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    What a great news!! Hopefully Japan can catch up in the near future with other 19 counties where allow same sex couples to marry.

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    The scenes in Parliament last night were deeply moving. It's entirely about equality. All people should have the same rights under law regardless of who they love. Thank you to those who have brought hope to many people.

    Posted in: New Zealand votes to legalise same-sex marriage

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    People--including, I suspect, this couple--don't realize what they're sacrificing for their complacency with the status quo, until it's too late and a spouse falls ill, or dies, or, heaven forbid, they should want to start a family; then their lack of legal recognition really becomes an issue.

    But they aren't able to get married with a straight man are they? Unless lying themselves as a straight? Being gay is not something you can choose to be. Good on them, at least they are honest and trying to fulfill their life together no matter what others say. Hopefully one day Japan also recognizes same sax marriage or civil union like other developed nations.

    Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort

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    Japan is an island nation surrounded by the sea, so taking some good protein from the ocean is very important. For food security I think it’s very important. We have never said everybody should eat whale, but we have a long tradition and culture of whaling.*

    This comment is exactly same as the one you heard from supporters of whaling decades ago... I wish I could hear more substantial commnets from the Minister.

    Posted in: Japan will never stop whaling: minister

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    The Japanese government has been accused of using tsunami relief funding to support its struggling whaling industry. Data based on government figures show that government subsidies, which usually average about 782 million yen annually, increased by about 2.28 billion yen last year.

    Whaling industry is dying in the water while Japanese taxpayers are being forced to foot the bill for this unprofitable business.

    Posted in: Activists accuse Japanese whalers of trying to crash into their ship

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    As plasticmonkey mentioned, billions of yen from tax payers money has been used for this Antarctic whaling program even though it is not beneficial for majority of Japanese but bureaucrats. I have commented on this issue on another Japanese website but most of the comments I received came from Japanese who support whaling and they called me "westernised." I wonder if their criticism is a way for them to fight back to protect their pride rather than knowing what is going on underneath the issue. I also wonder why Japanese media won't bring this issue up with more specific details, people here have a right to know the truth.

    Posted in: Japan's whaling fleet leaves port for Antarctica

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    Actually I used to work for JPost more than ten years ago. Even at that time, we all were in commission, not only postcards, but almost everything they provide. Stamps, local percel gifts, life insurance, term deposits, and accounts for donations... I even oppened accounts for all my relatives. I recall how pathetic enviroments I was in....

    Posted in: Post office employees have to sell (or buy if unable to) quota of 'nengajo'




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