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    Lino Bernie Bautista

    Ha! Ha! The country that pride itself as the number producer of fake products and absolutely dangerous food items (melamine tainted milk) now is concerned about safety. Actually is not about food safety, it's a ploy to continually feed bad feelings and hatred toward Japan. The Commy government always wants their people to hate Japan so nobody questions their authority and abuses.

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    Lino Bernie Bautista

    Well, it not just a Japanese problem, smartphone zombies are everywhere in the world. Try watching these videos, this phenom is a world wide problem.

    Posted in: 17-year-old girl hit by train while using smartphone on platform

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    Lino Bernie Bautista

    China is always playing "we are the Victim" card. Yes, they did suffered! But did they at any time mentioned the millions of people butchered, slaved and maltreated by their Communist government (actually up to these days people are being persecuted and marginalized just because they adhere to their religion which is a basic right in most countries but not in China). Communism is dead, but the communist government want to continue to play God in China. They want to go to war so that their citizen will not see how miserable they are under their government. The Chinese government will always remind their people that they were victimized by Japan, but they will not mention not even a word on how they oppressed and victimized their own citizens. People of China, wake up, your government had been lying to you and victimizing you for so long. They want you to be angry with Japan, the USA, the Philippines so that they ca control and manipulate you, but actually you should be angry with these small group of cowardly men who continually put you under the yoke of oppression. These officials preached Communism but themselves own Swiss bank accounts or in Cayman Island, they are enriching themselves with your life, freedom and dignity. PLEASE WAKE UP!

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