N Korea displays body of Kim Jong Il a year after death

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    that is creepy!

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    Sick and sic!

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    Herve Nmn L'Eisa


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    Oughta do wonders for their tourism industry.

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    I saw Lenin's mummy once at the Kremlin mausoleum in Moscow. There's a rumor that the Soviets couldn't prevent deterioration and replaced it with a wax dummy. But in Little Kim's case, I guess all the kimchee he ate would work as a preservative.

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    Do these people actually WANT their corpse to be seen by the public for years to come? Ho Chi Minh didn't, but Viet Nam made it happen anyway. Put his glasses and character parka on display for sure, but his body? Sick.

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    Yuck. Dictatorships are so perverse it's beyond comprehension for those of us who live in a country with some freedoms....

    Although I suppose one way to properly display a dictator's body is at the bottom of a latrine.

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    Must be pretty ripe by now. LOL!

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