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    And he's been clear that he won't remove his conflict of interest regarding his companies while he is president. He has every intention of having his children run them, rather than putting them into a blind trust, which would be the right thing to do.

    And? Hillary said, she wasn't going to step away from her foundation or close it or get someone else unrelated to run it, but in light of the Wikileaks revelation that might significantly change. No to be fair, both Trump or Hillary need to remove themselves in order to avoid the optics of having a conflict of interest.

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    Fabricating evidence, violating federal wiretapping laws, trespassing on federal property, defaming people, lying, lying, and more lying, all for the purpose of creating a false narrative regarding voter registration, abortion, and NPR funding that the right still clings to to this very day, even though his "work," if you can call it such, has been roundly and soundly debunked at complete and utter fraud. Conservative still believe ACORN was operating illegally. It wasn't. They still believe Planned Parenthood was illegally selling aborted fetus tissues. It wasn't That NPR was operating a pay-to-play fundraising model. It wasn't

    I see, so what does that have to do with Creamer and Foval admitting on video that they worked for the Democratic party and hired these goons to cause a stir? You libs don't seem to have a problem with admitting on tape what he likes to do with women, even though you don't see him on tape, but hear the audio. So maybe that's fabricated as well? LOL! Trump's tax records being stolen and thrown out for everyone to see, but when the shoe is on the other foot, you guys scream, foul? Interesting.

    Sorry, but sending ducks to a Trump rally doesn't fall in the same ball park, city, continent, or planet as the sleeze self-proclaimed muckraker O'Keefe regularly parades as fact. That you would think his work is "cover" makes you as morally reprehensible as him.

    What the....ok LMAO!

    Do you? Do you really? Where's the paper trail? The money trail?

    Yes, we do. Check the Wikileaks sites. By the way, when libs talk that kind of nonsense, it's just as bad as when Trump says, I'm not hurting in the polls at all. Just stop digging. As much as I like Trump, I'm not going to make excuses for his mistakes, liberals on the other hand will defend this president or Hillary, right or wrong. Kinda scary, truth be told.

    The actual marching orders indicating coordinated collusion between Clinton, the DNC, mass media, the justice department, and the FBI? Because it sure as heck wasn't in the Wikileaks emails.

    Actually, it was and a whole lot more.

    Private conversations indicating personal opinions and opposing stances. That's about it. The evidence doesn't exist.

    Keep telling yourself that, only Hillary supporters will peddle that garbage, even Democrats won't say it, they'll just run, duck and cover.

    Contrarily, evidence of Donald Trump being an insufferable, vulgar, boorish a-hole is so plentiful, we're actually spoiled for choice.

    I have a lot of colorful words to describe Hillary, but none of them are allowed on JT.

    The melodramatics are swell, but the truth at the end of the day is Clinton's campaign hasn't done a damned thing to Trump that he hasn't already done to himself.

    Of course she didn't, we know that! She has her minions among them, Creamer and Foval to do all that for her.

    If you're going to run as a flawed candidate, you'd better be prepared to weather the consequences of those flaws. Clearly, Clinton's sins are easier to forgive than Trump's, and that pisses you off to know end because you know that at the end of the day, this is exactly how it always should have been.

    By her supporters, Yes! By the majority of Americans, not so much. Oh, and I'm not pissed about anything, regardless, I have a great life regardless who gets into office, I just worry about Hillary taking the country down further to the abyss.

    That you could in good conscience back Trump is absolutely astonishing.

    Because I hate Washington and the establishment and want all of them destroyed??? Frankly, I'm astonished that you are astonished.

    You really should be looking in the mirror a little more closely after this campaign is over and asking yourself what piece of your soul you sacrificed to overlook how vile Trump is as a man just to satisfy your hatred of Clinton.

    When this is all over and if Hillary wins, I'll be laughing at a lot of people that will be complaining how bad her presidency will be. I met enough people that think Obama was the biggest joke and how so many said, the made a mistake, especially the second time around. Too funny, but I love hearing the story of the buyers remorse.

