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    March 9th - 1991 - Tokyo Dome - Cover to Cover Tour

    You gave me the Greatest Show and The Greatest Music in my life.

    Rest in Gods Grace George.

    That Guy in the 13th Row...

    Posted in: British singer George Michael dies at 53

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    Does Duterte seriously think or believe that Communist China is just going to go as far as Economics with the Philippines?

    Not without Chinese Purse Strings attached and a Chinese Pandora's Box as insurance.

    Doesn't he know that any promises made by China are promises written on water?

    First they'll purchase & own your Economy, then they'll make you owe them by owning your Debt, then they'll make you comply to your debt and they'll place their military right in your country & your backyard and make your country comply to Chinese Law.

    *Rebel against them and here comes the Chinese Military.

    Finally, when all that finally comes crashing down and the Philippine People become aware that their President sold them out to the Communist Chinese - then comes demonstrations and calls for change, then the riots and then Civil War.

    Very Unfortunate.

    Posted in: Philippine president assures Japan his visit to China was all about economics

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    My J-Wife and I are HUGE FANS of Tom Hanks!

    He's such a classy, casual and cool guy and we can't wait to see "Sully".

    I've seen the documentary on Captain Sully and this story is Amazing and I am sure Tom Hanks did a Great Job!

    I hope those Oyaji's didn't get him too Yopparai - LOL!

    Posted in: Tom Hanks blends in with diners at restaurant in Tokyo

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    It's been reported that China is now threating to kidnap people in the South China Sea and hold them indefinatlly for passing through.

    This is a serious concern for any ship transiting through the International Waters of the Sourh China Sea.

    I hope the U.S. Navy is on Ready Alert for any kidnappings by China.

    Posted in: Japan defense paper expresses deep concern at Chinese coercion

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    Well, here's the next thing to think about:

    Who's going to step up to the plate and enforce the ruling?

    If the international community does nothing then who's next?

    The Senkakkus?

    China says they historically own The Senkakku Islands.

    How about The South Pacific Islands?

    Or the entire Western Pacific?

    The Moon, Mars and Beyond?

    Are we going to watch the erosion of Democracy for Communism?

    Posted in: Japan urges China, Philippines to abide by international tribunal ruling

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    Nice. Well, there are some options in the table now:

    1- China can comply with International Law and Vacate The South China Sea

    2- The U.S. Navy and our Allies can continue "Freedom of Navigation" Transits and ignore warnings from Communist China who is in violation of International Law and has No Sovereign Right to issue Threats.

    3- Setup Naval and Air Blockades, Defense Zones and start the process of forcing Communist China to comply with Internatioonal Law and or Vacate The Sourh China Sea.

    Look, Communist China had several opportunities to settle these disputes diplomatically between the countries involved and they dismissed every single opportunity that was handed to them. Taking this South China Sea issue to an International Court was the only choice Communist China left our Asian Neighbors. China violated Economic Zones around the Spratly Islands, crated artificial islands and placed missiles on them as a Direct Threat to Peace, Stability, Freedom, and Democracy.

    Posted in: Japan urges China, Philippines to abide by international tribunal ruling

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    Mie is beautiful - No Doubt about that, but they could've simply had the G-7 in Roppongi.

    After all they are Foreigners right?

    The Hard Rock Cafe is a delightful establishment.

    Menu would've been easy too: Chicken Wings and a Pitcher of Bud..

    Posted in: As a G-7 summit venue, Mie sucks, magazine says

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    All I know is, when The Clintons were in The Whitehouse during the 90's we didn't have a HUGE problem with Terrorism like today and the Economy was the best in over 30 Years. Plus, China was not an issue either.

    Would I like to see The Clintons back in The Whitehouse?

    As things stand today - Yes, I would.

    (sorry D.Trump us off his rocker..)

    Posted in: Hillary Clinton: Trump 'not qualified' to be president

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    China is going to so regret insulting the Quern of England.

    I've been to Great Britan many times and I know how much the British adore their Queen.

    They will push that dirty pile of communist cash RIGHT OFF the table when it comes to protecting England's Pride and Patriotism - Especially with Queen Elizabeth and the Royals.

    I believe Great Britain will respond and China IS NOT going to like at all.

    Posted in: British media 'barbarians' need manners lesson, says Chinese paper

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    LOL - It's a good thing I am not an Ambassador to China, otherwise I would've said, " Fine! Don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out!"

    And s final - "And by the way, The South China Sea is ALL international waters. See Ya, the airport's that way..."

    Posted in: Queen Elizabeth: Chinese officials were 'very rude'

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    My J-Wife and I are delighted to hear Becky is coming back to the Japanese TV Circuit. Sometimes young people make stupid mistakes and hopefully Becky got a lessened learned out of all of this fiasco.

    I hope she can return to Ite-Q and the Shimura Zoo.

    By the way (and a bit off Topic sorry) does anyone know why TBS canceled G20? That was my most favorite show on Japanese TV and suddenly a few weeks ago my wife told me the episode I was watching was the last episode. I said "Nani? Are you kidding me...?" Of course we saw Becky as a guest a couple of times on G20 but that show was just Fantastic. I hope another TV Station picks up G20.

