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    Pure Gold (24 Karat) is quite soft. An old, rough and quick test for gold used to be biting it. If you could leave bite marks on it with your teeth, it was relatively pure. This has carried over into popular culture where movies about pirates biting Spanish doubloon, crazy hermits living in rich gold mines, and treasure hunters will often be seen taking a bite out of any of the yellow metal they come across.

    In theory, Olympic medalists should only be trying to bite Gold medals. Puree Silver and Bronze (an alloy of Copper and Tin) are both too hard to leave an impression, and biting them has no purpose.

    Lastly, for this reason, pure gold is not used for Olympic medals. Often it is just a gold veneer. The Gold medals at the Rio Olympics are made of 494g of Silver, and just 6g of Gold.

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    Japan is trying to entice visitors to its shores, and they have many reasons to come. One thing, however, is a big negative when travelling here:

    Since 2006 a law has been in place preventing people who do not have proof of residence in Japan from purchasing SIM card with Voice services for use in Japan. Only Data services are allowed. Theoretically this is to stop phone fraud in Japan by limiting the use of 'burner' SIMs. However with the prevalence if IP telephony, the effectiveness of this law is now in question.

    As international roaming rates are incredibly expensive (many Japanese telcos don't co-operate with international telsos on international discounted rates) many travellers would routinely purchase a pre-pay voice/data SIM in the country they are travelling. Not Japan.

    If Japan really wants to encourage more tourism, how about giving the tourists the ability to purchase a voice SIM at rates comparable to those which residents can purchase.

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    Nessie, thus one is completely legit. NZ claimed a massive area of the ocean surrounding it under UNCLOS in 1982 as an Exclusive Economic Zone. UNCLOS is a UN treaty recognised by 166 countries globally which lays out who has rights to resources in which marine areas. New Zealands claim to this area has never been disputed, and they are well within therir rights to declare a marine reserve in therir own Exclusive Economic Zone.

    This isn't like another well known country arbitrarily deciding that resources in disputed marine areas are theirs . . .

    Posted in: New Zealand to create massive marine sanctuary the size of France

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    Wow! Were they running it directly off the mains or something?

    It definitely sounds like a home made job as "normal" electric fences for stock control are usually pulsed at very low current but high voltages. It sounds like this unit was on continually and at high currents.

    Posted in: 2 dead, 5 injured after being electrocuted by electric fence

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    Having read through quite a number of articles on this topic I would have to side with the Japanese government on this issue.

    During the negotiations for the 1965 Treaty, Japan proposed directly compensating Comfort Women, and all Koreans affected by Japanese actions. This was rejected by South Korean, who stated that they would organize compensation, but then took the money and invested it in State infrastructure, without passing it onto the victims. Both sides were bound by confidentiality clauses in the agreement, which is why Japan could never clearly state how the matter had been settled from their perspective.

    Japanese statesmen have repeatedly recognized the pain and suffering that Japan caused before and during WW2 on many nations and offered apologies for the actions that caused them. However, these apologies often fall on deaf ears as the individual Korean victims are still waiting on compensation that their own government has misappropriated.

    Posted in: Japan shrugs off S Korean calls for 'sex slave' apology

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    Microwave or Conventional Oven?

    I've seen anecdotal evidence that when the EU switched to lead free solder in 2006 as part of their RoHS directive, it took a while for a number of manufacturers to adapt to the new solder compositions in use (ie high Tin). The net result was that a number of devices were produced with brittle solder points and high premature failure rates.

    One homebake repair method which gained some popularity among the Xbox 360 geeks was stripping the console down to the motherboard and baking (completely flat) in a conventional oven at above 230-240C. This had the effect of reflowing the solderpoints and often repairing the failed connections.

    Posted in: Sony warns not to put your gaming console in the microwave

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    They have fallen after being called upon by their country to try and assist others. Lest We Forget.

    Posted in: Two New Zealand soldiers killed in Afghan attack

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    Those specs look pretty underwhelming. Judging by the wallpaper this isn't a 4.0, or even a 3.1 device, probablly more like a Gingerbread, as it doesn't look like any of the OS's optimed for tablets. Processor type and whether it is a single or dual core is'nt mentioned either.

    It better be cheap, and I mean VERY CHEAP, considering the Kindle Fire is USD$200.

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    The real money is in the maps for these things.

    Posted in: Portable navigation device

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