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    No its NOT FUNNY! What the GOP has done this election is very damaging & I fear will continue after they lose, BADLY!

    Posted in: Support for 'my girl' Clinton is personal, Mrs Obama says

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    Pretty small fish your trying to fry there Tokyu!!

    How about tackling REAL train issues, just look above for some idea's if you cant think of any!

    Posted in: Controversial video criticizes women putting on makeup in trains

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    Yep the truth is OUT, the J-govt is OK with nukes OK with possibly using them, so much of decades of Hiroshima this Nagasaki that!

    How does it feel Japanese people that YOUR govt betrays you all so openly!?!?

    The govt has been lying about history & now lying about nukes.........

    And yeah now they are open to sell weapons to the world it should be OBVIOUS what abe & his ilk are trying to achieve.

    So what has Japan really learned about WWII????

    What kind of road is Japan on now.................

    Posted in: Japan won't support U.N. resolution urging nuclear weapons ban

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    Statues commemorating the deaths of 50-80 million deaths of their own people by Mao should also be erected in Beijing first before China starts casting stones


    Read my post at 10/26 @ 0517PM & LEARN

    Posted in: China says Japan should put up 'comfort woman' statue in Tokyo

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    Yes there are issues on the Korean side BUT the biggest is right here in Japan, always has been!

    Posted in: China says Japan should put up 'comfort woman' statue in Tokyo

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    Since the 1950's Japan has made a combination of roughly 52 general statements of remorse, and what are considered formal apologies, for war crimes and atrocities committed by the Empire of Japan during WW2. 21 in the 1990's alone. Last year Japan and Korea "finally and irreversibly" agreed to resolve the comfort women issue. It is clear that Japan will never be able to satisfy everyone no matter how many statements they make.


    REALLY, show ONE that was ratified in the DIET!

    Good luck!

    Most were denied PRIOR DURING & AFTER & most are so horribly vague to be worth NOTHING! Did I mention the denials.

    If you were in Japan the year of the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII YOU would have witnessed one the of the most SINCERE apologies(NOT ratified or OFFICIAL!) by Murayama san.

    WHY did he do this,........the LDP were LOATH to apologize on the 50th anniversary so they BEGGED off!

    Maruyama san did GOOD, rare, so RARE,..........GOOD

    The LDP at the time were absolutely LIVID!!!

    They made damned sure this was NOT OFFICIAL, it was nasty to witness!

    There is NO sincerity in Japans """"apologies""" except for a FEW fine individuals

    The 50+ you mention other than say two by Murayama san & Kono san are NOT worth a damn!

    Posted in: China says Japan should put up 'comfort woman' statue in Tokyo

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    Japan is a supposed democracy, it has NO EXCUSE for denying its history, but blatantly does 7decades & counting.

    China is run by commie scum so its NOT SURPRISING their govt wont admit its bad nasty history, would be great if they did & if the type of govt ever changes in China(oh PLEASE!) maybe they will, would be good.

    So bottom line is Japan should be doing better, MUCH better in this regard, China.......sadly because the people are under the thumb of the commie govt have be extremely careful about what they say or do, VERY serious consequences for speaking out about the truth

    In Japan the silence for the most part wrt the truth is truly DEAFENING.

    That's it folks

    Posted in: China says Japan should put up 'comfort woman' statue in Tokyo

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    Earth to Japan, Fukushima is now a toxic money pit at the nuke plant, and Yubaru, HALF, we will be extremely lucky if this """""ESTIMATE""""" covers even 10% & that to me is very wishful!!

    And with so many old nuke plants still around & Japan where HUGE earthquakes & possible tsunami are a GIVEN, toss in a few volcanoes for good measure, not even factoring the incompetence in management & just imagine if Japan DOESNT start decommissioning what this country could be like in 100-200hundred years from now.

    It IS very likely Japan will be dotted with nuke plant disasters & accidents/miss-management problems all over & we will be waiting for the technology to deal with it

    Japan, this is simple nuclear power in Japan is an extremely BAD IDEA, that should be obvious, but alas....

