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    Agreed. So it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    Posted in: Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Tokyo defends foreigner rules

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    Mr Noidall.

    No seriously. It wouldn't bother me. I probably have an extreme view of freedom. It just doesn't bother me that a shop or a business especially a small one owned by one person has rules about accepting customers.

    I realise that's unusual, but that's my view. I think there's enough room for little sushi shops to cater for different people.

    I also realise that you are all upset about the principle of it all. For me, if I REALLY wanted to go to that restaurant and it was SO important for me to eat there, I'd probably go there, talk to the owner tell him I'd really love to eat there, ask him what problems he's had before - and offer to pay up front.

    But....There is no way I'd pay 20,000 yen for myself to eat sushi. And if I brought three others, I'd probably be dying of guilt that we spent 80,000 yen on rice and raw fish.

    I'd rather give the money to some charity.

    But if I were a gazillionaire who thought nothing of me and my friends dropping 800 bucks on sushi? I'd probably just go somewhere else.

    And that's got nothing to do with monkey suits and dancing. But maybe you're right. He should call it a club. And on that note, it doesn't bother me that some people want men's only clubs or women's only clubs or lesbian Muslims clubs or whatever.

    I'm sure if Mo went to see this owner they could sort it out. Maybe we could hear some more stories about why he ended up that way.

    No cheap shot was intended either. I am seriously just surprised it means so much to people that they'd get so upset about a sushi owner having strange admission practices.

    ps I guess if you are so offended by my post it probably follows that this sushi guy really offends you.

    A snooty upscale sushi chef like him probably has other things you wouldn't like either - like not wanting to hire female chefs! see, that's crazy to me too, but if people want to be like that let them.

    There are a lot more things that upset me than having to use some special credit card to eat there.

    it's probably a great marketing move. Now he'll have all these gaijin breaking their banks forcing him to let them in as customers just because they want the right.

    And if gaijin boycott the place, it will probably be seen as some exclusive place for Japanese only.

    But it's his call. I say let the market decide.

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    Is this a record number of comments?

    Amazing that so many people are upset about not being able to dine at a place that costs at least 20,000 yen.

    I just wonder how good life must be to be able to blow that much money on sushi and then get upset about it when you can't.

    I'm wondering if perhaps Mizutani knows other customers like eating at a place without foreigners.

    Anyway, for a completely different take from a gaijin.. 1. It's his business. If he's had problems before then it's his right to refuse anyone he wants. 2. If I knew someone didn't want me as a foreigner to eat at his restaurant, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest, and I probably wouldn't feel comfortable eating there anyway. 3. I also don't mind if someone doesn't want to rent to me. It's their house.

    People who run businesses should be able to run them the way they want. If you don't want to work there, don't. If you don't want to buy from them, don't. He might lose customers over this, but on the other hand, he might gain just as many.

    And people calling up pretending to be Japanese now? And calling Michelin? Surprised at how angry people get over a restaurant they'll probably never go to, and probably don't want to go to.

    So, I'm with Tina and the right-wingers on this one. Wow!

    Posted in: Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Tokyo defends foreigner rules

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    "So it's not just conservative Christians against gay marriage"

    Of course not. Every country has been against it, until recently. And the countries that allowed it first were countries with a Christian history. Ironically, it's the people from "traditionally" Christian countries who have only accepted gay marriage in the last few years who are going around the world telling the non-Christian countries that their position of the last couple of thousand years is absurd.

    As for homosexuality in animals, there is certainly homosexual activity at times, but I've never heard of animals rejecting sexual activity with their own sex in favor of a whole life of homosexual behavior. If there is, let me know, but so far I haven't heard of it.

    But, animals also pack rape, and have incest too, so I don't think it makes any sense to talk about what is natural from observing animals.

    That said, they look like a really happy couple.

    Posted in: Lesbian couple hold symbolic wedding ceremony in Tokyo

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    If you talk to lots of Japanese men and women of different ages, this list is no real surprise. And many Japanese women will laugh at the list because they'll agree with it.

    (Yes, you all can talk about how you are different and you know someone etc etc)

    But, it's an interesting look into what goes on in many Japanese relationships.

    The only one that SEEMS strange is the DV for withholding sex.

    But go to your local city office and get the brochure about DV. Japan has gone from having no protection for women to going the other way. Read the list about what is included in DV and there are things like "ignoring" and "making fun of you in front of your friends" as being emotional abuse And if a woman goes there the people won't suggest counselling, they'll suggest just moving out.
    Then when a lawyer gets involved, most men in Japan won't see their kids again or much at all.

    Again - domestic abuse is disgusting - but watch out for an increase in DV claims. Japan often swings from one side to the other of issues.

    As others have said - just pick the right person when you get married. And it may not be romantic - but you're better off discussing finances, kids, roles, etc BEFORE you get married and don't just assume anything.

    @Asakaze - of course a girl will offer to pay the bill or half. But if it's a REAL date a japanese woman would expect to be paid for (from a Japanese man). Probably she'd offer to pay, then if the man said Okay, she'd tell her friends who would be amazed that he accepted.

    Posted in: Japanese men share a list of common male woes before and after marriage

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    This is one brave man.

    Posted in: Japan must apologise for WWII until it is forgiven: Novelist Murakami

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    Okay, seems like one big issue here is whether this is generic or an actual model based on her ....attributes. I nominate myself to make a thorough examination for comparison purposes. I don't even need money.

    Just leave it to Beaver.

    Posted in: Vagina kayak artist denies obscenity charges

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    For the life of me I'll never understand why guys do that.

