Prospects brighten for Susan Rice to succeed Clinton

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    So it looks like Obama wants to give the job to one of the players for taking the rap on Benghazi. It’s a silly job anyway and basically has no relevance in a world with instant communications like email and video conferencing. Besides, the SOS has no power, they are just a (overpaid) messenger – just eliminate the messenger and talk directly to the people with the power and influence. Or better yet, why doesn’t Obama make Beyonce or Nicki Minaj SOS at least they will be able to lie with style…

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    The WH told her what to say, she just followed orders, but her being a loyal soldier is now getting promoted, not that she deserved it based on merit, but because she can follow orders on spot from this WH, but as you said, the job basically has no real relevance, but you can't say that, otherwise you real be labeled a racist.

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    If Secretary of State has no longer relevance, then why are people, including Republicans, commending Hillary Clinton for overall fine job, while making a big deal out of Rice getting the position? Secretary of State is still one of the more powerful cabinet positions, along with Secretary of Defense. If Romney had won the Presidency, ya betcha he wouldn't give it just to anybody.

    Secretary of State is the President's surrogate, e.g. by sending Clinton to the Middle East to help broker out a ceasefire, it showed everybody in the region how serious the U.S. about it. Otherwise, why does it matter whether Clinton or Obama visits Israel or not, when they can just email or Skype Netanyahu about it. No, nothing replaces face-to-face communication, but a President can't go jet-setting everywhere everytime when he/she has other things to do too, like the economy, so he/she has to delegate that face-to-face communication to a deputy with high stature befitting the significance.

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    What a joke. Broker a Middle East "Deal" its more like "The Price is Right" since we pay the Palestinians to stop fighting -- that's an undeniable fact. I will state it again, the SOS has virtually no authority. Every negotiation concession/point has to be cleared by the POTUS. Besides, how many "deals" have been brokered since the 70's and those people are still killing each other -- so much for your "face-to-face" meetings....

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    Do you really believe the POTUS can do international diplomacy by email or video-conferencing across timezones?

    Face-to-face meetings don't always guarantee success, but it is significant. When the time comes, important people around the world would rather deal with you or your surrogate in person, than one (impersonal) step removed afforded by technology.

    The Secretary of State is one-step away from the President. The President gives the parameters he/she can work with, then he/she can make high-level decisions that lower level diplomats cannot make, then presents the results to the President (who is also busy doing other things and thus cannot be doing diplomacy 100% of the time) whether the results are acceptable or needs to return for further negotiations.

    Think of it this way, if you're a professional player, your agent is your Secretary of State. You spend most of your time either playing or with your family, so you send your agent in your stead to do the bulk of contract negotiations. You give the agent your parameters; the agent negotiates for you and comes out with something out of the negotiations, presents it to you whether it's acceptable to you or what the prospects are for negotiating other results. No email or video conferencing would be more efficient use of your --or your negotiating partner's-- limited spare times, not to mention trying to match each other's schedules.

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    Rice's nomination and confirmation were assured by Obama's victory; similarly, reversion of upper-income tax levels to pre-Bush brackets are certain. Republicans seem slow in realizing the magnitude of their defeat and consequent loss of leverage, but they'll get it eventually.

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    The SOS carries the checkbook and is told a head of time (by whoever is in the WH) how high she can go to buy the peace -- that's it.

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