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    Sepp Faessler

    I guess they got or should get even more familiar with the Chinese art of cunning – the 36 stratagems. Wisdom and cunning are one and the same or similar in China.

    Posted in: Chinese shops pull Japanese food items from shelves over safety fears

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    Sepp Faessler

    Very interesting, however the biggest issue with solar panels is the price, efficiency and the size.

    This Swiss startup has effective solar cells using affordable technologies, with the aim to reach a 40% efficiency (normally around 18-20%)

    Hopefully we will see more in the next few years!

    Posted in: New solar panel helps snow slip off roof

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    Sepp Faessler

    Quote: What does the awareness of Chinese political supraplanning mean for instance for the Western businessman? It means many things. Here, only one aspect can be mentioned. It is the long-time horizon of the plans of the CCP. The planning horizon runs until 2021 and 2049. In this long time period, the PRC will need foreign business contacts, otherwise it cannot overcome the backwardness characterizing the ‘more than 100 years’ of the ‘primary stage of socialism’. This generates a high degree of planning security for Western business. On the other hand, Westerners should not overlook the second aspect of ‘supraplanning’ and should get well acquainted with the Chinese art of cunning. Without this knowledge, they cannot match the supraplanning of their Chinese business partners.

    Posted in: Business group: China tech plan threat to foreign firms

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    Sepp Faessler

    Very handy: A similar application called Parku for more than 30 countries - more than 55 cities in Europe.

    Posted in: Rakuten launches parking space sharing service

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    Sepp Faessler

    **Money talks, can't sing and dance and it can't walk: **

    I quote the Japan Time – Nov 18, 2016: After New York meeting, Abe confident Trump can be trusted. We do not know or have any official details about the discussion between Mr. Abe and Mr. Trump. All we know the Japanese have been very nervous about some of Mr. Trump’s statements (pay more for help from U.S. forces, acquire nuclear weapons and Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal).

    Mr. President-elect Donald Trump has received a commitment from the billionaire business tycoon Masayoshi Son - $50 billion U.S. investment, 50,000 jobs! Excellent!!!

    In other words: Use a Small Bait to Catch a Big Fish - Offer Minor to Get Major - stratagem number 17

    It looks like that Mr. Mr, Trump knows very well how to use strategems:

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    Sepp Faessler

    The e-cigarette market is a very innovative market - many new products!


    A) The liquid for vaping with nicotine is sold via the Internet B) To sell cigarettes via the Internet is against the law

    PS: The French government is passing a new law. It will be against the law to sell the e-liquid via the Internet.

    Posted in: Electronic Marlboro sucks smokers away from Japan Tobacco

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    Sepp Faessler

    **The wearable technology for the consumer market is still very limited beside the smartwatch and fitness applications. **

    Most of the new – latest products do not pass pre-screening if you ask (yourself) the following questions:

    Does this solve a problem that real people have? Is the market opportunity compelling enough? Can it do better than anything else?

    However, I am convinced that we will see some very interesting new applications products (professional and gadgets) in the next few years. Military forces and medical professionals have been using wearable technology for decades.

    Here is what a big Swiss bank is thinking about wearable technology:

    Thank you for the very interesting post.

    Posted in: Wearable tech market surge led by new gadgets

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    Sepp Faessler

    Kanji Search Results 安 (6) アン やす(い)

    宀 (Type 3 Phonetic) roof/building + 女 woman → woman resting/at ease indoors → be at ease/peace → cheap; inexpensive (← cheap enough to be purchased with ease).

    Kanjis are very interesting and full of meanings!

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