NZ mother gives baby cannabis through breast milk

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    She did it intentionally? To what ends? to mellow the babe out?

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    Robert Dykes

    I'm sorry elbudo, what are you trying to say. All pot in the USA have babies and breasfeed and are guilty of child abuse. Only people in the USA and new Zeland smoke pot? Either way it doesn't matter. As this has nothing to do with weed or pot. All expecting or breast feeding mother should know not to use any drugs, caffeine, alchol, nicotine, heroin, cocaine, weed/pot, as it can be pased to the child. This is not an issues of drugs or pot heads but of a irresponsible mother plain and simple.

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    I am sure she did not do it intentionally, IF you are a smoker and are breast feeding, you are most likely to pass it down to your baby through breast feeding but the result is not the same as smoking it. In fact the effect are not even noticed or felt. They are just passed through as traces. People should be more alarmed when adults smoke tobacco around their kids. That is a lot more harmful but accepted. Here in Japan I see parents smoking outside convenience stores and home depots while their kids are waiting next to them. Those effects are a lot harmful and so far no one seems to mind or get alarmed. Hypocrites.....

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    There doesn't seem to be any details about how it was passed on, so I'm going with her passing it on "unintentionally" simply from being a weed-smoker. I can't really condone it, but if this is the grounds for charging someone in New Zealand for "supplying drugs to someone under 18" it sounds a little too far gone down the road to a police state to me.

    Where will this stop? Surely you can add alcohol and nicotine in the immediately too.

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    in there too, whoops

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    @ Resurfaced OCT, 27, 2012-06:11PM JST

    "If you are a smoker........not the same as smoking it. In fact the effect are not even noticed or felt. They are just passing through as traces."

    Is it a hypothesis or a theory you are making.

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    Jessica Marie Sato

    This is asinine...

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    Redcliff/ I am a science major so I know this. I was in a lecture about what is spread among mainstream media and science. An no this is no hypothesis. It is true.

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    Mother must have been pressured into this admission. I would imagine it would be along the lines of 'You knew that this stuff goes into your bloodstream, didn't you? You knew that it would come out in your milk, didn't you? Therefore you deliberately supplied your baby with canabis - right?

    One problem with this is that giving alcohol and tobacco to a minor are also illegal. Which means if you smoke tobacco or drink you could get charged for breastfeeding. Some people would actually like to see that kind of thinking enforced, but I think it would do more harm than good in most cases.

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    Jeff Ogrisseg

    Cannibis is not a narcotic, it's a plant that was used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes until a U.S. corporate backed conspiracy criminalized it. It's not dangerous. Alcohol and tobacco are lethal. This is ridiculous.

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    Cannibis may not be harmful to an adult, but we are talking about an infant. Who knows how it will affect the baby. I had a friend who tried it once, but it caused her to have panic attacks. Not exactly a common reaction, but a baby who is breastfeeding has no choice and it is highly irresponsible to expose infants to ANY drug (without proper medical advice) as a few other posters have stated.

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    dear jeff, I am in tolal agreement to your comments.In fact the stuff was called "somrasa" in the great vedas of indian civilisation.the vedas have eloboratelty emphosised its origion, use & effects on the human body & have declared it the best potion for the human body .it has been & being used by the indians for centuaries ,but as the british rascals found that it can be grown anywhere in the indian subcontinet & can`t be taxed, they enforced alcohol in licence-bottete form on indians,to belittle the use of the potion. S hethan ochhy ampp nsmr lmw wxyhmiw fc sgx YL .qiix qi sr c... wilex PGGY. now many of the indians are reaping the bad effectes of the alcohol & are the among of the poorest of the 200 or so nations.

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    Cannibis is both a narcotic and a plant used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes.

    A narcotic is a drug or other substance affecting mood or behavior and sold for nonmedical purposes, esp. an illegal one.

    Cannabis is a drug /substance that affects mood and/or behavior. Cannibis is sold for non-medical purposes. Cannibis is illegal in New Zealand.

    The use of cannabis in New Zealand is governed by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975, which makes unauthorised possession of any amount of cannabis illegal. The efforts seeking to remove penalty on its use for those over 18 years of age, first have not yet succeeded and second, would not apply to the instant case because a minor child is involved.

    This is how the law works. It may be ridiculous, but that is a value judgement. Here in California, people area using the system to change the law governing pot.

    My opinion is that if you want to change the law governing pot in New Zealand, do not us this as your rallying case. Because a baby is involved, and that will fail to pesuade the fence sitters, IMO.

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    Excerpt from one of my pharmacology books (that people that study and heavily work with drugs and their effects on the human body) And NZ apparantly acknowledges the effects of Marijuana.

    Tetrahydrocannabinol [THC] is the active ingredient in Marijuana. Although classified technically as a CNS depressant, it also possesses properties of a euphoriant, sedative, and hallucinogen ( so no, its not just like alcohol or tobbacco ). Marijuana is currently under investigation as possible treatment for glaucoma. Marinol [dronabinol- ** a synthetic manmade form of THC** ] is approved for prevention of chemotherapy induced nausea and vomitng, and is also used as an appetite stimulant in cachexia associated with AIDS or cancer.

    Make sure to comprehend the difference between THC derived from the plant which is illegal, and dronabinol which is the man-made form of THC and is legal to use for specified medical purposes and takes out some of the side effects of THC.

    Side effects of marijuana include -Short term memory loss, impaired learning, and slowed intellectual performance. -Perceptual inaccuracies, impaired reflex reactions (as with drunk driving) -Apathy, lethargy, and decreased motivation. -Increased heart, rate, anxiety, and panic attacks (some people do have completely unexpected reactions to different drugs). -Lung irritation, chronic cough, frequent respiratory infections -reduces testosterone/estrogen level -Crosses placental barrier and transmission through lactating mother's milk.
    -Delayed development of coping mechanisms in children and adolescents.

    So as much as people that desire to be able to walk into their local supermarket and pick up a pack of weed for "recreational" purposes with the absolutly ignorant belief that its completely harmless, show me one single legal drug that is harmless if used too often or over a long period of time.

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    Paul Pot

    New Zealand was recently found in a study to have the worlds highest rate of cannabis consumption at 23% of the population. Almost one in four people. Making New Zealand's police and government the most useless bunch of losers in the world regarding prohibition. It's also obvious that she would not be the only women who would have cannabinoids in her blood system or milk while pregnant or breast feeding, just as many have tobacco or alcohol in their systems. Yet do we actually hear any evidence of any real harm done to this child or any other by cannabis. Sadly the effects of tobacco and alcohol can be seen in children who are small and pale. But no such effects can be correlated to cannabis use, if it were so it would be obvious with hundreds of diseased children filling the hospitals and the authorities would have been screaming about it years ago. All we have hear is a case of bigoted men with way too much power who are able to use it to express their indignity at once again being proven totally wrong by the evidence in front of them. Now because of prohibition this women faces the prospect of losing her family and having to live under extreme pressure of observation and coercion for at least the next 6 months or more. End this brutal prejudice enshrined in law that 23% of New Zealanders have voted against with their lungs.

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