Lawmakers blame each other as U.S. fiscal cliff deadline looms

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    For how long now have the republican party been actively trying to destroy the United States?

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    Republicans don't really understand compromise. Americans are going to suffer for their hard unyielding stance on things.

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    Little Boots

    This is not a one-sided issue at all. Both parties do not want to compomise and Amercians are going to pay the price. Reid, Boehner, all of them need to remove heads from butts and put the people in front instead of their pride. Here's what I propose:

    Give the President everything he wants in the budget, then sit back and wait. If it works out, good the econimy is back on track, if it doesn't THEN Republicans can shout, "I told you so" and prpose what they would like to have and not have to worry about getting shot down. This won't happen of course because Republicans would hate to admit that, just maybe, Democrat's budget may work.

    I myself do not have too much faith in the dem's budget, but it is better than going into default.

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    Little Boots

    "economy" not "econimy" sorry.

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    Bartholomew Harte

    With Goverment heads planted firmly along party lines instead of following what the people voted for, the people pay,but this time they'll be paying big time & for a long time to come.

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    The republican party of say No to everything is gong to take the US economy into recession again.

    Electing people who hate government to try and run government is crazy. The republican party is doing more now to destroy the USA than any foreign enemy. They lost the last election and want to destroy the USA as a result.

    Let the adults run the show since the cry babies of the republican party clearly cannot.

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    And why should they give in to a President that is bent on spending us into oblivion, when it is going against everything they stand for, that's why they are THE opposition party. If he would at least curb spending, but he's not even going to negotiate about it. If the Dems really cared a trifle about their country, they would at least try to get the massive spending under control. Personally, I want in some part the Republicans to give Obama what he wants, the rich (which a big part "60%" of them are the Hollywood elite) don't have to worry, a tax hike is not going to hurt them whatsoever. Dems always act like a bunch of sissies when they don't get what they want every single time. If the Republicans were smart enough letting him have his tax hike will at least put all the blame and responsibility in the lap of Obama, the the Republicans don't have to worry about receiving ANY blame this time around, but I digress!

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    Amir Dewani

    I think a resolution is possible. Both Mr.Obama and Mr.Boehner, along with their advisers, must decide to voluntarily keep themselves locked inside the room and keep negotiating till an agreement is reached. It is not a desirable approach to keep the entire nation guessing till the last moment. They are public representatives and the message must go home. Democracy doesn't mean the voters at large remain so afraid of the so called 'CLIFF' which is their own creation. The media, the markets and the nation can't be enslaved like this. The season is ripe for enjoyment and therefore good news must come instantly. Indeed, it is high time the lawmakers realize that reaching a debt ceiling of around 16.39 trillion dollars by December 2012 is a serious issue. Just think about the interest we must be paying to our big lenders viz China and Japan. I say this much much against the will. Hope things will be managed right in time.

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    Obama has offered compromise several times but the answer is always no. Politics is built on compromise but the republicans only know how to say no. They are even saying no to their own leader Speaker Boehner with his plan B proposal.

    Voting republican is a vote for the sinking of the USA into massive debt and a failed economy. Republicans have proven over and over again they only talk debt reduction, when they get into power the debt explodes. They hate government and want to destroy it even if it means taking the country down the tubes as well. These are the facts and many republicans, the few clever ones left, see their party for what it is now. A failure.

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    So, what is the point of all the tension and media hype? To make the common taxpayers feel grateful that Congress saved them. It is total smoke and mirrors. Make the slave feel grateful that it was only 10 dollar lashes rather than 20 dollar lashes. Anyone who can vote is advised to not vote for an incompetent incumbent.

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    It's quite clear the GOP is largely to blame. Even they know it, and are blaming single women, Hispanics, and everyone else under the sun to avoid taking any kind of responsibility. They are dead in the water, and they know it.

