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    John Taylor

    The author of this article may not know Charlie's work, but the rest of the free world SHOULD. He's never been a B-rated actor, not in one moment of video or film. Heard of Sons of Anarchy? Green Street Hooligans? The British version of Queer As Folk? He has starring roles in each of them, and stellar performances.

    It's sad to see such ignorance doing so much active nay-saying. Why would the author and producers know anything about what they're doing? They should have checked with you geniuses, of course!

    Posted in: Charlie Hunnam, Dakota Johnson named for '50 Shades' film

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    John Taylor

    Always so worried about ourselves. Think of what this is to the fish, dolphins and whales and other marine life whose homes were just trashed.

    Posted in: Radioactive water from Fukushima plant may have reached sea

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    John Taylor

    Those who side with Japan's whalers on this matter, who refuse to acknowledge that Japan is not doing "research", that they are hunting even though the whale flesh they already have sits unwanted in freezers, they are a black eye to their country. The rest of the world has grown enough to know that whales and dolphins should be left to live their long lives in peace. This is not tradition. It's stubborn profiteering, and the Japanese people are the ones paying for all the stipends the government gives those few whalers. When will you be honest and stand up against those few in Japan who are bringing shame upon your people?

    Posted in: Activists accuse Japanese whalers of trying to crash into their ship

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    John Taylor

    The world should not allow this. Japan is one small nation, and her decisions threaten the whole world. Abe, control yourself, or you will force the world to control you.

    Posted in: Abe to review Fukushima crisis before deciding on restarting reactors

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    John Taylor

    Perhaps Japan should focus on Japan, and taking care of her internal problems. That dolphins and other cetaceans continue to be slaughtered in Taiji even though their flesh is toxic, that the few Japanese whalers are out there making Japan look bad when there isn't even a market for whale flesh, to name just a couple examples. Reining in nuclear energy so that the nation does not suffer any further radiation... Much to do at home.

    Posted in: ANA reports 40,000 reservations canceled on its China routes




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