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    Sean Schloss

    By end of Spring, the following events will happen: -The mighty USA will step in as 'a friend of both countries' -US troops will be sent to the islands -a 'friendly fire' incident will occur, in which the USA will cry 'terrorism'. The reality would be that the mighty USA will have fired the shots -North Korea will then defend its ally China; thus prompting the typical incorrect USA response, to bomb the country that attacked 'unprovoked', this time it's NK -Canada, the next world power, says fnck it, and launches the nuclear bombs that no one knew they had. -etc, etc, etc

    I'm an American expat, that left because I didn't love it

    Posted in: China 'highly vigilant' over Japanese fighters flying over disputed islands

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    Sean Schloss

    I tend to believe it's not the actual movies, it's the constant dumbing-down of the American culture. When a person is giving a movie.TV critique, and one fo the first sentences is to the effect of "it wouldn't happen like that," there are issues with reality and make believe.

    Signed, Shek

    Posted in: Hollywood responds to deadly school shooting by pulling films

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    Sean Schloss

    warallthetime...the money, you are correct; but fortunately, it's not all about money like the MLB pukes. 'Destroy his arm', not quite correct; the arm only gets 'destroyed' when the routine changes; for reference, see what the Red Sucks did to Daisuke Matsuzaka's arm.

    Japanese baseball is the best baseball in the world. Until someone beats them twice in the WBC, SAMURAI JAPAN!!!

    Posted in: Schoolboy pitching sensation chooses Ham Fighters over MLB

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    Sean Schloss

    Welcome to Americanization...where perception is way better than reality; and the reality is that America's ways aren't very good.

    Posted in: Japan in 2030: A country from which families have disappeared

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    Sean Schloss

    I lived in japan for the past 18 years, 3 on a military base, 12 as an Eigo sensei, 3 on a base. I'm visiting the states now. I can definately say that there is a difference. Japan is the place to be.......

    Posted in: My Japan is not your Japan

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    Sean Schloss

    For a country so hung up on politcal correctness, US sure has a bunch of naive inhabitants; not to mention a few absolute morons with very little self control and/or common sense.

    Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested for trespassing in Okinawa




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