    Again, delighted to know Becky is coming back to Japanese TV.

    Posted in: End of a saga: Becky to return to showbiz; Kawatani divorces wife following scandal

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    No, according to Apple's today they had actually already gone in and unlocked that particular phone.

    What also concerns Apple and many iPhone users is that the FBI will also have the ability with this encryption software to be able to log onto your phone while you're using it and activate your WebCam your microphone and essentially watch everything you're doing on your phone. That to me is worse then the USA Patroit Act!

    Posted in: Privacy vs security at heart of Apple phone decrypt order

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    What the FBI wants from Apple is a Master Encryption Key that can unlock ANY iPhone and not just this particular iPhone used by the terrorist from San Bernardino County. Apple has already unlocked that iPhone for the FBI and that is not what concerns Apple.

    What concerns Apple is the potential mishandling by the FBI of this Encryption Software.

    I mean how many times in the news do we hear about Government Entities being hacked by the Chinese and the Russians? 4? 10 times?

    The Pentagon complains that China is hacking them almost every day and some information may have been compromised sensitive to our National Security.

    What makes anyone be live the FBI will be responsible with our Personal Information to our iPhones and what happens if that Encryption Software gets stolen or sold to Bad People? Who at the FBI will be accountable?

    I tell you who - nobody and they'll simply blame it on Apple.

    No way. Good move Apple and stick to your guns Tim!

    Posted in: Privacy vs security at heart of Apple phone decrypt order

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    LIARS! I knew it! I knew COMMUNIST China was going to use the islands in an ALL OUT EFFORT To Communize The Pacific Region.

    It needs to HALT IMMEDIATELY & U.S. Navy Warships need to start intercepting all Military and Commercial Traffic going to these Islands.

    China had lied about their intentions on these islands and Sanctions need to be considered on China as punishment if these islands are not stripped and abandon without delay before a "Miscalculation" occurs and human life is lost.

    Posted in: China deploys missiles on disputed South China Sea island: report

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    LOL - So am I reading this right?

    "You remove the statue - you get the money. No removal of the statue - No Money."

    Well South Korea, what's it gonna be?

    You want your money or not?

    Pride? Or Money?

    Billion Yen's a lot of Money to just leave on the table over stubborn pride over an issue that goes ALL THE WAY back 75 Years before anyone knew what really did or what really did not happen - allegedly.

    Article Unavailable

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    All of this "Deal" is fine and dandy until the Abe Administration goes to the Yasukuni Shrine, then it's ALL ON AGAIN: "Your not sorry enough! You haven't atoned for World War 2 blah blah blah..."

    *And we're keeping the Money - Suckers!

    Posted in: S Korea, Japan reach deal on wartime sex slaves, including Y1 bil aid fund

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    Shooting Down that Russian Warplane was completely unnecessary given The Fact that Turkey knew it was a friendly (Russian Jet) trying to hit The Terrorists.

    And I hope Washington is on the Right Side of History here because we are all supposed to be United at taking down the Bad Guys right?

    The Terrorists - Right?

    Right Turkey?

    The bad guys - not your Collarion Partners who mistakingly may have stepped over & into your lawn.

    This is why Turkey lost the Olympics - they're a very unstable and somewhat untrustworthy Nation when it comes to peace and security.

    Thoughts and prayers to the families of fhe Russian Pilots Killed.

    Posted in: Turkey says Russian jet violated its airspace, ignored repeated warnings

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    Explosions in public places are made to Kill & Terrorize innocent people, therefore this must be treated as an attempted "Terrorist Attack" and not just shrugged off as some crazy idiots failed attempt at blowing up Yasukuni Shrine.

    What if this Crazy Idiot being a Domestic Citizen or some Foreigner / Extremist - sets off a bomb in a crowded Train Station and people die? What then?

    This must be delt with swiftly - Public Safety is at stake here.

    Posted in: Explosion damages toilet at Yasukuni shrine; nobody hurt

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    And the OIC thinks this place is safe enough for The Olympics?


    Thoughts and Prayers to the families of the victims.

    Posted in: 2 Japanese women killed after driving into shootout in Brazil

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    Good Gawd!

    Is this The Only thing on the minds of South Koreans - Sex Slaves?

    South Koreans cannot address any other issues?

    Global Communist Takeover?

    Trade Deficits?


    ...Sex Slaves.

    That's the only thing in Ms. Parks agenda - Sex & Slaves

    What are you trying to tell The World South Korea?

    Have any of those inner ambitions yet to be explored?

    You know, they have special clubs in Tokyo's Kabuki-cho that specialize in that kind of Lifestyle so anytime you want to bring out that "Freak on a Leash" that you all are harboring inside you, then feel free to come to Japan's Kabuki-cho and get your "Freak On".

    Otherwise, may we move on to more pressing issues?

    Posted in: S Korea, Japan hold first post-summit talks on WWII sex slaves




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