Putin's reason for skipping U.S. summit puzzling

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    President Obama should not meet with Medvedev, in fact he should not even attend the meeting. Send Vice President Biden instead. Anything else is a show of weakness to Russia.

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    YuriO, your are kidding, right?

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    to put an end to all sort of speculations: cancel this summit or let "Putin" be main agenda at the summit.

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    Putin never lies, why can't anybody believe him when he says he is busy. He IS sending Medvedev, so it is not as if Russia was boycotting the summit. These speculations are just ridiculous!

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    What makes you think I am kidding? If Russia sends the second string, the USA needs to do the same. It is a matter of face.

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    Yeah, I agree with Yuri. If Putin is too busy setting up his dictatorship send Biden to meet with Medvedev. A little tit for tat and no mint or wind chimes included.

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    Putin and Medvedev should be engaged in the solution of problems in Russia, instead of travel, as tourists.

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