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    TsuchifumazuSEP. 27, 2016 - 07:10AM JST

    Pointing a finger is considered especially rude in Japan.

    The finger is called hitosashiyubi 人差し指 "person-pointing finger" for good reason.

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    JackKasketSEP. 26, 2016 - 03:24PM JST

    The REAL reason housewives do not work is the double income limit, where they can only earn about 100,000 and change per month, if the husband is working as well.

    The "income limit" is only relevant, if one does not want to pay 1 yen of tax and social security fees. "Income limit" is not the real reason.

    This is such BS from the government side. Encourage housewives to go to work.

    I agree with you that it is BS. It is ridiculous for housewives to work to earn money to pay for the housemaids. The real reason that the government push this policy is elsewhere.

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    The fact is it is highly paid White American expats who demanded special visa treatment for their "servants" from South East Asia.

    In other parts of Asia, those expats can hire local servants at very cheap price to do all the housework for them. But not so in Japan. So, they demanded Japanese government to allow them to "import their servants" from South East Asia.

    Once you know the this background, it is easy to understand why America-faithful Abe administration is "enthusiastically promoting" it.

    For reference:

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    Eight Chinese airplanes believed to include two fighters flew over the strait between Okinawa’s main island and Miyako Island in the morning in the first such passage through the area by Chinese military aircraft, the ministry said.

    In the Pacific beyond Miyako strait, China has no territory or interest to defend.

    The message China was trying to convey to Japan was obviously not defensive. I wonder why China wanted to convey some message that is not defensive and that is probably aggressive at this time. Do they think such message would do China any good?

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    Thank you, Educator60.

    But the explanation by the government is least persuasive. The panel should not be called yushikisha kaigi (expert panel), if it is not consisted of experts. If the government wanted to know the opinions of the folks on the street, it could do so by an opinion survey. Of course, the real reason is to pick yes-men and yes-women into the panel.

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    Masayuki Yamauchi, professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo and Islamic studies researcher.

    What do Islamic studies have to do with this issue? Other committee members also have very questionable research field. Steel maker, political science professor, administrative law professor, employment issue professor, and TV anchor.

    There are many law professors who specialize in constitution. Also, there are a lot of history professors. Why none of them are chosen?

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    sensei258SEP. 22, 2016 - 08:39AM JST

    He still walked away unpunished after a minor inconvenience and that was my real point

    No where in the article, it says he was released.

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    The University of Tokyo, which was regularly at the top of Asian institutions, was beaten again by Peking University, which crept up the league table this year to take 29th place.

    This year, the Japanese university also came behind Tsinghua University in China, which moved up to take 35th place.

    It has been a long time since I saw Peking rather than Beijing and Tsinghua rather than Qinghua. This this report published in this century?

    Anyway, who cares university rankings by Times?

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    they offered almost nothing in return except for the chance of more exposure. She says she had “tons of TV offers” but “not one of them paid”

    OK, this is her main complaint.

    The Canadian born YouTuber has been living in Kyushu for around 10 years uploading hundreds of videos about Japan

    How much does she earn from the videos which she uploaded to YouTube? Isn't YouTube exploiting her in much bigger scale than Japanese TV?

    Japanese TV offered her exposure but did not pay. She was not happy. YouTube offers her exposure but does not pay. She is happy. I am wondering what the difference is.

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    sensei258SEP. 21, 2016 - 07:06AM JST

    Remember, "arrested" does not mean "charged" or "sentenced", only that he was brought to the koban and questioned.

    Nonsense. In Japan, "arrested" means being in the custody of public prosecutor or police based on an arrest warrant issued by a judge for criminal procedure. There are some exceptions to it, but it is in far more serious condition than merely being questioned.

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    New form of age discrimination? Last year, Yutori Generation (1987 born or younger) was the target of discrimination.

    Magazines always create something to blame.

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    goldeneagleSEP. 20, 2016 - 09:33AM JST

    unless he starts acting and behaving like grownups.

    What do you mean by that? Is it to tell President Obama "You started all the mess in Syria"?

    If you think accepting refugees would solve the problem, you are dead wrong. The only way to solve refugee crisis is to stabilize Syria. In this regard, neither the US nor EU is behaving like an adult. And the recent news says that the US air raid mistakenly hit government forces in Syria and jeopardized cease fire agreement. That would surely create more refugees.

    Posted in: Japan pledges $2.8 billion in refugee aid over three years

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    Aly RustomSEP. 17, 2016 - 09:51AM JST

    And my experience tells me they do.

    What experience do you have when your baby is only 11 months old?

    Posted in: What do you think of the quality of school education in Japan? If you have a child at school, are you happy with that school?

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    The numbers do not add up.

    More than 40% of young Japanese single adults are virgins,

    So, it is about singles. Obviously, married adults are not virgins.

