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    An avalanche warning was given after 50+cms of snow fell overnight on an icy surface. It had been as warm as 7c a day or two before and rain had also fallen.

    Because of the advisory, they scaled back on their plan and didn't climb so high, but an avalanche alert is an avalanche alert. No one - esp kids should have been anywhere near there.

    So sad. So many dead. All could have been prevented.

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    I agree with others that the general policing of existing traffic laws is quite weak compared to some other developed countries.

    A more vigilant approach by the authorities could result in a far safer traffic environment for all.

    But in saying that, the problem of aging drivers should definitely not be ignored and in fact prioritized.

    National Police Agency data for 2015 states that there were -

    For all ages 4.36 fatalities / 100,000 drivers.

    For ages 75 - 79 that rate becomes 6.99.

    For ages 80 - 84 that rate becomes 11.53

    For ages 85+ that rate becomes 18.17

    And in the case of aged drivers the fatalities caused by "Gross Negligence" (eg wrong way on expressway) have increased by 10% over the @past decade and shows no signs of abating. Remeber this is just the "gross negligence" cases. "Normal Negligence" cases are ubiquitous.

    And perhaps the most crucial statistic that needs to be examined when discussing aged drivers, is the fatal crash rate / km. For aged drivers their daily commutes over a year do not total great distances - only a few 1,000kms - yet the % of general accidents resulting in injury, severe injury and fatalities is much greater than other age groups. I don't have the stats on that at the moment (I've posted before sometime), but it's NPA research.

    So definitely aged driving / drivers capabilities need serious focus - but not at the expense of monitoring / improving all road users skills.

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    I agree with most posters that the likelihood of danger is minimal - but as Harry said - the topic is electronic devices.

    And in this imperfect world, no one could possibly guarantee 100% non-interference capabilities from all devices.

    As an aside - for me the interesting point when flying (esp take off / landing time) is observing the users of such devices.

    What on earth could be of such importance that one has to obssessively(in appearance) fiddle/play/set-up etc their virtual gadgets.

    Like - give it a break - it's only a few moments. You know - smell the passengers as you travel through life.

    But that's me I guess.

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    The number is up for debate, as most figures & "facts" throughout history are. The 300,000 figure was I believe an early reference in 1938 to those killed in the Greater Nanking Zone - an area far wider than the walled city. It came to be used as the reference for the city alone. I read this somewhere a long time ago.

    But regardless of the number, there is no denying a massacre took place. This extract says volumes.

    ".......In 1984, in an attempt to refute the allegations of war crimes in Nanking, the Japanese Army Veterans Association (Kaikosha) interviewed former Japanese soldiers who had served in the Nanking area from 1937-38. Instead of refuting the allegations, the interviewed veterans confirmed that a massacre had taken place and openly described and admitted to taking part in the atrocities. The results of the survey were published in the association's magazine, Kaiko, in 1985 along with an admission and apology that read, "Whatever the severity of war or special circumstances of war psychology, we just lose words faced with this mass illegal killing. As those who are related to the prewar military, we simply apologize deeply to the people of China. It was truly a regrettable act of barbarity..."

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    After watching Kagoike's interview at the Foreign Correspondence Club ( after his Diet episode yesterday), I'm inclined to believe him.

    He doesn't try to change his spots at all re his beliefs. He appeared with his 3 lawyers and "had nothing to gain by lying".

    I disagree strongly with his philosphy on education, his political leanings and his vision for the future of Japan - but I don't think he's lying about these matters.

    Please watch and share you opinions.

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    Yubaru - thank you.

    I never apportioned blame. That's your projection. I said the article never mentioned aspects of the "system" failed to address an ongoing problem.

    Please read my posts carefully rather than using your own assertions on what you believe what I said. Woulda, Shoulda Coulda, Utopia, perfect worlds etc???

    For my final comment - really - I live about 100kms from where the tragedy occurred. At the time it was very big news in these parts - as well as all Japan. Many interviews were shown of locals who had been worried for some time. They had approached authorities. They were particularly concerned about his erratic state of mind, ramblings and proness to physical outbursts. Essentially they were afraid.

