Weeping Pistorius denies girlfriend's murder

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    Sad waste all around.

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    Surf O'Holic

    This article briefly mentions the 2009 incident but omits the pertinent information.

    " Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius will not be prosecuted on an assault charge, Pretoria police said on Tuesday.

    "The director of public prosecutions looked at the docket and read all the statements and doctors' reports and decided that the State did not have enough evidence for a successful prosecution," said Inspector Marinda Stoltz.

    "He also found that there was no intention to assault."

    Pistorius (22) spent a night in September behind bars for allegedly assaulting a woman who had attended a gathering at his Silverlakes house.

    The 19-year-old, a friend of his, was allegedly fighting with her boyfriend during a small get-together.

    Pistorius told them to go outside. She later returned to the house alone and allegedly started kicking the doors.

    While she was doing this Pistorius opened the door and told her to leave his house. When he closed the door on her, one of the door panels allegedly hit her on the leg."


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    Steve Christian

    I don't know if its true, but I heard he shot her through a bathroom door. If it is true, it backs up his claim that he thought he was shooting at an intruder.

    I have also heard that the police have dismissed his claim out of hand, much like the people commenting on this news. But I have not heard one reason why the police have, so I have to be extra skeptical of why the people have.

    I do think its remotely possible she got the not so bright idea to surprise her boyfriend on Valentine's Day and succeeded a bit better than she expected!

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Just sad!! What a waste of such a young life!! RIP

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    She was shot four times ... and some say it was an "accident." Gee, I don't know, but wouldn't one shot have been enough to scare off an intruder?

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    Steve Christian

    In South Africa, edojin, intruders would probably reward a warning shot with a hail of bullets. Every single day, 50 people are murdered in South Africa. Every day! SA has one of the worst crime rates in the world. And they have a gun problem that is out of control.

    So yeah, a guy might be a little jumpy if he thought someone was in his house in SA. In fact, he might assume it was a gang! And why wouldn't he? Plus, lets not forget that no matter how fast he might be on blades, the man is a double amputee. That would make anyone extra jumpy if they felt the need to defend themself.

    And if he was shooting through a door? Yeah, four shots sounds about right.

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    Every single day, 50 people are murdered in South Africa.

    He was in a house equipped with alarms, inside a gated town guarded like the White House. And he'd have feared there was an "intruder" inside his bathroom ?

    So yeah, a guy might be a little jumpy if he thought

    Either he never thought and it's plain DV ( a fight over several hours and neighbors called the police and guards earlier the same night, some reports say). Or he is truly paranoiac at a mental ward level. I dunno, the investigation results are not public yet, they'll clear was is rumor and what is fact. I don't think any would be better than the other. He's a dangerous guy.

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    As I mentioned earlier,ain't no way it was an accident.He's got guard dogs,electric fences and living in a gated community.Random burglars can't get just stroll thru at 3 in the morn without being spotted. BUT what I think happened was his girlfriend went too far during an argument and he had a rush of blood and killed her in a blind rage.He wouldn't be the first or last person to lose it.Sure some posters here would want to..... but you just DON'T.

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    Steve Christian

    I am not saying he is innocent, just that some people are too quick to declare him guilty. I want more details.

    Considering the gated community he lives in, have any of you ever heard of a neighbor killing a neighbor? Never happens right? How about someone getting the code to the gate from a contractor? Or the contractor himself going back for a little bonus?

    Alarms can be defeated. Ever watch TV? Not always accurate, but often at least based on reality.

    Dogs? Are they trained? If not, some snacks will make them your best friend in seconds.

    Details man. I am just pointing to possibilities that may exist in details we don't have.

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    Above has been watching too much CSI.

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