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    There is currently a global effort underway to wipe out the effectiveness of virtual currencies.

    Virtual currency is currently the biggest threat to established banking system and free market system.

    Just stop and think for a moment, in the past of a couple months hacking attacks have literally skyrocketed.

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    lostrune2 Big business tend to not use Macs since Apple tend to stop support of older versions early and they can't afford to keep updating thousands of computers and programs just every few years. They can be quite tight-fisted with computer money. Heck, look how long they're sticking with WinXP - more than a decade! Can ya imagine Apple supporting an OSX version for that many years.

    Totally incorrect.

    Does not matter anyway, wherever they can BIG BUSINESS is actually moving away from old windows desktop machines to tablets like the iPad.

    The move to tablets (iPads) in particular is happening everywhere, defence, airlines, education sector, government departments.

    Stuck trying to fix crappy, buggy software like Vista etc, they completely missed the mobile boat. Crappy, buggy Android has replaced them in nearly all but very old static businesses and even they have to upgrade eventually and it won't be to Windows.

    This is the reason MS recently halved its OS licensing fee to OEM vendors. Too little too late, MS is going the way of the once dominate. AOL and IBM.

    Sure they will still be in business and make a bucket of money, but they will just have to do it elsewhere. We can gladly thank Mr. Balmer for that i.e.: digging the company into a hole. Bad attitude and no vision.

    This is the guy that said, why would anyone pay $600 for an iPhone "it doesn't even have a keyboard".

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    dcog9065MAR. 06, 2014 - 01:43PM JST @JanesBlonde: Mugabe, Napoleon and Hitler were all DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED too..

    And so was GW Bush ... Twice .... "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice and you deserve me for president." Look how much much suffering and loss of life that guy and his "Team America" caused. How many people have been killed by Putin? .... NOT ONE!

    dcog9065 It's very common knowledge that Yanukovich was comically corrupt

    YES HE IS and so are 95% of Ukraine politicians. Tymoshenko "The great opposition leader" is rotten to the core. She was in jail for selling gas deals to RUSSIA and taking massive kick backs.... OMG the great western favourite ... she didn't do the west any favours when she we in charge.

    Ukraine politicians switch sides like the weather. They are all corrupt. - So what is your point?

    Posted in: Russia denies controlling pro-Moscow forces in Crimea

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    My Son "Do only old people still use Windows"?

    Posted in: Microsoft to end support for Windows XP on April 9

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    This article is mis-leading.

    Quotes are taken out of context.

    There are TWO separate components here.

    1: Russia stated it has no control over the local population who have formed local "self-defence" groups. This is true, they do not control these Pro Russian groups.

    2: Under the agreement with Ukraine Russia is allowed to station as many groups in the region as it likes. So "technically" they have not invade Ukraine as the West likes to say. They have a formal arrangement to be there and have a leased base in the region.

    The US have a base in Okinawa ... they have a lease / an agreement to be there.

    This whole situation is the result of the EU and the United States supporting the ousting of the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT.


    The western media paints these "demonstrators" as the good guys fighting the an evil dictator. THEY ARE NOT. They over threw the democratically elected government and installed themselves in power.

    These are the people that LOST THE LAST ELECTION. When they won the electron previously, did Russia intervene and violently oust them NO!

    Such complete double standards from the EU and US.

    Do you know what the upside of all of this is? The US is now considering / looking into the possibility of quadrupling its gas exports to the EU now that sanctions on Russian / Ukraine gas is looking likely.

    So the US supports the ousting of the democratically elected government. They do not do anything but talk loud and inflame the situation. They will not put any troops on the ground to "help" the people of Ukraine, but they will place sanctions on Russia (the major EU gas supplier) ..... and start exporting cheaper US fracked gas to the EU.

    Its another win for US business interests.

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    Actually, New Zealand is pretty loose when it comes to the control of dogs.

    They have improved in the main cities, but in the rural areas they can roam at will. Out in the real countryside / farming areas the farmers shoot them when they attack sheep and cattle or if they start roaming in packs.

