Rich, poor nations spar at climate talks

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    It is simple....

    If you live in one of these island countries, then you better get out while you can. It is foolish to wait for help, IF help actually were possible at all.

    You rather want to be self righteous fool and drown, or at least everything? Well.... good luck to you.

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    Aren't the "island" nations under water yet. Weren't they supposed to be innundated by 2011? Are the climate boys in East Anglia cooking the books again. All the conferences and government action taken or not taken will not stop the earth from changing and whether it warming or cooling or the contenents are realigning, it is foolish to think humans are causing it, or can prevent it. The polar ice caps have been shrinking for 10,000 years, and will until its time for the next ice age, perhaps we can save up all the hot air from these conferences to help us then.

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    Thomas Anderson

    it is foolish to think humans are causing it, or can prevent it.

    Science, bro. Use that, instead of making empty assumptions. More CO2 in the atmosphere = more global heating. It's not rocket science.

    Overall the the Kyoto Protocol was somewhat of a success, the countries involved reduced overall CO2 emissions somewhat.

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    “If rich countries which have the financial means"

    Once all the world's oil is gone (Assuming there is a world left for us to live in) global dynamics will change. Rich become poor, poor become rich as the next war will be over fresh water.

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    Thomas Haynes

    1) insulation; energy output from sun, orientation of the earth, and earth's orbit. 2) Greenhouse gasses; water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and a few other i can't remember. 3) Particulates and aerosols; volcanoes, asteroids, meteorites, and industrial pollution. the position of the continents plays into it was well. These are the factors that drive our planets temperatures. Thank you for your time

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    Once all the world's oil is gone (Assuming there is a world left for us to live in) global dynamics will change.

    Not really. We'll likely just switch over to electric engines and nuclear power. As much as the the environmentalists in my neighborhood hate them I think they'll break down when they can't power their IPads because there's no sun in my part of the state for 3/4 of the year and wind is fickle at best.

    Rich become poor, poor become rich as the next war will be over fresh water.

    Which rich countries typically have the greatest access to (top four being Brazil, Russia, Canada, and the US). The rich nations also have the largest coal and gas deposits. Rich nations didn't get rich in a vacuum, they got that way because they have numerous resources at their disposal. Poor nations, by comparison, typically lack these resources.

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    Coal is the number 1 menace, but it seems to have become economically indispensable to politicians in both rich and poor countries.

    Rich countries should give up on exporting coal, and wait until there is technology that can exploit that resource in an environmentally friendly way.

    They should agree to sell more advanced power stations to developing countries at favorable financing, and the developing countries should agree to buy them as a way to reduce emissions.

    Green energy law should be put on the books, such as mandating that high-rise buildings incorporate solar panels.

    That is the only way to save the industry and promote further development of technology. The financial crisis has derailed many viable companies and technologies.

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    Blah, blah and moe blah. Every year ar this time, the same tired old nonsense. They have not a shred of evidence to support their theories of anthropogenic global warming, and the earth has been cooling since 1997 or so. Climate change is natural, caused by all kinds of natural things, like the sun, for example. You know, that orange ball we sometimes see in the sky? Sun spots, lunar eclipses, the jetstream, changing seasons, all produce climate change. The Earth has survived for millenia before the Industrial Age, there have been Mini Ice Ages, Medieval Warming Periods, all caused by Nature and not by the activities of puny human beings. Just ignore these crazy people in Doha. The UN IPCC havent got a clue. Its all about taxation, and population comtrol. Its all about greedy Banks, greedy Big Businesses, and greedy scientists. They will finish their little party in Doha without agreement, because fewer and fewer people are taken in by the lies. Peronally, I really would love some global warming right now. Im freezing cold. Time to burn some more lovely oil and coal, and heat up the planet with ome lovely Co2

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