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    The only issue that has been refused negotiation has been the increase of any taxes, even on those who are paying less than they ever have. The sticking point has always come down to the Tea Party reps who refuse to break their vow to Grover Norquist. I understand standing on principle, but this is ridiculous.

    For those saying that Obama has refused to negotiate, tell me when Obama has ever refused outright to consider any spending cuts whatsoever?

    Looks like the juveniles in the GOP House are content to drag the economy down the toilet for the sake of their dogmatism. Boehner could have called a vote, but refused to do so because his position depends on support from the Tea Party caucus. Boehner is not a dictator, he's a sissy.

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    Herve Nmn L'Eisa

    In Obamaspeak, "compromise " means "meet my demands willy-nilly".

    But be honest, BOTH parties are comprised of SPENDOCRATS. No sense blaming only one side since they are both equally spendthrifts.

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    I've been criticized before but I was right all along - the GOP and their conservative supporters hate their country with a vengeance. 

    They insult themselves by thinking they actually have the faintest idea about economics and economies, and know little more than how to toe the party line and bow down to Grand Master Grover.

    Really, if the GOP's sandpit whining triggers ANOTHER U.S. credit rating downgrade (the first one triggered by the GOP was bad enough), they're going to be certifiably worse then the Taliban. People will die, starve and have the GOP to thank for it.

    Why? It's already looking like it's too late for Congress to vote for the latest unemployment bill.  If that evaporates, where will people with nothing get money from to pay for urgent medical care?

    Oh, Mitt Romney knows - they can all just ask their parents!

    Defenders of this disgrace of a GOP are little more than willing participants in the sinking of the USS America.

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    "No sense blaming only one side since they are both equally spendthrifts."

    All governments spend, it's rather necessary for the very survival of the system as we know it, it's the over-spending that is the problem.

    An over-simplified difference in the two parties is that the Democrats realize that the only way to pay off massive government debt racked up since the seventies is to increase taxes. The Republican solution is however, to basically do nothing or even increase the debt by spending more on the military as loonies like Romney were saying.

    As Plastic Monkey said, the GOP sold their souls and signed a pact drawn up by an unelected activist called Grover Norquist, founder and leader of a shady "non-profit", ani-tax organization basically financed and controlled by wealthy individuals, foundations and corporate interests.

    I think you have to be a hardcore Republican to see how anything as clearly corrupt and undemocratic as this could be deemed not only against public interest in such dire economic times, it is once again tantamount to treason.

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    Amen to that madverts. We just have to remember that we need as citizens to be more active in telling off our elected officials to get off their butts and offer advice about how and what the people of the US are willing to do. One of the big problems between us and the lobbyists is that most citizens believe that our interaction ends with just voting. In this age of the internetz there is no reason many more for us not to communicate our views to these politicians instead of just on boards that they have no knowledge of.

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    It doesn't matter what Obama offers. Republicans are treating tax increases as a kind of unbreakable religious ideology. They signed pledges to their new God named Grover Norquist in order to get elected. Asking them to look at the realities on the ground and give themselves some flexibility would be like asking the Catholic Church to reverse their position on contraception.

    Boehner has reached lame duck status. He's backtracked on concessions he's given to Obama by underestimating the religion of his own party. He called a vote to stop the tax increases and had to cancel it, once again showing he really doesn't know where his own party stands.

    Republicans in general have whipped their people into such a frenzy that any kind of negotiations with anyone named Obama simply will not happen. Obama is "a socialist hellbent on destroying America", one more bit of mindless ideology that affords zero flexibility. At this point their only position is to get their way to bring down the entire system....for the sake of America.

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    Herve Nmn L'Eisa


    " it's the over-spending that is the problem."

    I agree with this part. The trouble is in how we define "overspending". Spending over a TRILLION dollars more per year for four years running would very clearly qualify IMO. Since Mr Obama took office there has been NO budget legislated, yet he has the audacity to essentially demand a limitless credit card. If you're comfortable with that, then you can pay the bill. You own it.

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