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    Seriously, why would NHK do such a thing? Like being 210% in debt isn't bad enough?

    Posted in: 'Kohaku' to include Misia by live satellite feed from Africa

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    I've always felt bad for the way cleaners are perceived by the public. They do such good work and are always polite, yet most Japanese commuters never smile or even acknowledge their existence.

    Posted in: Shinkansen cleanup crews perform '7-minute miracles' 120 times a day

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    He was probably on bath salts.

    Posted in: Sock thief on the loose in Chiba

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    Good post and says it all. The young here have only themselves to blame for the future that awaits them.

    But are the young to be blamed for this lack of interest or knowledge? I think there are a number of factors including the crappy educational system, clueless child rearing, and the unwillingness of the political establishment to reach out to young voters that are at fault. Yes, they are apathetic in general, but it's not like the older generations really taught them the importance of being aware.

    Posted in: Japan's alienated youth overlooked in elections

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