Syria launches air strikes as combat rages in Damascus

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    Killing Civilians with planes is what they do best.

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    Which essentially means it might as well be made up.

    Well, you would know all about that. For example, do you want to explain where you got your information about Turkey supplying Al Qaida? Or is that made up too? You have been dodging that one for a while now.

    I'd be more careful to naively believe everything that "opposition activists" which are vested parties, claim.

    As opposed to what? Believing you? Who completely fabricates information and never supplies any kind of credible source to support their position? No thanks. At least they are there.

    Sickening! The tactics used by the rebels are horrific. How anybody can condone them is beyond me

    And yet you seem to have missed this next part of the report saying;

    He said it was unclear if the car, a white Toyota, was rigged by Assad loyalists or rebels.

    Deliberately trying to slant an argument again. What a surprise.

    Let's hope the Syrian Army eventually prevails over the Al Qaeda rebels.

    Yes, carry on supporting killers of unarmed civilians. It's such a noble position.

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    two people were killed and four wounded in a “terrorist suicide car bomb” in Artouz, near Damascus.

    NeverSubmit: Sickening! The tactics used by the rebels are horrific. How anybody can condone them is beyond me.

    Assad was pretty handy with car bombs. Just ask the Lebanese.

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    What began as a series of peaceful protests against four decades of Assad family rule in March last year grew into a bitter civil war with sectarian overtones.

    Pretty much sums it up.

    The violence will probably continue. Assad has no problems setting off car bombs, and that will only increase. The more car bombs the more he can scramble fighters to carpet bomb entire cities. He is the only one who benefits from them. The rebels obviously don't.

    My guess is that Assad and the Russians are signing weapons deals as we speak, financed with Chinese money. It's a bit strange that you had a rash of nutball conspiracy theories in the beginning, but now all of the nutballs are on the same page. The Russians claimed the French started it. Iran claimed it was Blackwater and the CIA. At the same time Assad just used a generalized "terrorist" term. Now suddenly the pro-Assad group all find themselves on the same page with Al Queda. A bit convenient, no? Obviously they are now working from the same script, and obviously it's being fed to them by Russia. Let's not forget that Syria was the master at creating a false campaign to spread violence around Lebanon as a means to gain control. In the end it didn't work there, and it won't work here.

    Who benefits?

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    "My guess is that Assad and the Russians are signing weapons deals as we speak, financed with Chinese money. "

    Good post. I heard yesterday the Russians are giving free crates of AK47's for every child hit by one of their cluster bombs. It looks bad in the lying press, but boy do the customers get hard for it at the Russian and Chinese arms trade fairs.

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    Are you saying that Al Queda has never used a weapon manufactured in Russia? Seriously?

    I don't see why my opinion should be any less relevant than any of the others that have been offered up on here. You've blamed the situation on at least a dozen different parties at one time or another and you still stand behind sources that contradict each other.

    Remember the Damascus Blogger?

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    Yes I do. The Damascus Blogger was a Skype based blogger, based in the UK who was posing as a Lesbian activist in Damascus.

    For months she fabricated stories of Syrian police firing on protesters and her stories were rehashed on the front pages of newspapers all over the world.

    She was of course subsequently totally debunked and exposed as a fraud but the myth of Damascus police officers randomly shooting innocent people persists in the mind of the gullible to this day.

    Mate, enough already. You don't need to keep belting on about this irrelevent blogger - we know how much you love the story, you reference it ad-nauseum, so do us a favour and just stop. Nobody cares, and it's long past being relevent.

    For example, I'm still waiting for you to give me a source for your claim that Turkey are arming Al Qaida. I don't see why this is so hard. You made the claim, so why not just share with us where you are getting this information from? You constantly tell us how our sources are 'unreliable', and yet you can't point us in the direction of the source of your wisdom. It reflects badly on you. Be a man. Lets do this properly.

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    NeverSubmit: She was of course subsequently totally debunked and exposed as a fraud

    OK, so we're on the same page. Now compare what she did to the dozens of sources you have quoted giving conflicting accounts of who the foreign fighters are or where they are trained/financed. You've not debunked any of them, so can I gather that you believe all of them?

    So why give me a hassle over my comments about what's really happening with China and Russia? Do you really believe that a group like Al Queda has never used Russian weapons, ever?

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