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    GOP in 2010 - Obamacare is a failure. We have a better plan. We must get rid of Obamacare.

    GOP in 2012 - Obamacare is a failure. We have a better plan. We must get rid of Obamacare.

    GOP in 2014 - Obamacare is a failure. We have a better plan. We must get rid of Obamacare.

    GOP in 2016 - Obamacare is a failure. We have a better plan. We must get rid of Obamacare.

    GOP in 2017 - We have no plan. Or at least not one on which even our own party agrees.

    Its pretty hilarious actually. They had 7 YEARS to formulate a plan, and all that time the GOP just twiddled their thumbs and kept blaming Obamacare. This level of incompetence would get you fired in a private sector job.

    Posted in: Trump, GOP leaders pull bill to repeal 'Obamacare'

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    Yes, we have No evidence, but at the same time, we are not fools and just gobble up what the far left media wants us to believe.

    Wow. I had no idea that Nunes, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, AG Sessions, the FBI, CIA, NSA,etc. were all far left media.

    All you other plebians, bow down and salute our right-win overlords, for only they know the truth. And do not dare question Trump and his tweets!

    Sounds a lot like a cult, innit?

    I think more the left are finding it harder to run from the truth.

    The truth is that the Republicans on the House and the Senate intelligence committees say they have no evidence, the AG says he has seen no evidence, and the House speaker (again, Republican) says there is no evidence. Who's running from the truth again?

    Posted in: White House says Trump stands by claim Obama wiretapped him

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    Wasn't Trump complaining that Germany and Japan sell more cars in the US than the US does in both of those countries? Will he ever figure out why that is?

    Posted in: Trump announces challenge to Obama-era fuel standards

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    “Are you going to take the tweets literally?” Nunes said.

    Yeah, why take the President's word literally? It's not like he is the most powerful person in the world and the leader of the free world whose words have weight, right? Right?

    If no evidence of wiretapping at Trump Tower emerges, his credibility would be newly damaged.

    Ah, but herein lies the crucial mistake. Trump never had any credibility. But most importantly, his base doesn't even care. They hate Obama/Libs/Dems so fiercely they couldn't care less that the President lied in a fit of petulance.

    As I have said in a previous post, Trump was correct when he said he could shoot someone and not lose a single vote. Most of his base will never not believe that Obama had his wires tapped, and no one can convince them. If the FBI says tomorrow he is beholden to Putin and Russia, all he has to do is tweet "FAKE NEWS", and most of his supporters will keep their ears shut and follow him blindly.

    Asked Wednesday if he had ever briefed Trump on the investigation or given the president any reason to believe he had been wiretapped by the Obama administration, Sessions said, “The answer is no.”

    So, when is the new AG getting "FIRED"?

    Posted in: Trump's allies backing away from him on wiretapping claims

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    For all the stupidity Trump has displayed, he got one thing absolutely correct when he said "I can stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot someone, and I would not lose a single vote". Good luck trying to convince Trump supporters that without proof this allegation of wire tapping is meaningless. They will forever believe that this happened. Their line of reasoning is the same as bass - "I'm not a partisan but the Dems and Libs suck and should be shipped off to outer space".

    Trump is now a cult leader. I honestly think the FBI can reveal his connections to Putin tomorrow and nothing would change. All Trump will have to do is tweet at 3 in the morning that Obama's friends in the FBI leaked this, that its fake news, and that its not a big deal to have connections with Russia, and his supporters will lap it up.

    Posted in: Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it

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    That was shambolic from Arsenal. Pathetic doesn't even begin to describe the level of that performance. Bayern might as well prepare for the QFs.

    Posted in: Bayern Munich routs Arsenal 5-1 in first leg of Champions League clash

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    Maybe they will say that Flynn was never the NSA, the liberal media made up the story.

    But bruh, her emails!

    Posted in: Trump's national security adviser Flynn resigns over contacts with Russia

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    KellyAnn Conway said a few hours before Flynn resigned that POTUS Trump had complete confidence in him. Maybe she meant "Alternative confidence"?

    I am more interested in the news that some officials leaked the news about Flynn. It would indicate that Trump has lost trust from a lot of officials. People can say what they want about Obama, but he did not lose officials like this.

    Again, more popcorn!

    Posted in: Trump's national security adviser Flynn resigns over contacts with Russia

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    The Republicans help up Obama's nominee for a year. Can you imagine the outrage if Obama had said/done something even remotely close to this?

    As someone who has no dog in the race though, its funny to watch the whole thing go down. I'm running out of popcorn here.

