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    that's nice......

    Posted in: Artist says latest sticker graffiti aimed at Trump

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    Pick up a book on Japanese history and Marijuana... 99.9% of Japanese "laws" are based on some 100 year old issue.

    Posted in: Japan's draconian marijuana laws against ongoing trends

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    They exist so the other "mafia" can exist! NPA Mafia!

    Posted in: 2 gangsters arrested on suspicion of murder

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    @CH3CHO - okay you "believe" it's "not true". Too bad it's true. At the time JPN government had no law to contend with such cases...Oh yeah it was untrue, that Yokohama was the only place foreigners were allowed without express permission of the central government.

    Posted in: A mother leaves Japan so that her teen son can stay

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    "uh buh, bye" .... Give me a break. This is not the worse thing from JPN government. 50's and 60's JPN GOV refused to give citizenship to half-japanese kids. Refused to give foreigners national health insurance back in the day.

    and please I don't need to hear about "pure bloods" that grew up overseas, and feel like outcasts....or even hear about the "sad sad" story about "hafu", on how Japanese don't accept them....blah blah...

    When I see these sad p*ks outside Diet building...then maybe I will give two shi

    Yeah, I got my PR via "bloodline" law...and I give crap to the national government everyday. Seen EVERY level of Japanese society...

    every country in world has a government only created to oppress the people..

    Posted in: A mother leaves Japan so that her teen son can stay

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    Wrong move Japan... Just last week, PM Abe said he would visit if Clinton won....Now that President-Elect Trump won, PM Abe sends a Minon?

    Posted in: Japan to send envoy to U.S. to meet new leaders




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