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    Sukumar Devaguptapu

    So did the Chinese also watch the anime Kimi no na -- eyes-closed ?

    Posted in: Chinese shops pull Japanese food items from shelves over safety fears

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    Sukumar Devaguptapu

    Prevention is better than cure -- good that Japan is preparing in an appropriate manner. So far the missiles tested-fired by North Korea have been estimated by the Israeli intelligence to have a range of about 2500 miles. With the likely errors possible, it is better to be prepared for unlikely eventuality. No one has been able to bear on North Korean leadership to stop such adventurous and provocative firing, including China.

    Posted in: Sirens blare as Japan, fearing N Korea, holds first missile drill

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    Sukumar Devaguptapu

    China should know that the world is not dumb and closing its eyes. Japan should stick to the plans.

    Posted in: China pledges firm response if Japan interferes in South China Sea

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    Sukumar Devaguptapu

    The ship is free to travel in international waters. Funny, China has to ask this question knowing fully well that it has ignored an international tribunal decision and unlawfully occupied and built military bases in some islands.

    Posted in: China waits to hear why Japanese warship going to South China Sea

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    Sukumar Devaguptapu

    The remaining TPP partners should continue to move on..! The ASEAN related FTAs -- with participation giants -- Japan, China, India, South Korea and Australia and New Zealand have created immense, "kyodai" opportunities in the regions of the 10 ASEAN member countries, even with ASEAN members having a FTA within the member countries. So, sooner the remaining TPP members move forward the better and solve issues as they arise.

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