    It found that 42% of men and 44% of women had never had sex.

    How could this be possible? The virginity rates would be the average of those of singles and married. The overall virginity rates would be much lower than 40%, which is the virginity rate for singles.

    The National Institute of Population and Social Security Research quizzed more than 5,000 singletons aged 18 to 34

    OK. So all the numbers are for singles. The sentence should have been, "It found that 42% of single men and 44% of single women had never had sex."

    The 2015 survey also found that seven-in-10 men were not in a relationship, while nearly six in 10 women were going to bed alone.

    In other words, 4 in 10 single women goes to bed with someone else. This is surprising to me.

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    OssanAmericaSEP. 16, 2016 - 08:51PM JST

    Free maritime transit through the South China Sea is crucial to Japan as it relies almost entirely on crude shipments from the Persian Gulf.

    This kind of argument will end up with "Japan must defend every corner of the seven seas". Even defending from the Persian Gulf through the Indian Ocean, Singapore, and the South China Sea, to Japan would be too much for Japan. What size of navy fleets do you think Japan needs to defend that area? You are asking something impossible.

    It is much easier, much more cost saving and much more practicable to move the tanker fleets the other way around the globe to Japan than to build a navy fleet to defend the traffic in the South China Sea.

    Hiro S NobumasaSEP. 16, 2016 - 06:36PM JST


    I guess this is the kind of Chinese we have to deal with in the coming decades; untruth telling, law ignoring, and militaristically oppressive.

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    Aly RustomSEP. 16, 2016 - 02:00PM JST

    I HATE how they treat the kids like little salary men.

    How can you say so when your child is only 11 months old. Does not your religion teach you hating is a sin?

    I know from my experience that Japanese schools do not treat kids like little salary men.

    Posted in: What do you think of the quality of school education in Japan? If you have a child at school, are you happy with that school?

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    Hiro S NobumasaSEP. 16, 2016 - 11:52AM JST

    The Philippines have already decided to have bilateral dialogue with China.

    The whole world knows that. ASEAN knows that very well.

    The whole world knows PRC is wrong and PRC does not have any right in the South China Sea as proven in the International court. This is the last chance for PRC to retreat from the sea in a honorable manner. Otherwise, it will see an unwanted consequence as Imperial Japan saw an unwanted consequence after failing to retreat from Manchuria after League of Nations recommendation. It is surprising that PRC is following failure of Imperial Japan.

    So good luck to Abe for now clearly showing to the world his true intentions to continue to instigate conflict in the peaceful South China Sea.

    I am afraid it is PRC that is making the South China Sea unpeaceful.

    Hiro S NobumasaSEP. 16, 2016 - 12:22PM JST

    Xi should imitate Abe and provides Kim Jung Un with large frigates and destroyers.

    That will make everyone clear that PRC is evil. I wonder why you say something that make PRC look bad?

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    The South China Sea does not face any of Japanese islands. The South China Sea should not be confused with the East China Sea which faces the Okinawan Islands and Kyushu. Japan has no claim to any of the islands in or near the South China Sea.

    The South China Sea is a foreign sea for Japan and how could patrolling the foreign sea could lead to self defense of Japan? So far, JSDF has patrolled within and near its territory and territorial sea. If JSDF starts patrolling the South China Sea, it will be a big change in Japanese defense policy.

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    Aly RustomSEP. 15, 2016 - 09:06PM JST

    That is the definition of "aggravated sexual assault of a child" in California. Not all rape is included.

    Posted in: Panel proposes 1st changes in 100 years to penal code for sex offenders

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    Educator60SEP. 15, 2016 - 10:16PM JST

    According to vernacular news, she was arrested on suspicion of violating the 古物営業法 Secondhand Articles Dealer Act.

    Thank you. I would translate 古物営業法 as Law on Dealers of Used Items.

    Local Hokkaido Shinbun reported,


    This was the first case in Hokkaido that a person who had resold concert tickets was charged with violation of Law on Used Item Dealers.

    So, the police is trying to expand the scope of the law.

    The law prohibits a business of buying and selling used items without a license. The question is whether unused concert tickets are used items.

    An explanation I read was that the tickets were originally sold for the purpose of being used and therefore qualify as used or secondhand goods as defined by this law.

    That could be the argument by the police. But she bought the tickets for the purpose of reselling rather than using. There are second hand JR ticket vendors, and the law requires the vendors to have a license. The rationale was that a ticket goes from JR through consumer, reseller to consumer and that the existence of consumer between JR and reseller makes the ticket "second hand" and requires special recording procedure for the reseller. But in her case, the tickets went directly from the show business to the reseller. There are a lot of legitimate corporations that procure tickets from show business and resell them to consumers without a used item dealer license.

    I am skeptical how the court rules this first ever case in Hokkaido.

    Posted in: Woman arrested for illegally reselling Arashi concert tickets


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