    But again it is the in between areas. In between the cities and the farms that are the problem. Small "rural" towns where everyone has a dog or 3 .... most are unlicensed.

    Up Northland way can be pretty rough in some parts and in the smaller towns you would be lucky to find a policeman let alone a dog ranger.

    Unfortunately this is certainly not the first time this terrible kind of thing has happened. Sadly I doubt it will be the last.

    The Police are looking at pressing charges against the owners, not registered dogs. A slap on the wrist probably. It has been an issue in New Zealand for years ... like the last 30 years.

    New Zealand is great in some aspects, but the whole "no worries" attitude becomes rather pathetic in the wake terrible events like this. Totally avoidable.

    These were probably pseudo guard / property dogs that were just running around the house / property loose. The girl was not known to the dogs and with this breed, anything could have set one of them off and then the pack would have joined in instantly.

    Again, stupid owners (probably the main owner was not home at the time) just not thinking about anything. The poor young girl and family were up north attending a maori language school (very similar language to Japanese) and from what I have been told , they had popped over to visit a friend / class mate.

    Posted in: 7-year-old Japanese girl mauled by 4 dogs in New Zealand

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    @technosphere Can those guys from American leadership realize that they look out like complete hypocritical idiots, I wonde*r?

    Unfortunately not. And, not only is Putin making the US administration look like hypocrites, he is also making them look stupid.

    As it has been clearly pointed out elsewhere, Putin is using the almost EXACT same pretext for his incursion into the Ukraine as the US used for invading Panama back in Dec 1989. He fact he is almost using the exact same wording in his justification statement. Clearly this is being completely missed by the US administration.

    The terrible handing of this situation by the US and John Kerry in particular will unfortunately, have ramifications far beyond the Ukraine. You only need to look to Syria (A Russian ally in the middle east) as a prime example.

    The US should have "honoured" the agreement brokered two weeks ago. That would have not only saved face for all concerned, but also would have avoided the tensions we are currently experiencing. BUT NO ... Mr. Kerry, back tracks on the agreement, supports the "new government", which angers Russia and they take action.

    Now the US has found itself in a position where it and the EU (who also backtracked on the deal) is being asked by self appointed "new right leaning" government (Political Opportunists) in The Ukraine to basically support it militarily. A nightmare scenario of the US/EU ... NO ONE is going to take on Russia militarily in the Crimea. The majority of the Crimea's population is Russian for goodness sake.

    So now we have the US talking but it is Russia soldiers feet that are walking. The US and EU have completely miss read this situation by reacting to the cards as they have been played. Putin has been playing the end game. Unless a miracle happens, the US will now find itself struggling to assert itself not only here in this situation but in other regions around the world.

    Unfortunately, Mr Kerry will have shown the world that the US is completely out of touch in small region conflicts. They will talk loud and make threats, but in the end they will actually not do anything.

    Again, sets a very bad precedent for dealing with countries like Iran, North Korea, Syria etc where the US presence was once requested and respected.

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    Because the other countries couldn't either take care of their own problems or they needed our assistance, that's what happens when you are the worlds sole super power. And even when we stay out, most will still need our assistance, even in the future if they say the don't, they will.

    I think you may find that the majority of US interventions were solely in the interest of US interests.

    "It's an incredible act of aggression. It is really a stunning, willful choice by President Putin to invade another country," Kerry said on "Face the Nation"

    This statement from the guy who voted in the US congress to invade Iraq.

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    This article should read:

    South Korean President Park Geun-Hye, who father willingly joined the Imperial Japanese army and In June 1965 Park signed a treaty normalizing relations with Japan which included payment of reparations and the making of soft-loans from Japan to start the building process of the Korean economy, on Saturday warned Japan ..........

    It should also be noted that her family made a lot of money and gained a lot of "influence" through their direct association with Japan.

    Posted in: S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review

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    SuperLibMAR. 02, 2014 - 05:59PM JST JamesBlonde: "The United States is the true defender of Freedom and Democracy" C'mon, James. Surely you must believe some of that. I doubt that you could list more than a couple of examples of the US going against that.