    Posted in: Trump to Senate: Scrap rules if needed to confirm Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch

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    Japan's score was 72 (ranked 20) while China ranked 79.

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    Since its debut in 2010, the fantasy epic—which has now hauled in 38 Emmys in total, including best drama for two years running—has been the target of criticism for senseless violence and, more controversially, its pervasive use of rape as a dramatic device.

    What utter garbage. Do these people even know the kind of world in which GoT is set? And does not violence and rape exist today as a way to exert power and influence? I expected better from AFP that this tripe.

    Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' and the rise of prime-time violence

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    It’s going to be possible to fall in love with a virtual girl.

    Wasn't that the case already for quite a few people in Japan?

    Posted in: Tokyo gamers slapped down for virtual groping

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    Robson-Kanu sent Belgian defenders to buy some Belgian waffle from across the border with that sweet turn.

    What a story for Wales. Despite the fact that I despise Arsenal, Ramsey has been brilliant this tournament and its a shame he will miss the semis. Hopefully the other squad members step up.

    Posted in: Wales down Belgium to reach first ever semi-final

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    Other reports say he overpowered one of the kidnappers and called the cops himself. What a man!

    Posted in: Mexican soccer player Alan Pulido rescued after kidnapping

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    Watched parts of the debate, and my assessment was that Sanders had Clinton's number all night long. I think he could have said a lot more aggressive in calling her out on her policy decisions and ties to wall street. But still overall a very strong showing from Sanders.

    Here is what I don't understand about America and its politics (and in this particular case, the democrats). Sanders has a higher honesty/integrity rating than Clinton, higher favorability rating than Clinton, does better in hypothetical matchup polls against republicans, and has the highest approval rating of any US senator. And still he is behind in the race to the nomination. So, the people overall favor Sanders but are still gonna vote Clinton. How does that even work?

    Posted in: Clinton, Sanders spar in debate days before New York primary

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    A witness said he heard shouts in Arabic shortly before two blasts struck the packed airport departure lounge.

    Of course. It'd be more of a news if people heard "Oi vey".

    At this point, even the most ardent defenders of the doctrine of Islam have to acknowledge that something is very wrong. Many other ethnic and religious minorities have suffered injustices. Still many others have reached out to western Europe in hopes of a better life. But it is the members a particular "fraternity" that show this sort of proclivity for violence. I understand the urge to believe that religion is not to blame, that somehow geopolitics drives these people to do what they do. But at the same time, we have square that argument with the reality that other minority/migrant communities do not engage in such barbaric activities.

    Europe has a simple choice. Either acknowledge the reality, and fix what is broken. Or stay in denial, and perish.

    Posted in: Attacks on Brussels airport, metro station kill 34

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    “We have a special obligation to make clear what we stand for, which is why I think we should not make promises we can’t keep,” Clinton said.

    Hillary Clinton should change her campaign slogan to - "Lower your expectations. Vote Clinton."

    Seriously though, are those things Sanders promises actually unrealistic? Because I was under the impression that most of the schemes such as single-payer healthcare were already tried and tested in western Europe and Canada. Or are those promises unrealistic because Clinton's donors will not make money from them and told her they are unrealistic?

    Continuing her assault, Clinton embraced a typical Republican line of attack to demonize Sanders, saying his plans would likely increase the size of the federal government by about 40 percent.

    Not surprising. By most standards, Hillary is more Republican than Democrat. It is due to Bernie that she is being forced to drift left.

    May the force be with Bernie.

    Posted in: Clinton slams unrealistic Sanders 'promises' in debate

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    “We thought of sentences in a way that students can memorise and practise easily,” said the spokesman.

    Ah yes. Of course.

    Problematic entries included, “I was puzzled by the size of her breasts” and “She squeezed me in a rhythmic way.” Among other examples were, “Please slowly insert all the way” and “Don’t stimulate the sensitive spot too hard.”

    On second thought, this might actually work for the male students. /jk

    Posted in: Japanese cram school under fire over 'sexist' kanji text

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    My sincerest apologies. I misunderstood the ordinance to mean it would result in a ban. My bad. Thanks for pointing it out. The ordinance now looks pretty good!

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    As someone who is an absolutist about Freedom of Speech, I disagree with this ordinance (people are most welcome to disagree, or dislike this comment). Hate Speech should be fought with informed debates and positive messages, not with bans. These measures can have certain undesirable side effects in the long run.

    I think America has the right idea in this regard, wherein hate speech is permissible and even protected under the right to free speech (such as that in which the idiots at the WBC engage in), but hate crime is illegal and severely punished.

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