    Every girl and their parent needs to read this though. I think the best policy is to tell kids never to open a door to anyone. And even if it seems reasonable, tell the kid to tell the person at the door to call the parents to discuss it.

    That sounds extreme but would unfortunately its necessary with the Masaki Hatta's of the world running around.

    Posted in: University student arrested for molesting 9-year-old girl

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    What kind of disgusting man doesn't wash his hands after going to the toilet? She should have chopped his head off and done Tokyo a favor.

    But given that he was too stupid and vile to know basic hygiene, if he had any consideration or love for his wife, then on the honeymoon when she first noticed and probably nicely put it to him that he should wash his hands, why didn't he?

    Geez of all the things that are conflicts in marriage, why couldn't this pig just take 30 seconds even to wash his hands and put a smile on his wife's face.

    She is crazy. But she probably got like that after putting up with a completely obnoxious, unreasonable pig.

    Posted in: Woman slashes husband for not washing his hands after using toilet

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    "But it would save me the irritation of being treated like a pariah on account of being not famous..."

    Such modesty. I'd say you're the most famous person on Japan Today!

    So your French is probably better than you are making out!

    Posted in: Singer Gackt claims he was victim of discrimination in Paris hotel

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    She's getting a lot of media coverage, and I like her more and more. Nice girl! Don't worry, if she won the Miss Universe, Japanese will all love her.

    Posted in: Multiracial Miss Japan hopes to change homeland's thinking on identity

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    I could believe it. My mother-in-law would be drunk and doing stupid things with kids, while I'm trying to warn her.

    It could actually be a true story. Some people get drunk and have no idea of danger.

    Also, there are Japanese mother's who NO MATTER WHAT think that a child has to be bathed and its hair washed everyday.

    I'm speaking as a guy who was married to a crazy woman who insisted that NO MATTER WHAT, an infant had to be bathed everyday. On the other hand, if they had a fever, no water could touch the child - even it's legs because "all Japanese know that you can't have a bath when you have a fever!"

    Sorry, just realized I'm raving. But honestly, there are some women out there who have absolutely no common sense, but won't listen to a gaijin father.

    I could go on.

    I just hope someone isn't going to ask "Where was the father?"

    Posted in: 6-month-old girl drowns while in bath with mother

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    100 times and he's only been caught now?

    Wonder how many other guys have done that and other things and women have just not reported it.

    There are some sick puppies in this country.

    Posted in: Man arrested for throwing bodily fluid on girl's skirt

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    Don't know if I'm a Japanophile, but if I based everything on the pathetic anonymous insults i read on social media, I'd give up on the human race.

    But you are right - THAT kind of thinking is disgusting. The anonymity of social media is a horrifying insight into the way SOME people think.

    Go Ariana - you come across as a great ambassador for Japan.

    Posted in: Multiracial Miss Japan hopes to change homeland's thinking on identity

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    Great news. Now all we have to do is make every Family restaurant no smoking. No, make that everywhere.

    Posted in: Vast majority of women in survey say no to guys who smoke

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    Can anyone explain to me why people do this - monks or otherwise?

    I don't think I'll ever tire of looking at naked women - but I've honestly never thought of taking photos on escalators.

    Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested for filming up girl's skirt on escalator

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    Just change. It will cost money and be a problem for a few years. Other countries switched and old people didn't like it and took a while to get used to. And some of us still talk in miles and a man being 6 feet etc. But, has any country every regretted going metric? It's obviously a great system. 0's are cool.

    Funny in the bodybuilding world having guys talk about how many pounds they can bench press and then run to get in their 30 grams of protein.....

    Just change. American, you are indeed exceptional but the metric system is just good.

    Posted in: Why doesn’t the U.S. adopt the metric system?

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    First of all, having some experience recently with the Japanese court system, all I can say is that some judges just aren't very bright. And can't seem to look at the real picture.

    And what's the reality here? A kid in a school ground kicked a soccer ball. Like millions before him. So, by bad luck this 80yr old failed to avoid the ball. Probably if he were 60 or 40 or 20 he would have avoided it. I've seen any number of old people on bikes who just aren't capable anymore of riding anyway - nearly got hit by one yesterday.

    So, the kid was already being careful. He wasn't playing soccer on the road but in the school grounds. And if he made a mistake by mis-kicking well I've seen soccer playing representing their country shooting 2 meters above the goal posts during a penalty kick when their whole reputation and the country's chance at the world cup were at stake.

    But, guys think about it. If my Dad were still riding a scooter at 80 first of all I'd be thankful he was still able to do it. Then I'd probably be telling him to stop it. And if he couldn't avoid a soccer ball and fell over - even if he died that day, would any of you really want to sue a boy and his family over that? What kind of vicious person does that?

    You'd think there'd be a little bit more compassion and understanding. The kid probably feels terrible already. But to sue his parents?

    And it was 10 years ago? The family of the old man must be insane or just completely weird people.

    They could have just had a nice funeral for the old beggar, said their goodbyes and gotten on with life. The two dingbat judges need a kick in the pants.

    Not to mention the low-life lawyer.

    Posted in: Parents of schoolboy liable for Y15 million after wayward soccer ball leads to man’s death

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    I think Obama will probably apologise to Abe.

    Posted in: Abe's visit to U.S. generating a lot of interest, controversy

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    Yep. LDP usually has the same solution to everything.

    Pour concrete somewhere.

    But what we really have to get rid of in this country is this...

    "But even people who really don’t like the idea also feel as if they would be shunned if they don’t go along with those who support the plan!"

    Come on Japan. From the PTA, to mamas in the park, to the upper echelons, THIS is what we have to change.

    Posted in: Japan opts for massive, costly sea wall to fend off tsunamis

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