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    Would be awful if people are throwing out banana peels.

    Posted in: Large amount of trash and waste left on Mt Fuji

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    Japan is in denial as to the number of sexual predators here. One only needs to view some of the graphic content in the comic books

    Posted in: Search for missing 6-year-old girl in Kobe enters 5th day

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    Ahhhh no...Sorry but he got bigger than the police!!! They don't want him to tweet that his Freedom of Speech and Expression was denied by Japanese police.

    Internet fame is a powerful thing.

    Posted in: Chibatman called in by police; receives their official approval

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    There's a camera on you everywhere you go. This is making me feel uneasy, uncomfortable. Please stop it!!

    I've said it before and just like others before me. Women have it too good here. Anything they want.

    Posted in: Man arrested for taking 'normal' picture of woman on train

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    You have to make it a campaign.

    Redefine it Lets take the word P.A.R.K

    Area (of)
    Recreation (for)

    Capitalism is Japan's main religion. It is this religion that is encroaching on kids habitat. EVERYTHING is a business now. If it's still free then we have to make a buck off it. You want to have a good time? You want a place to sit?
    I'm making a company to buy all bench space in the city. Like 24 Times I'll add one of those gizmos that raises up or locks you in after you sit-down. Then you need to use your PASMO to pay after you have rested.

    Japan will do it. Japan will do it under Abe's administration cause this country has decided that bottom-feeding is a good thing.

    Posted in: Growing restrictions make for frustrated park users

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    I'll buy that for a dollar!!

    Posted in: Apple unveils smartwatch and new, larger iPhones

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    Open mouth and insert foot. The more you comment the more you expose yourself as being prejudice towards African-Americans.

    The black community is out of control?? Pfffft. Yeah everybody is running around like a chicken that has had it head chopped off. "Oh look at that!" "They are like savages to you, aren't they".


    These people are GUILTY of only one thing.....poverty. Inner city people have it bad. Even for police it's capitalism. They are poor, they don't have money to fight all these cases. Society fines these people, stacks up interest on anything late and then calls them criminals when they can't pay.

    Life expectancy for an African American was greater in the Vietnam war than it is in the U.S TODAY!!
    Soldiers who survived the Iraq war came back to the ol U.S of A to get shot by some cop!
    U.S: Veteran: You shot me!!!!! What the hell is that for?
    Police Officer: "That was for coming back to the U.S"

    Bring back Public Enemy and Boogie Down Productions because nothing has changed.
    911 is a Joke!!!

    Posted in: U.S. Justice Department to investigate Ferguson police

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    Cheap prices today means a sacrifice in the skill level of domestic maritime engineers.

    Stupid decision to not elevate your people in favor of a cheap price tag.

    Posted in: Concern growing in Australia over plan to buy Japanese submarines

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    @Stewart Suzuki

    You seem mad? You mad bro? My comments were spot on. Flash in the pan. That's exactly what happened. Give the public just enough to get excited and go shopping. Uniqlo ready to have a big sale. Buy anything Nishikori!! I've got to have that Uniqlo shirt he was wearing. NOT!!

    Nobody was interested in Nishikori a few days ago. They were too busy watching the Men National Soccer team get spanked in Sapporo.

    Why is it when a Japanese athlete starts to win that suddenly he / she belongs to Japan?

    Please don't act like you know me. I'm neutral when it comes to tennis. I don't even play the sport. Didn't matter to me who won

    Posted in: Despite loss, Japanese fans proud of Nishikori

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    Marin Cilic FTW!!!

    Great job!!! I really didn't want to see the same highlight over and over and over again for weeks

    Posted in: Cilic crushes Nishikori to win U.S. Open title

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    Hopefully this will pave the way for the Royal Family to return to FULL POWER! NOT!!!

    I'm so excited to get a copy of this book that my feet won't move. That's strange!!! I can't get out of my chair to get this book.

    Article Unavailable

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    Today I want to introduce you to a new idiom which you can use quite often with Japanese pro athletes. "Flash in the Pan"

    There's no need to get excited or to put the champagne - excuse me - Sake on ice.

    Posted in: Despite loss, Japanese fans proud of Nishikori

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    What's wrong with a African-American actor in this character?

    Cleopatra was playing by a Caucasian woman so why not this? Jesus Christ was played a Caucasian actor so why not this?

    Soon Captain America will be played by an African American.

    One of the world's greatest golfers was black.

    THE PRESIDENT of the United States is African American. Morgan Freeman played the President as well.

    Denzel Washington should be fine. He's got grit and swag and that's what it takes for this role. Not how well the actor can sip a cup of British tea.

    Posted in: 'Equalizer' Denzel Washington explores his craft

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    Brilliant idea!!! Stock lots of toilet paper.


    First you say it!! Then you do it!!

    Posted in: 2.35 million take part in nationwide disaster drill

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    You, my friend, are AWESOME!!!!!

    Movie Quote:

    Batman-Wannabe: What gives you the right? What's the difference between you and me?
    [Batman lowers himself into the Batmobile]
    Batman: I'm not wearing hockey pads!


    *There's a guy at T.G.I.Fridays in Shinagawa who dresses up as the Joker every Halloween. Spitting image of him too. You guys should hook up.

    P.S: Japan really loves Cosplays

    Posted in: Chiba Batman

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    The full blown propaganda machine is on OVERdrive here.

    Nobody here knows the full story. When you have 2 Stars like this guy you are very mixed up in politics.
    Like a mob, you want someone to throw rocks at. Someone to spit on till your appetite is sated.

    The truth is you'll never be satisfied. Some posters are already asking about the others. Can we feed them to the lions too?

    This guy is a scapegoat, a patsy. He shouldn't be on trial here or anywhere.

    Posted in: U.S. Army retires general for not properly investigating sex assault in Japan

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    Abe is destroying this once balanced economy. Look at the bailouts......free money......OMG there it is. Lets raise taxes too.. ohhhhhh and the proof is here.

    I doubt this will be the last picture we see like this.

    As Tokyo sucks all the money up and deposits that into it's coffers there will be NO baby boom.

    No baby boom means......you have to import workers. Eventually those same workers will demand rights and marketing will have to change in order to attract the money of this new demographic. End of story....we don't want to shop at places like the one depicted in this picture. We want IMAX and a more international scene.

    Old domestic Japan is going to die and Abe is your Kevorkian.

    Posted in: Business is bad

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    Wrong....Abe happened.

    Increased consumption tax!

    Posted in: Business is bad

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    Russia is right here. I must agree.

    Posted in: Russia detains Japanese whaling research vessel

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    Totally illegal. Sad but these students weren't so bright. Common sense should tell you that you can't fit 8 ppl in a Honda Prelude. It's only suitable for 4

    Posted in: 3 Japanese students killed, 5 injured in California car crash

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