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    Hee hee! Sending guys dressed up as Donald Duck to Trump campaign rallies to draw attention to his refusal to release his taxes isn't dirty. It isn't sneaky. It's damned funny and damned clever, is what it is. : )

    "Clever!" Many of us feel the same about James O'Keefe

    Honestly, you muppets wouldn't know what actual "election rigging” meant if it walked up to in the middle of the day and smacked you upside the head with a fresh hanging chad. You just riff off of Trump's idiocy, as clueless and as ignorant as ever.

    Well, now we do know thanks to Assange and Wikileaks.

    Presenting one's case isn't election rigging. Pointing out the flaws of one's opponent is not election rigging. Reminding voters of the stark difference between you and your opponent is not election rigging. Ultimately changing the minds of voters isn't election rigging either.

    So this is what and how Dems get the lying down? Stand in front of a mirror and convincing themselves to believe in something they know already is true?

    It's all called something mysterious and magical called "campaigning."

    That's what we all were hoping for, then the dream disintegrated and we woke realiazing as reality sets in that we are dealing corrupt Democrats......again!

    To even suggest that Clinton's use of an election consulting company indicates a case of election rigging reinforces what everyone already knows to be true: Trump supporters tend to be ill-informed dolts.

    Without a doubt the media is literally in her pocket. Do I believe the election is rigged, sure I do, but when we talk about rigging, I'm talking about the influence of the media, know doubt Obama, the DOJ and even now, I'm shocked to read more and more about how many of the FBI senior staff are in collusion with Hillary and the Dems.

    Perhaps if Trump had endeavored to raise the level of discourse during this campaign above penis size, how he like to manhandle women,

    As did Bill Clinton, not to mention fondling 15 year olds. By the way, where is Epstein these days??

    and how much contempt and disdain he has for women, minorities, Muslims, POWs, Gold Star families, and pretty much anyone who doesn't agree with him, he might be in less dries straits than he obviously is now.

    Well, after reading the Wikileaks, it seems that Democrats are more racist than what we were all led to believe.

    Everyone uses them, but it would seem Democrats are savvy enough to hire at least the funnier ones, wouldn't it?

    I prefer to use the word despicable, I think that would be a more appropriate term to use for Dems. But then again, ethics's isn't something this administration is known for.

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    Duterte is the Donald Trump of the Philippines.

    Nonsense, Trump never called for the murder of drug dealers or to kill anyone that is underserving. smh! This guy as bad as Hugo Chavez.

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    Anyone who has been a CEO, and not just pretended to be one, would know that having a private and public opinion, and transparency are not the same thing.

    Sure, but as a politician and as a person with a lengthy career as Hillary has had comes across as NOT being transparent, that's the optics of it and the impression that it imposes on the minds of most Americans.

    You having been a CEO must know the difference, so I can only suspect you are making the comment in order to criticize Hillary, not because you don't know the difference.

    It's ok, you can suspect what you wish, I'm talking about Hillary Clinton and the optics of how it looks with her.

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    I think that anyone who has actually been a CEO, and not just pretended to have been one on the internet, would understand her comment.

    We are not talking about Burger King or Tim Horton's, we are talking about the presidency and the importance of transparency, which is something she hasn't been for over 40 years.

    Although to be fair, I guess a CEO who wasn't very good may not understand the concept.

    Kinda like Circuit City, yeah, I get it.

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    The Trump fanatics seem particularly enraged today.

    I think Trump supporters are more than excited, but understand the magnitude of how sleazy the Democrats have been in this campaign and how weak and spineless the Republicans have been.

    Early signs show Hillary Clinton may have made Texas of all places competitive for Dems and polls showing Clinton with seven-point lead in North Carolina can't be helping their brain-farts.

    Ok, so the Dems have Austin. LOL! No surprise there.

