McCain, Obama to meet on immigration Tuesday

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    "a path to legalization for illegal immigrants"

    How about deportation of illegal immigrants? Nah...

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    One wonders which will show: the Angry, Irrational McCain or the Maverick, Conciliatory McCain. Really, this guy had better retire soon 'fore he does further damage to his brand.

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    I think McCain's downfall started when he associated with the TP. He used to be seen as a Maverick, but lately seen as just a hot tempered senator from Arizona. I agree he needs to retire, Laguna. I think Jindal and Christie are doing a better job.

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    There was also the idea of self deportation, but that must have been discredited by it's top proponent losing the 2012 election.

    Look at Alabama or McCain's own Arizona to see how tough immigration laws lead to economic deterioration. States' revenue declines have been in the billions as people leave the state, and Alabama was already one of the poorest states. Their governor is spending his time trying to paint a friendlier picture of the "show me your papers" law to attract low wage workers back to Alabama. Right off the bat, the arrests of executives of both Japanese and German automakers for not showing their papers should have been a red flag that the Alabama law was poorly thought out. Think there will be continued foreign investment in Alabama? Forget about it.

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    Vast Right-Wing Conspirator

    The big impact will happen when the current millions of illegals become legal. At that point, their employers will be forced to start paying them minimum wage, benefits, etc. How many will keep their jobs? Plus, they will be eligible for all public assistance, benefits, education, etc. Billions more in cost there.

    It makes no sense to keep 12 million illegals in the country when there are 20 million plus unemployed legal residents.

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    Surf O'Holic

    An actual guest worker option is needed. However, that guest worker program should not be connected to a naturalization avenue. Naturalization must be restricted to legal immigrants. No illegal immigrants should have a naturalization route, but possibly a route to temporary legal residence status.

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