    You're not serious .... you're joking right?

    Posted in: Obama warns Putin on Russian incursion in Crimea

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    Uh oh....the anti-Obama crowd is teaming up with the anti-US crowd to divert attention away from Russia. Well, not totally, they do throw in a token "I don't like Putin" statement for good measure.

    Not really, it is just that the other 96.4% of the worlds population that are not from the United States Of America, are actually rather tired to listening to US Politicians pointing fingers and telling the world how terrible the rest of the world is and how other countries cannot be trust and "The United States is the true defender of Freedom and Democracy" - Oh Please.

    Since the end of WWII the United States Of America has invaded more countries around the globe than every other country in the world put together. This is why the USA spends 20 times more money on arms and the military.

    And yet here we go again, another US president and another US secretary of State standing on their soap box preaching. No wonder the world tires of the US government.

    Posted in: Obama warns Putin on Russian incursion in Crimea

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    “President Obama expressed his deep concern over Russia’s clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the White House said in a statement that called the action “a breach of international law.”

    Seriously ... who is this guy kidding. This guy is as happy as can be. This whole thing has played out EXACTLY as the US and the EU wanted.

    Its the perfect scenario for them. "This will show the world what a terrible ruler Putin is". They will play it up for all it is worth. This is nothing more than another step to in containing Putin's Russia.

    The United States will not do a single thing to help on the ground. Do you really think the general US population have a stomach for a physical confrontation on the other side of the world against Russia, in a area mostly populated by Russians?

    The population will be welcoming US forces with "open Arms" just like they did in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam.

    John Kerry is clearly NOT the manage for the job. NEGOTIATION and DIALOGUE is want is needed .... not threats and being seen to be clearly taking sides. He does not understand the Russia situation AT ALL.

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    Years ago when we didn't have the internet or wikipedia or wiki leaks we had to rely on what we were feed by news organisations.

    These days however, luckily we can see when countries and leaders are hypocrites and deny their own past actions, whilst pointing the finger at others for the very same actions.


    The official U.S. justification for the invasion was articulated by President George H. W. Bush on the morning of 20 December 1989, a few hours after the start of the operation.

    "Safeguarding the lives of U.S. citizens in Panama."

    Which of course was simply NOT TRUE (Must run in the Bush Family I guess)

    So how is what Russia is doing different?

    Before you give me the thumbs, I would like to add, I do NOT like Putin at all.

    But seriously, the United States has very little international credibility these days and certainly, more than any other country, has acted unilaterally in its own best interests.

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    “a weakness in our system.” - Mark Karpeles

    Yes it is called GREED AND DISHONESTY.

    Mark Karpeles was planning to "retire" however since this huge amount of money has been reported missing, he has been inundated with job offers from numerous share trading companies and merchant banks.

    Posted in: Mt Gox files for bankruptcy; CEO says 750,000 bitcoins gone

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    "The bipartisan resolution expressed House of Representatives members’ firm support for Venezuela’s pro-democracy demonstrators"

    Another fine speech from the country that has a terrible track record in central and south america of orchestrating the overthrowing of democratically elected governments and supporting dictators with terrible human rights records. Not to mention the funding and supplying of arms and weapons to right wing extremist groups.

    Again - what would America's Home Land Security response be if 1000's of people took to the streets in Washington violently protesting and attempting to overthrow the democratically elected government.

    I wonder, would the US government call for "Dialogue" ... or would they simply send in the national guard as they did against their university students (killing many) in the 1960's and 1970's.

    Posted in: U.S. urges Venezuela dialogue as protesters gather

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    The right wingers again prove that human nature is universal. This group again shows that every country, community, town has a small minority of people filled with hatred and ignorance and are happy to share it with the world.

    Specific to Korea. When a Japanese right winger makes an idiotic statement he is seen by Koreans to represent the whole of Japan. When a Korean right winger makes a statement, he is seen as just a right winger who does not represent the whole of Korea.

    Funny thing is, all right wingers have more in common that they think. They hate other races and cultures and most of their own society are sadly tired of them.