    And this; this is massively interesting. We all expected it to have gone on but finally we're getting the sordid details:


    Inside Donald Trump’s One-Stop Parties: Attendees Recall Cocaine and Very Young Models

    ‘I was there to party myself. It was guys with younger girls, sex, a lot of sex, a lot of cocaine, top-shelf liquor’ but no smoking. Trump didn’t approve of cigarettes.

    Hmmmm. good to see how liberals think, like true gossip Hollywood junkies, if that's the most important thing for Democrats, this country is on the verge on No return. By the way, how do you feel about Hillary saying, she has to have 2 faces, one in public and one in private. So she can lie about being against the Keystone pipeline, but privately she can say she's for it? There may be hope! in hindsight, she might do more good secretly for Republican causes after all. LOL

    This is interesting: Like the billions he never had, Don the Con now brags of the endorsements he never had. herp, her-her-her-pa-derp.

    How do you know? Have you seen his bank account? Do you know what money he has offshore or hidden in property or other investments? You are absolutely concrete sure of this? Had NO idea Liberals all had the power of the great Karnak! LMAO.

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    LMAO! Seriously? Ducks?! THAT'S your evidence of malfeasance and election rigging on the part of the Clinton campaign? Democracy Partners is a for-profit political campaign consultant company that is HIRED to help campaigns succeed. It's not liberal.

    Nice try, but at this point, the only people that are in total denial and lol unwilling to admit the facts that are visual them in the face and with thousands of mails covered, the only people that still make excuses are Hillary supporters and the Democrats.....publicly at least.

    It's not conservative. It's a business. Trump could just as easily have hired them to help him shape his political message, but he was too busy ignoring his own advisors and buying copies of his own book to think of that.

    Really and your proof of that is.....

    James O'Keefe of Project Veritas is such a hot windbag of douchiness. He lies, he cheats, and he has all the ethical and moral stature of a snake oil salesman.

    He does all that, but that has nothing to do with the people admitting to the crazy, unethical and outrageous things that they do.

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    Shocking ignorance of the media. To say the BBC is further left than the Guardian is preposterous.

    Then we just happen to disagree then.

    I'd regard myself as on the left and the Guardian makes me cringe at times with its woolly thinking and some of my Tory-voting friends say similar thing about the Telegraph with its continuing and slightly sinister lurch to the right. It's a bit like thoughtful conservatives cringing at the partisan glove puppets on Fox.


    You claim to have been in the media game for decades. Which polls do you put most trust in?

    Probably not the ones you believe or trust in. Let's just say, knowing this field and now REALLY knowing how deceptive and deceitful The Dems have been, overall speaking, I'm skeptical about a lot of them, so the jury is still out.

    You mean the orgnization run by James O'keefe, a convicted felon?

    Yup that one.

    By the way, "Bill Clinton" was a sexual predator and yet, he became president, so what is exactly your point?

    You mean the man caught trying to wiretap a congressman's office? You mean the man whose illegal recording of abortion provided ended in charges for his side? You mean the proud, self-proclaimed muckraker James O'keefe?

    Here is the kicker, No matter how the Democrats squirm and wriggle, the admission on video is the admission, that game played out with all the Wikileaks, No CG or any distorted facial apps used to get them to say that they said. Same things goes for Trump, I didn't like what he said to Bush, but he said it, even if you don't see him on camera. This one, you did and there is nothing any lib could (unless they want to look like they're smoking the wacky tabacki) Dems have some nerve to complain about O'Keefe when they have been doing far, far worse.

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    So... you're hoping Trump will stick it to the Washington establishment but you'd also like to see the GOP, part of said establishment, hold on to their control of Congress. That would make for a fun Trump presidency, wouldn't it?

    Yes, to your first question and yes, I want the GOP to do their job at least and stop the liberal madness from taking us deeper down the debt abyss. Sometimes you have to lay with dog and get fleas, the Democrats should know a thing or two about this, they have no scruples anyhow when it comes to party loyalty. So Trump can do the same.