    Nowhere has the perfect services and solutions for all of societies ills. That's such a given, I didn't even need to mention it. But more needs to be done - and is being done. The problem has been recognized by govt agencies at all levels. Views & opinions of the mentally ill are slowly changing - but they wiill never change unless actions are initiated. It may take decades just to slightly alleviate the problem - but everything has a beginning. As you suggested cultural awareness is a critical component of the problem. So the obvious solution to a thinking society would be to start there - and it has begun. Just look at the changes - albeit slow - in other areas of social ills like karoshi, suicide, stalking, harrassment, aged care etc etc. When I arrived on these shores over 20 years ago , media / people rarely if ever mentioned such topics.

    And a forum such as this is also helping to discuss such things.

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    stranger - thank you.

    I thought I'd finished but you asked me 2 questions.

    So to clarify my stance - if you read my very first post, my comments focused on - ".... a glaring point missed in this brief and seemingly to an extent by the judiciary - is the failure of the system..."

    By the system I mean all - from local constabulary & local officials, the judiciary, the govt health & welfare depts. mental health institutions and practitioners, society's stigmatization of mental illnesses to there just not being enough awareness, support, education, and funding to initiate and substantiate realistic help programmes for this ever-growing pool of mentally / psychologically ill and / or disturbed persons.

    My answer lies in there.

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    Stranger - thank you for your response.

    Why are you asking me - ".. So on what grounds should he have been locked up?"

    Where on earth did you get the idea I proposed "locking up violent criminals for ever"???

    Why are you mirroring your thoughts onto me?

    I will state again. There is more to this sad story, than this article. Contrary to what you said "..he hadn't done anything illegal..", he actually had over the years.

    I will state again more needs to be done within the system at identifying, helping and monitoring people with known violent mental health issues and histories. And complaints need to be enacted upon. This case has parallels with the recent stalking cases where little was done by authorities(we spoke to them!!!) resulting in the tragic deaths of innocents.

    I will leave it at that as the loops getting looser. Please research.

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    We are simply talking about the probability of a person with a violent history commiting a violent act. That's all.

    And as I said - if you had read / heard other reports, his behaviour at the time before the terrible crime was very worrying and officials had been notified.

    It was not out of the blue. The fuse had been well and truly lit and people knew it was burning. No supposition. It was a fact at that time in that locale.

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    Global travel for leaders is both necessary and desirable to connect with others politically, economically and strategically.

    But there is no doubt in my mind that Abe has used his "Man of the World" persona as filler in the domestic cavity of political awareness by many citizens.

    To be seen with leaders is a great photo - op not to be missed, elevating one's position in the eyes of the faithful and attracting support from the blank ones. He has a brilliant PR team that has focussed on promoting him globally since 2012.

    Giving the appearance of "getting the job done" and "keeping Japan safe" is sugar to the sweet-toothed.

    They love it.

    Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been making at least one and sometimes two overseas trips a month over the past few years. Do you think that is too many for a prime minister?

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    Stranger - Look at the facts.

    There always was a disturbing element of danger attached to the man by the authorities. Meaning his instability was recognized. (This actually is a v-e-r-y b-i-g thing in Japan where mental illness is notoriously put in the too hard basket)

    And Twice committed to an institution.

    Yes - no one can predict the future - but we can certainly weigh up probabilities and err on the side of caution.

    Reading other material about him and his actions in the neighbourhood, we can see a time-bomb ticking ready to explode.

    To many the tragic result was NOT a surprise.

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    Disillusioned - no the receipt didn't have Akie Abe's name on it.

    But it did have Shinzo Abe's name on it. - which has been whited over, but clearly readable. The official Post Office (I think) hanko is over the white-out, which means the name wasn't covered over after the event in 2015.

    Apparently Kagoike was "chuffed" at the time about the donation and made no effort to hide who the donor was at that time. It fits in with his character and the whole Abe connection.

    Abe - when stating recently that he'd resign if he was connected to the case, was not counting on 2 unknown happenings.

    1) The existence of a receipt

    2) His Nippon-Kaigi blood-buddy (whom he says he barely knows, if at all lol) spilling the beans.

    So it's squirm time, lie time and squirm some more time.


    Posted in: School operator head testifies in Diet he got Y1 mil donation from Akie Abe

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    While still much sadness, confusion, anger surrounds this case - a glaring point missed in this brief and seemingly to an extent by the judiciary - is the failure of the system.

    "...He was committed to hospital in 2005 and 2010 after being judged by local authorities to be a danger to the public due to mental illness..."

    I'm no expert, but seems like a BIG warning sign there. And this is not just about strange behaviour or the like but "A Danger to the Public due to Mental Illness".

