islamic faction is attacking Sufis to try to do the same.

    Currently the Wahhabis, Salafis and other ultra-right Islamic sects are among the most savage of the factions. They despise any form of music except those they claim their prophet permitted. They want to stop and are trying to stop Sufi music like Qawwali played by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and others. A analogy (albeit a weak one) would be ultra-rightist Christians trying to ban gospel music.

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    This has just become rolling news, background noise, fact of life. I still blame the Bushes and their stooges for causing all this mayhem in the first place.

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    Pakistan has sacrificed so much for fighting the war against terror but I rarely hear a news where they track down the people who did it and punish them. They really need tougher laws and its enforcement.

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