    Posted in: Japan finds costs ballooning to dismantle Fukushima nuclear plant

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    This is either a whole LOT about next to nothing or something is horribly wrong..........either way I feel for that poor kid, likely no escape

    Posted in: 14-year-old Princess Aiko absent from school for 1 month

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    Shame on the keystones, shame on Japan!

    Sure there are more pressing issues that need attention

    And please STOP with all this FORMER fill in the blank crap!

    Posted in: Former Japanese actress Takagi arrested for marijuana possession

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    Gum!! I heard a rumor he has brought some chewing tobacco with him to Japan!!

    Posted in: Japan wary over Philippine leader's policy, manners in front of emperor

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    Haha this is all pretty funny, HELLO OUT THERE B.Dylan is very OFTEN short on talk, so short in fact nothing comes out of his mouth, this is just one of those times!

    PS You should have KNOWN this was highly likely he wouldn't respond, DOH!!!

    Posted in: What do you think of Bob Dylan's continued lack of response to being awarded the Nobel literature prize on Oct 13?

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    Koike san, please concentrate on fixing some of the cost issues etc with 2020.

    Don't worry too much about foreign execs in Japan, while there will always be some, that horse left the barn a long time ago, I don't see it doing a 180 & coming back.

    Japan is just too difficult & costly for it to dream of aspiring to be a hub, should have been SERIOUS about it back in say 1985.........a lot has changed, opportunities missed

    Posted in: Tokyo makes new bid to be Asian business capital

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    Too hilarious, the officials are clearly asleep at the wheel!

    You can LEAVE the play area.............. well duh, its only a matter of time before cheating happens LOL!!

    This would be like going to the washroom during a Uni exam.............

    My guess is the guy did cheat, but I have no proof.

    This is SO EASY to fix, so just FIX it & play on!

    Posted in: Cheating allegations rock professional shogi world

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    a BIG thank you to Baird san & others making micro brews in Japan, I now hardly ever by beer by the big breweries for home consumption!

    I have tried a few of yours, ones I remember the name......Angry Boy Brown Ale, Suruga Imp IPA & the Kurofune Porter & I know there are more

    Keep them coming please!!

    And don't worry about the "craft" beers the big boys are making, while they are better than their main brews they aren't even close to Bairds (& others)

    Posted in: Baird Brewery: Celebrating beer

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    This ganging up & beating seems sadly somewhat common in Japan, I don't re-call hearing about this kind of thing when I was a teen growing, this is part of the dark side of group society.

    I know it DOES happen elsewhere but it seems to happen more here, I just cant fathom the idea as a kid of getting my friends together to beat the crap out of someone .........

    Posted in: 14-yr-old boy dies after being beaten by teens on Oct 10

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    Smith nailed yeah!

    Also personally I think a LOT of Japanese wouldnt care if they were living under a dictatorship, didn't have a vote, just were told what to do & they would be HAPPY..............or just apathetic

    Posted in: LDP may lose next election if nuclear exit becomes main issue: Koizumi

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    God has created these creatures for us to eat.

    OMG!! If that's true(which it obviously isn't thank god!) she also created slugs, cockroaches etc have at'em!!

    Posted in: Whalers in crosshairs at IWC meeting this week

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    One thing I wish we would see more in Japan is places just making their destination attractive to go & stay a day or two or more. Too many places have ONE thing to see/do, they need to think more out of the box to make it more ATTRACTIVE to want to stay

    And please STOP concentrating on how to open peoples wallets, make it attractive, people will show up & NATURALLY spend some $$$

    And it should have been obvious the big spending tourists from mostly China would tail off, foolish to have thought otherwise

    Posted in: Regional cities focus on foreign tourists as shopping slows

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    That old suit & that ole flag......kinda sends a chill down my spine

    Posted in: Abe pitches SDF's new overseas duties at review ceremony


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