North Korea tells China of preparations for fresh nuclear test

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    It's rather obvious that at the end of the day, North Korea's strategy will lead to either a U.S. strike to neutralize their nuclear capabilities, or a Chinese one after the US tells hem either they do it or we will.

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    Seirei Tobimatsu

    China better rule NKorea & free Tibet.

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    China shouldn't be ruling NKorea at all, they should just stop supporting them period and see how well NK does afterwards with no food to fill the coffers and no money coming in.

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    Umm, doesn't the US WANT to talk? Wtf is NK thinking? Their nuclear program is doing the exact opposite and driving them into isolation.

    I imagine that NK wants to talk with the US on THEIR terms. LAWL!

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    If NK wants diplomatic relations it's not rocket science.... They are more than welcome to join the international community when they stop blasting nukes and rockets.

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    North Korea will fail without China's support. The country is a dependent on nearly everything from China. However, like most cults, NK would likely go out in some kind of blaze of glory. A mass suicidal last act of defiance.

    There really is no winning this one. Either way the people of NK lose. And very likely NK will do something terrible to South Korea in the process, if not to other states nearby.

    Would be nice if there was a way to vanish the problem causing leaders, but the panic resulting could equally kick off a tragic mess.

    NK is probably a lost cause, just depends on how bad the damage will be when they fail as a state.

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    Now NK is extorting PRC?

    Interesting to say the least. It show that NK has no real allies anymore and would do anything. PRC will not foward an actual military assult but I believe they may try to replace some of the NK military heads and make it a vassal state controlling the nation via remote like back in the old days.

    Relationship between China and the Korean peninsula never seems to change does it.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Let's be nice to North Korea, they have been forced by the "West" into this situation and maybe if we have more "Sunshine policies" they will just be nice back to the rest of the world??

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    Kyle Alpert

    NK is saying the want to be free & independent. Anyone suggesting they disarm & comply with UN mandates forgets what happened to other countries who naively did the same (eg: Libya, Iraq, Cuba). US claims the right to impose 'democracy', to liberate people, but the only things being liberated are national resources and cheap labor. Dont forget, this is all in the context of a US regime that funds, supplies, and supports the worlds #1 breaker of international law, Israel. NK & (Iran) have tons of problems, but they are right in calling out US hypocrisy. NK has the right to be left alone. Why not just make amends?

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    David Quintero Navarro

    The "right to be left alone"?? You gotta be kidding me! North Korea, the DPRK, the so called Democratic Republic of Korea, likes to send ninja style spies down to South Korea, and once in a while they show up here in JAPAN, just ask people around Nigata etc..and sorry to say, but as far as anybody can tell, CHINA is the only superpower that is keeping NK alive, and CHINA will have to do more to make sure NK does not get out of control, so it is not just a USA problem, as the Japanese! Ask the South Koreans, etc...

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    Threatening nuclear apocalypse on the world is hardly befitting of "the right to be left alone" huh

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    Kyle Alpert

    'Ask the Japanese'?

    ...some would say privately that NK & Japan complement each other quite nicely, each having what the other lacks. Increased aggression from China, including attempts to starve Japan of resources make this an attractive scenario for some. Especially should the US further deplete its military will & power by going after Iran. Some might even say thats exactly what China is positioning for now. Japans quickest way to arm would be to upgrade NK. NK's quickest way to modernize is embrace Japan. least, thats what some Japanese would say.

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