More than 140 nations adopt treaty to cut mercury

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    Fluorescent lights and amalgam fillings are probably the worst culprits in developed countries. And coal burners in China emit a ton of mercury/fluoride.

    Vaccines should not have mercury in them.

    Mercury displaces calcium (a metal) in the body: You can get kidney stones and your muscle get stiff and rip easy (calcium used to make muscle tissue slide is displaced by mercury). =get rid of those amalgam fillings and go ceramic. The mercury is volatile and mouth bacteria turn the solid mercury into methyl-mercury (gas) -which is far more toxic.

    How do I know if my amalgam fillings are a problem? Headaches in the morning especially for mouth breathers and sore throats. -but even if there are no symptoms mercury is toxic and I still don't understand why Dentists push the mercury fillings and fluoride. -- Maybe all the mercury gas from working on mercury fillings has gotten to their head and lowered IQ.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    ***Because it concentrates and accumulates in fish and goes up the food chain, mercury poses the greatest risk of nerve damage to pregnant women, women of child-bearing age and young children. ***

    And FISH, sushi, sashimi, yaki sakana is supposed to be healthy for us???????

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    The new accord aims to cut mercury pollution from mining, utility plants and a host of products and industrial processes, by setting enforceable limits and encouraging shifts to alternatives in which mercury is not used, released or emitted.

    Back in 2007, an expert testified before the US Senate that the use of Fluorescent light bulbs posed a danger of mecury poisoning. “The compact fluorescent lamp contains mercury,” said Brandston. “One gram of mercury will pollute a two acre pond. This 2007 light bulb standard brings a deadly poison into every residence in our nation.

    “We do not have enough knowledge of the potential consequences of being continuously exposed to the electromagnetic field that compact florescent lamps emit. There are millions of people in this country with lupus, an auto-immune disease. Exposure to low doses of light from these lamps causes a severe rash.”

    Yet, nothing was changed in the US law. So much for Al Gore and his Global Warming fanatics since it seems that in the so called efforts to reduce energy, we have created another issue that we will have to spend billions on to fix. All the while Al is laughing to the bank with the money he made from selling his failed TV Network, and all of the money he made selling us this fake "green solutions" stuff that he short sold and made millions.

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