    Or, for that matter, his own supporters. I don't suppose you've read about a super PAC supporting him that's been illegally soliciting money from foreign donors?

    I have. So now you got one gold nugget and I have about a dozen pages at the moment of every conceivable dirty trick lobs play the GOP can't even remotely touch them from a China length distant.

    And that's just the tiny tip.

    And no, that's not The Guardian or the BBC, but The Daily Telegraph. But then again I suppose they're all a bit liberal by your standards.

    I would say, more left than heavy liberal. The Guardian and the Daily Telegraph are not that bad for the most part, the BBC on the their hand....but I will say this, I do like their documentaries, that's always a plus in my book.

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    The people who are successful in the field have PhDs in mathematics and statistics. Their bread and butter comes from conducting consumer research for corporations.

    Would that include the infamous "Nate Silver" as well?

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    The republican party is Trump and Trump is the republican party.

    The GOP is spot on Washington establishment. Trump was chosen by the people that support him.

    Voters will let him know if they want his hateful racist plans or not.

    Yes and also depending on how much cheating tactics the Dems choose to employ.

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    Trump knows the majority of his backers care little about the Constitution and the freedoms it was established to ensure.

    Actually, they do, that's why they want to vote for Trump, it's the Democratic party that is taking a leak on the Constitution, not to mention undermining the Freedoms of EVERY American as the Wikileaks has been confirming. It's an absolute shame.

    The only part of it most of his followers care about is the 2nd Amendment, which they interpret to mean they have the freedumb to own private arsenals.

    They should or you think we should put our trust in government, especially this one and if Hillary wins, her???? That will NEVER happen.

    What's scary is some in his basket of followers might actually use weapons from their arsenals if they hear Trump's dog whistles to do so.

    But it's ok if Democrats use OTHERS to do their dirty working tactics to insight, fight, intimidate and physically assault or hurt people. The NY mafia has traditionally 5 families: Columbo, Gambino, Luchase, Genovese, Bonano and they need to add a 6th, the "Democratic party."

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    170 million people watch Fox News?

    Not including the closet Democrats.


    The only real deplorable is HRC....actually she's worse, but that kind of language would get me zapped.

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    And yet you take Faux News -- which has ZERO fact in its 'reporting' -- as gospel. Hypocrisy again.

    170 million people would tend to disagree, but thank god for them, otherwise we all would be living in a progressive liberal monolithic echo chamber.

    Subjective means, well... ah, forget it. It's a waste of time commenting further on that.

    Thank you!!

    A surmise that appears to be at variance with the stance adopted by Donald Trump but in line with the claims made by the intelligence agencies.

    Let me guess, the usual Washington elites? LMAO! Yeah, they would think so. They know a Trump presidency would be the end of Quid pro quo and all the other backdoor BS shenanigans that's been taking place behind the scenes.

    I'm just surprised by your inability to pick up on such things, especially given that the term "dark arts" has been used in connotation with Karl Rove.

    Who doesn't even come close. LOL

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    That's a highly subjective statement.

    Not if you're Bernie or his strongest supporters.

    Sorry, asking? Who's asking anything? Well, why not ask Mike Pence?

    "I think there's more and more evidence that implicates Russia," the Indiana governor said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

    I think doesn't imply that's it is a matter of fact or it is concrete in stone, it is plausible, a guess, a surmise.

    Oh really, you claim to have worked in the media for decades and you don't know what a metaphor is?

    Liberal humor again? Yawn.....

    The numbers simply aren't there. The GOP leadership know it. Even Trump knows it, he's preparing for defeat.

    How on Earth would you possibly know that? Or are you trying to tell us something going on in the Trump camp you may possibly know that we don't?

    I imagine (or hope) at least the Secret Service have warned him about inciting violence on poll day when this miserable circus finally comes to an end and this disgraceful individual heads back up Trump Tower to fight his upcoming bankruptcies and accusations of sexual assault....

    The Dems will do whatever they can, it's to be expected.

