Royal prank call presenters get death threats

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    Victoria Maude

    Yes, let's avenge a death with another death! The great circle of... death.

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    an eye for an eye? hmmm....

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    Maybe we will learn to live in a politer world where radio station managers won't be paid stupid salaries to dream up outlandish pranks to to pull in young and immature listeners-maybe.......?

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    Outta here

    I wonder if the hospital staff will also get death threats as well, after all they where named in the suicide notes as being part of the issue. But it's much easier to blame the individuals rather than look at the bigger picture

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    I called this soon after the event occurred, and I'm very sorry I was right. These hosts, who thought it would be good for a laugh, are now going to be looking over their shoulders for some time, if not the rest of their lives. They don't at all deserve the threats, and the people making them are nothing but scum, but you really, really need to think about whom a joke is going to affect before making it -- and they new quite well it would make some waves. I think they've made about as much amends as they can, given that they will suffer from the knowledge of what their prank brought about for some time, and they should be allowed to move on. But some people won't let it go.

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    This global anger towards them will not die down for a while.

    I have been applying a simple golden rule all my life - "Treat others with respect the way I would like to be treated". It does not need a monetary investment, I do this everyday, but the outcome is more than gold.

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    Entirely unnecessary. The Australian radio station didn't continue to harass the woman after the call, someone else was doing that.

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    They should of known she was in a lot of trouble. She was probably going to be sacked, so she killed herself instead. All of this so 2 foxtrot alpha can have a little laugh.

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