Obama, Suu Kyi meet as Myanmar hero shifts role

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    Kobuta Chan

    She’s come under criticism for failing to take a tougher line against the country’s former military leaders and for staying largely silent about the abuse of Muslim minorities that could jeopardize Myanmar’s fitful move toward democracy.

    I have been reading and learning about Muslim minority and other ethnic minorities in Burma. It's unfair to accuse Ms. Aung San Su Kyi for silent about abuse of Muslim in Burma. I have talk to many Buddhist Burmese and Muslim Burmese about communal riot in Rakhine state and other cities around the Burma. Ms. Su Kyi does not silence and she called for Government to practice Rule of Law.

    In the International Medias, they are reporting one side story from group of Muslim and the journalists are not reporting from inside Burma. Most of news on Internet are totally false. There's no massacre and ethnic cleansing in Rakhine state and other Cities. There are killing and attacking by both sides. There’s no intentionally ethnic cleansing or massacre by both sides.

    I have read news about massacre 76 Muslims in Muslim village of Du Char Yar Tan, Rakhine state in January, 2014. The news was released by UN Human Right organization and UN was very confidence about the news. However, there’s no mass grave was found and no Villagers can show mass grave in Muslim village of Du Char Yar Tan when Human Right organization and some journalists went to investigate there. Later Medical San Frontier was banned in Rakhine State because that rumor was spreading by Muslim staffs from MSF.

    Also within Burmese Muslim community was divided on Muslim in Rakhine state. Some Burmese Muslims said those Muslim in Rakhine state are illegal migrant from Bangladesh and corrupted immigration officers allowed to stay in Rakhine state under generation of military rule. Some Muslims said they are living there for decades and they should be granted citizenship.

    Buddhist Rakhine and other ethnics said there’s no Rohingya ethnic in Burma and they are Bengalis from Bangladesh. They accused the Bengalis have invented Rohingya ethnic for to get automatically Burmese citizenship. Every Bengali arrived in Rakhine becoming Rohingya. Rakhine peoples are accusing Muslim peoples for robbing their rice and selling it in Bangladesh. Also they accused some rich Muslims throwing money at poor Buddhist Rakhine parent for their daughter and convert to Islam religion.

    All Buddhists and Muslims in Yangon have said they have no problems living side by side before Rakhine communal riot. The rumor spread by radical Muslim group had hurting Burmese Muslim peoples in Burma. Some MPs from Government own party is involving anti Muslim action and they are spreading rumor about all Bengali Muslims will be granted Citizenship if Ms. Su Kyi becoming President. The scare campaign against NLD party by the ruling party’s MPs.

    Ms. Su Kyi has been unfairly targeting by MPs from ruling Party and some human right organization. Ms. Su Kyi knew both Buddhist and Muslim are not innocent and she called Government to do more with Rule of Law. I have been to Burma 10 times.

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