    Perhaps we can put them all together on an island somewhere.

    Posted in: Anti-Japan rally in Seoul

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    Viktor Yanukovych was democratically elected in elections that were deemed to be free and fair by the EU. Just as Yulia Tymoshenko was voted elected in the election prior to the last.

    Both Viktor Yanukovych and Yulia Tymoshenko along with their associates are terribly corrupt.

    Yulia Tymoshenko stole hundreds of millions of dollars through a dodgy gas deal with RUSSIA along with many other under the table transactions. She was booed by the "protesters" when she appeared. They know she is no better than Yanukovych. Yanukovych's family and associates have also made millions from corrupt deals.

    This "situation" is NOT about "freedom" or "democracy". And any one who believes it is simply does not understand what is happening here.

    For Russia it is about security and the security of Russians in the Crimea peninsula. Gas reserves are secondary.

    For the EU it is about access to the regions vast gas reserves and ensuring that an EU friendly government is running the country.

    For the US it is about "containment" of Putin's Russia. Just as they are doing with China, the US does not want Russia's influence to expand. The US is certainly NOT concerned about "freedom" or Democracy" in the Ukraine.

    The people of Ukraine it is very different. The country is split east / west and then again into various factions. For the youth, (a large part of the protests) they want to be part of the EU, basically because after 5 years, they will receive EU visa's and are free to leave the Ukraine and live in other parts of the EU.

    BOTTOM LINE" The protesters and the government came to a brokered (With the assistance of the EU and Russia) agreement for a working structure to settle and stop the protesting and violence with outline of a road map forward.

    Unfortunately before they could be implemented certain sections of the protest movement took matters into their own hands. Russia is rightly calling for the brokered agreement to be implemented.

    Obama and John Kerry in particular are sounding like hypocrites. Calling for Russia to respect "democracy" and "freedom". Good or bad (there are very few "good politicians in the Ukraine) Yanukovych was DEMOCRACY ELECTED.

    I wonder what would happen if the TEA PARTY staged violent protests in Washington calling for the ousting of the democratically elected government because they didn't like Obama's policies. If they forcibly took over Washington and Obama had to leave for his own safety, would that make the TEA PARTY the new government?

    US style "democracy" (which is certainly not perfect at all) cannot be simply "transplanted" onto other countries and cultures. Obama should not be "threatening" Russia. Obama should be seen to be leading the charge for the implementation of the brokered agreement where all parties sit down and work through the problems.

    By John Kerry saying "I placed a call to Yanukovych and could not reach him so I guess we will have to deal with the new people in charge" is ridiculous. Putin has real security concerns on his back door step. As he has shown in the past, he is not afraid to use Russia's military when he has to. This would be detrimental for all concerned.

    Obama / Kerry / US are playing all the wrong cards here and are again being seen to support "democratically" elected leaders that suit them. Putin talks to talk and will walk the walk. The US will talk the talk and will NOT do anything militarily. It would be completely foolish for him to do so. IE: a conflict with Russia on Russia's doorstep. History has shown what happens to people who have tried this. THEY LOSE.

    So in the end Obama's loud threatening talk will only "inflame" the situation meaning that as per usual it will be the poor people in the region (Ukraine in this instance) that will suffer.

    Posted in: Russian troops deploy in Crimea as Obama warns Kremlin

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    “a weakness in our system.” - Mark Karpeles

    Yes it is called GREED AND DISHONESTY.

    Posted in: Bitcoin blunder

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    This article is not clear.

    In the first paragraph, it states "The Japanese government will consider revising "

    In the second paragraph, it states "is to be re-examined"

    When exactly did Yoshihide Suga give this press conference? Was it today? Yesterday?

    I believe that there is a general consensus that "officially revising" a past apology is not only an inflammatory move, but just plain stupid.

    But I do question the reporting here and the way in which the article is presented. I get the feeling that it has been published simply to generate "clicks" from the usual suspects - myself included.

    What is new here?

    Come on JT .... you can do a little better, this is starting to feel like a FOX News site.

    Posted in: Gov't considers revision of 'comfort women' apology

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