U.S. Congress postpones debt ceiling deadline until May 18

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    Shirley Freeman

    I'm encouraged that the U.S. Senate is saying that it will pass a budget this year, the 1st in 3 years. The House has passed a budget, as required by law, every year.

    In Senator Hagel's confirmation hearing today as nominee for Secretary of Defense, former Chair Warner spoke of the conference process which normally follows passage of a budget by both House and Senate, to reconcile differences, and the writing of appropriations bills that follows the conference process.

    I'm hoping and seriously praying that the conference process does take place, and our country will finally address our fiscal problems responsibly.

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    A columnist here in the States nailed it on the head when she wrote that Congress has become a "snooze-button" legislative body. Deadline coming up? Just hit the "snooze button" and set the deadline farther ahead in time so they don't have to deal with it right now.

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