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    Kaga as in Kaga-han, the medieval name of the state situated around current day Ishikawa prefecture. Same goes for Hyuga or Yamato or Musashi and the like. All medieval names of Japanese Hans.

    To say that something is wrong with these names cuz of acts that were committed in the past with ships that shared the same names, is the same as saying that Japan should abolish not only their naval flag, but national flag and anthem as they were used in like manner prior to 1945.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and mine is that neither the names, flags, nor anthem have any fault as all these things existed prior to Japan's expansionism (were not things that were specifically created for the advancement of said expansionist agenda)

    Hence theres nothing wrong with them being used post war.

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    @rough and smith


    The US and any other respectable country also announces all their satellites. Theres a limited number of slots for satellites with their own orbits such that they don't go colliding with one another.

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    I think this was the right decision, but I also agree with the part where they said a new law needs to be enacted such that once a warrant is issued, they can GPS track suspects without having to present the warrant to the suspect.

    Basically the same as before but with a 3rd party (judicial) making sure there's sufficient evidence/reason that tracking of the suspect is justified.

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    Once again, JT commentators using any opportunity available to unleash their poorly hidden sense of superiority to the Japanese people.

    Cornell University http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/2005/06/lactose-intolerance-linked-ancestral-struggles-climate-diseases

    National Institutes of Health https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/alcohol-flush-signals-increased-cancer-risk-among-east-asians

    Its only absurd when Japanese people proclaim it right?

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    @ dcog9065

    Stop it man, the ppl here don't care about facts. They're just here to consolidate one another's fantasies about how they're all morally and intellectually superior to the majority of Japanese people who vote for/support Abe (latest poll shows support at 67%).

    The fanatic dogma of JT posters against Abe and his supporters is tantamount to that of the KKK's stance toward coloured people. Reason has absolutely no place in their ivory tower.

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    Justifying your inability to distinguish races by framing the race as being "racist" for claiming their differences are real? Fresh.

    I have no clue about internal physical features like intestine lengths of various races, but there are defining external features (both physical and fashion wise) that give off what race/culture one belongs to.

    Being from Vancouver I can distinguish between a Japanese person and a HK person 90% of the time, much like how I can distinguish an Italian from a Dutchman or a Scotsman 90% of the time.

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    @ Travelin Sales

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ListofU.S.colonialpossessions https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanesecolonialempire

    US suffered under UK, JPN/Okinawa still suffers under US.

    The "abusive husband"-esque comments by americans ("you wouldn't last a day in the world without me protecting you from it") are really telling of US-JPN relations.

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    "Diet enacts law to allow casino gambling at 'integrated resorts"

    This title is misleading. They enacted a law that says that the Japanese government will produce a law (a separate one) within a year that will allow for casinos to be built into IRs. Conditions apply to the "to be" law, where measures against gambling addiction etc have to be put in place for such a law to be enacted.

    There's still a chance the law will face significant troubles, as many of the conservatives behind Abe are demanding a "no foreign capital" or "majority ownership by Japanese capital" clause be written into the new law.

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    @ Aly

    That only means that your beloved leftists are beginning to question their traditional leftist party affiliations as it can no longer win them any influence over political matters.

    My main point, which you are trying to avoid, still stands - these events calling for norther territory repatriation are by no means dominated by right leaning groups and individuals, if anything the traditional left are more vocal and extreme in their demands. You and Saiko are still wrong.

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    SaikoPsycho / Aly Rustom

    Actually you're both quite wrong.

    The biggest flag you see right up front is the Rengo flag, which is the Labour Union Confederation and is affiliated/closely tied to the Democratic Party of Japan (your beloved Renho).

    Furthermore, the Japanese Communist Party are the ones making the most extreme demand against the Russians; All of the Kurile Islands as opposed to just 4 demanded by the Liberal Democratic Party et al.

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    I've had acts that can be deemed racist done to me by Japanese people, but in most cases they're acts done in good will that have backfired or just plain "had no idea how to deal with the situation" syndrome. Other than a case or two, I almost never got the sense that the individual did what they did because he/she thought I was by nature inferior to them, or that the act was done out of hatred for gaijn.