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    NOTHING tops Trump's dirty tricks and negativity in the history of the US. NOTHING.

    Sorry, but No. On this, not even a cigar will do. Getting illegals to vote, the mentally sick, homeless people, paying them to cause riots and get punched? Podesta calling Mexicans "Taco eaters" and "needy people?" No, dude, the tactics and tricks that the DNP use to undermine to voting process, using the MSM is beyond dirty and dastardly!

    Even the Republicans admit it and have turn tail and run to try and save their skins as the party cracks under their little experiment. You know it, and hence the constant deflection.

    Listen, that comment doesn't move me one bit, at this point, it's clear, both parties are in it for themselves and want to uphold the status quo, so please spare me, I want them to run far away and from the Wikileaks, the Democratic party is starting to come unglued as well, we'll probably see a Democratic Spring real soon. I've always been a conservative for the people and not for the party.

    I wonder if John MacCain would agree after the way he got slimed in South Carolina in 2000.

    Bernie got slimed harder and by his own party in the worst way. What else do you have?

    It's not just the Democrats saying this, it's every US intelligence agency as well and Donald Trump, curiously, is refusing to acknowledge what he's been told at his own security briefings.

    That would depend on the person you are asking, Trump has over 21 one military top officials that endorse him, in other words, these people are not really part of the establishment Washington group. And speaking of the FBI....

    This is just incredible, not only is this woman a liar, but a thief as well. Jeez! Disgusting!

    Yeah, whatever. If the Democrats were the masters of the dark arts you imagine them to be they would control Congress and Al Gore would have been president.

    No, I never accused them of engaging in the dark arts, I just accused them of lying, distorting as well as the Democratic party, their surrogates and their minions who will do literally anything to stay in power and win this election. Again, just disgusting!

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    So you have nothing to say about the Republican State Leadership Committee's dedicated efforts to slime Democrat state legislators with an aim to securing Republican majorities in legislatures that would allow them to re-draw district boundaries for their own benefit? It's called Project REDMAP and they spent $30 million on it.

    I never said the Republicans don't engage in dirty tricks, I am aware of that and No, I don't approve of nay trickery, my problem is, the Democrats went way beyond and then some over the line of anything that I have seen in my 35 year career, just off the charts.

    Now, what do you "know for years"? Whatever dirty tricks the Democrats have been getting up to they can't have worked all that well because they don't control Congress, and in terms of odiousness I don't know how they compare with relying on Russian cyber-attacks to smear an opponent.

    Ahhh, you mean something the Dems try to deflect again, so where is the proof, NOT one Dem has any proof of the Russians and the GOP in deep collusion with one another if there is, if it comes out and there is video of it, that would be huge and bad if that were the case. But beside that, everything else that the Dems have from the FBI to Hollywood, the MSM in their pocket, I would say, the Dems are supreme when it comes to trickery and thuggery. As I have always said, the GOP are NOT that smart to be that sneaky. Although, sometimes, I wish they were.

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    Pfft. This article is about the Democrat's chances of winning more seats in Congress, which Karen Bozek said are reliant on Hillary Clinton's chances of winning the presidency, and yet you bring up all this irrelevant stuff about violence at Trump campaigns and have the gall to accuse anyone else of deflection?

    I already gave my input about it.

    In case you hadn't noticed, deliberately or otherwise, I didn't actually dispute the Republicans' claim. Karen Bozek is, to a greater or lesser extent, probably right.

    A lesser extent, if it were greater, Trump would be 50 points ahead.

    She just didn't say anything about the kinds of dirty tricks Republicans have been getting up to, which you of course aren't going to want to talk about even though you're always claiming to hate them just as much as you do the Democrats.

    I'm ready, go on and divulge what you have on the GOP and I will show you what we know for years and what Wikileaks has confirmed what the Democrats have been doing. You're looking at 30 to 1.

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    I still think Trump could win. I'm just wondering how confident the Trump supporters really are.

    Modestly, but cautiously confident

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