    And, "...the influence of the psychotropic drug the defendant had been using for a long time was “limited.”..." Really??? With his distrubing background, that was all the judging authorities could attribute to the drug's effect - limited.

    Big misses allround imo. And so now we have a system in place that Kills known pyshcologically unstable, unsound individuals for what - revenge? justice? consoling souls? warning to other "psychos"?

    Makes no sense.

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    Alternative to what? Within the context of "Modern Medicine" there exists practices and therapies considered very different / controversial to those exercised by "main stream" medicos. eg transplanting of cancerous kidneys to patients on dialysis. Numerous examples abound. I disagree totally with the treatment meted out to my mother-in-law by her orthopaedic surgeon. Thankfully she is going for a 3rd opinion to a reputable doctor next week, escaping the clutches of the malpractice practiced by her "western medicine" surgeon.

    It's more appropriate to talk about various therapies and their merits / demerits, regardless of their origins and philosophies. I've certainly seen enough quackery in modern hospitals, whether it be drug therapy, operations, rehab etc, that to divide treatment into the good (western) vs bad (alternative) is nonsensical.

    Posted in: What do you think of alternative health care methods such as homeopathy, indigenous medicine, acupuncture, mind-body medicine and so on?

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    yankinhokaido- quite a statement that.

    "....... and it's always people on the left -- give themselves permission to take things beyond legal protesting. They agitate, they get physically violent either toward property or toward other people, they disrupt and block and infringe on the rights of others....."

    Either you don't live in Japan or if you do live in Japan you are new here.

    Why? Because the right-wing (esp ultra) fits your description to a T - and until recently they never even received a slap on the wrist.

    And publicly calmly meditating and / or quietly walking is one good form of protest - but the world over, and definitely in Japan, certain levels of civil disobedience have been practiced by protesters that "break the law". Lying in front of bulldozers, chaining selves to fences, holding mock funerals , burning effigies etc etc. I doubt they are all "Leftists"

    I am against disturbingly violent acts of demonstration that have appeared in recent years, esp those of nationalist rightist bents.

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    disillusioned - on the money!

    Know of similar case in my city. Believe it or not - the Construction Industry. Retired city official gets a "soft" job and even has the "pull" to get 2 extra traffic lights installed on fairly quiet streets near his "retirement home".

    Amakudari - "Hallowed be thy name..."

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    Watching an interview on tv last night, the Russians were emphatic about these talks, peace treaties and possible development, having nothing to do with sovereignty.

    They welcomed investment in the economy, infrastructure and services but ownership is not and never wiill be on the table.

    The Japanese side will have to permanently come to terms with that.

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    Kazuakii - thank you for your comments.

    I'm aware of Yamashiro's history and his previous violations. And I'm also of the opinion that we need to weigh up the criminal severity of his actions and the damage done and the consequential suffering of others.

    I believe his actions to be of immense annoyance to those concerned - but hardly in the realm of Big Crime. Also around the world, and including Japan, there is a level of leeway afforded to demonstrators and conscientious protesters, which can be witnessed at most demonstrations. For example, the right-wing nut cases get away with blue murder in many cases of aggressive protest, as a routine manner.

    And in addition, one point which is clearly stomping on his rights, is the refusal to allow him to meet with family, friends, in fact anyone it seems. His defense reps also have limited access which smacks of police-state heavy handedness.

    No one will convince me that this has not gone on for an overly long period, or that it is not politically motivated to shut up someone the govt. / authorities detest. It all fits into the "silence them" narrative being lived out by Abe & Co.

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    According to ENSO updates it's not entirely clear this is an accredited El Nino event.

    Models indicate a 50% chance of El Nino developing later this year, but it's too early to call.

    Either way the rains, flooding & deaths are terrible.

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    Whether one agrees with Yamashiro's politics and his actions or not - this has simply gone way beyond and as his defense argued, is now nothing but an act of "suppression".

    His public protests and acts of civil dis-obedience have become an embarrassment for Abe Inc, and they have avoided nothing in attempting to silence and squash him and what he stands for.

    If he is guilty of crimes, he should have been charged in the first instance, fined and or sentenced (suspended or otherwise) appropriately to the severity of the acts. But no - he has been detained indefinitely to suppress him, his activities and freedom, while others who engage in arguably far greater anti-social acts & crimes roam at will.

    But who'd be surprised when you've got a regime imposing itself upon the judiciary & media, essentially calling all the shots - you know - to protect the citizens from evil. BS Big.

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