    On the other hand I see quite a bit of thinly veiled racism (sometimes blatant) by expats against Japanese people, with obvious connotations of superiority (usually cultural/moral but also physical) against the locals. These racist expats all share a really strong sense of entitlement.

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    Means lower RPM ranges.


    That's generally not true. You're saying that more often then not, a Hummer (which has more torque) is more economical than a corolla. This is plain asinine.

    Bigger engines typically need bigger cars, which are heavier and require more energy to move. Its why compact Japanese cars took over the gas guzzler market during the oil shock in the 70s.

    @ Reckless You are right in saying that number of cylinders does not equate to how strong the engine is, but you're also wrong to say 4 cylinder is more efficient. How strong the engine is is largely determined by displacement, but a 6 cylinder is generally more efficient than a 4 cylinder even if you consider the added mechanical loss.

    I think the 3 cylinder trend was not a pursuit of efficiency, but a solution to the physical constraints of pursing smaller\lighter engines and balancing durability with that aim. Fitting 6 cylinders in a small engine would likely compromise the structural integrity of the combustion engine.

    This whole issue was set off by California's very strict+rigid+devoid of logic regulations. The question resonating throughout the entire industry was "how did VW do it?", well as we now know, they didn't - they opted to cheat.

    At the same time, cars like the Mazda sky activ-D were rejected as a result of being too clean. (The car doesn't have a emissions sensor required by regulation because it produces so little emissions. Even if the sensor was added , it wouldn't produce readings in the required/permitted range. And so it was rejected authorization to go on the Cali market - Instead of Mazda investing time and money in dumbing down the engine, they just gave up trying to sell it there.

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    What are these!? Missiles for ants!!??

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    I don't eat rice that often neither, but I think its two different things to avoid eating rice by not ordering it, and ordering something with rice and leaving it to be thrown out.

    The latter is just class-less.

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    Same goes for most people here with Abe. No tag backs only applies to kids games.

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    Whether or not the Fukushima radiation was the cause, Tepco is scum and needs to be shut down after they clean up their mess. Its great that Koizumi is setting up a private fund.

    Having said that though I'm against any public funds going into this:

    A private owned factory next to my house blows up and the fire spreads to my house, volunteers (as far as I know, the J-Gov't didn't issue an official request for operation tomodachi, so the US servicemen came to help out of their own benevolent volitions) come put out the fire on my house, they get sick from the fumes (radiation), and I (taxpayer) have to pay for their med bills, while I'm still paying to rebuild my house and my life.

    More like operation ATARIYA

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    @ BurakuminDes

    https://youtu.be/VskG7LmwdLE?t=15s Suu Kyi is pretty scary in her own right. In her own words she is above the president, and you can infer from the following statement that she sees the constitution as below her as well.

    Something tells me you don't really know all that much about each leader you denounce. But after all they're dodgy (aka asian) men so they must be scum by default right? S-xpat superiority complex in asia never ceases to be funny.

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    descendent: "I'm no expert, but "stimulus" just sounds like the artificial propping up of the stock market. If your economy is dependent on this, it's not sustainable, and you're distorting the principles of the market itself. Just let it shrink to more natural levels, which the market will dictate."

    Where do you draw the line between artificial and natural? Currency itself is an artificial item used to prop up entire economies. I get the feeling that you see "principles of the market and the invisible hand" as intangible things, much like god and having faith in his plans.

    As you say yourself, the market IS dictating how things are going according to market principles - namely by supply and demand. Furthermore, ALL money in circulation is an artificial creation that was supplied by either the government or the central bank. So then why would you think that the amount of cash currently in circulation is natural while any further addition of supply is artificial?

    Situation where an economy's demand for currency surpasses its supply exists just as legitimately as situations where the opposite is the case. Adjusting the money supply to optimize is only as artificial as the introduction of the use of currency itself.

    You acknowledging that you're not an expert, but from there on you go full assertion mode.

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