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    Tsuchi - AFAIK, Curves isn't an olympic games facility or any other womens social clubs you mentioned.

    If you want to be part of the olympics it's simple - follow the olympic charter.

    If you don't want to follow the charter, then it's simple - don't be a part of the olympics.

    Nobody is forcing anybody. The Kasumigaseki Country club was invited to participate - not ordered. They can refuse and keep their own rules intact.

    The original selection smacked of OBs club antics as many connected figures have their fingers in the pie. Only this time the pie was overcooked.

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    " Temperatures may be too high for participants and spectators at some of the venues for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, according to government officials..."

    Oh! Really? Who would have imagined that Tokyo in late July ~ late August could hot?

    And only now we get an official, "We took the temperatures 6 months ago and have analyzed them diligently and are now releasing the results that suggest it is very hot & humid in summmer in Tokyo".

    If it wasn't so serious, we'd be laughing at the Chaplin-esque aura of it all (apologies to charlie). No one could make this stuff up.

    But sadly it's real and one shudders to think of the terror that could befall the olympics if the current summer trends are met, let alone intensified. Athletes & spectators alike will suffer. No question about it.

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    blah-blah - by your reckoning then - a person wouldn't query where 2.5 months salary disappeared to?

    Aside from the fact that close to $15,000 was paid by a 13 year old to bullies, the critical point is the heartless way in which the education board defended itself by denial of reality.

    It saw itself fit to playdown the terrible situation, to keep it's own head above water, with little thought for the human suffering involved.

    Classic Govt. Inc. - we're right and the plebs are wrong. Stinks.

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    "........exports to record total high of 750.3 billion yen ($6.6 billion) in 2016...."

    Which essentially means that farmers, agric-co-ops, fisheries etc that show initiative and have visions outside of the box can compete and do well on the open market. If you develop a product that people want then you have a market.

    Small time farmers on their garden sized blocks growing mainly rice and receiving big govt subsidies, need to pay attention to these success stories. As harsh as it may seem, they need to Rethink & Evolve or exit the industry.

    And I'm partly in agreement with sfk2 on what constitutes "healthy" food. For example, Wagyu may be in big demand - a plus for the businesses - but don't try to pass it off as healthy. All Washoku is not healthy.

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    sangetsu - right on the dot.

    Who could imagine anything illegal to $2.8m being paid to the shady friend of the son of the corrupt olympic official Diack - with half paid before the decision to award the olympics to Tokyo and the other half duly paid soon after the announcement. And it was paid for "services rendered", which if it was true, according to experts was many times over the going rate.

    Nothing suspicious there.

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    craca - you can't touch that - he, he!

    Madonna clone??? Oh - American blonde singer, that's certainly unique.

    And re great women performers of the 21st C that can write, compose, play, sing, dance, choreograph, create etc at the level of gaga - who are they? I'm not slinging - just want to know who they are, as for sure they exist.

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    Tsuchifumazu -

    " What is the problem? This is a private golf club. Non-members shouldn't care "

    Er - Olympics might have something to do with it. But, you know - I'm not sure.

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    smithy - thanks.

    Firstly it is not my position to propose alternative sites, because upon proposing they would be howled down by the powers that be as the rants of a loony that doesn't want to keep japan safe.

    But I recall over the years many alternatives have been proposed. From all Futenma operations moving to Guam to mainland Kyushu to islands off Kyushu including uninhabited ones to partly relocating to existing base (eg Kadena) and remainder to Guam to isolated areas along the Japan Sea to a total shift to Osaka or Kanto region.....any number of alternative suggestions.

    Research a little and you'll find many options have been proposed - but there has been no inclination to deviate from the original heavily US weighted plan A.

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    Postpones Decision!!!

    Nothing to postpone. Either you want the Olympics at your course (following Olympic policy) or you don't.

    The fact that seemingly many members disagree with giving women equal rights of membership, appears their hearts & minds are not with the request anyway. So pass it onto another course willing to embrace the Olympic ethos.

    And I believe re vetting the original decision, that some / many of the officials who decided are members of the golf club.

    OB and cronyism still trying to hold sway in an increasingly more transparent world.

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    voiceof - my sentiments exactly.

    smithy - this time you've really played into the myth (or you're a part of it). This "only option at present" is total BS.

    If numerous govts over the decades - decades that is not the present - had the will and gumption to seek and nominate alternatives to a in-Okinawa-move, then most of all this brouhaha would have been a thing of the long ago.

    But no. Keep toe-ing the US military line and rubbing all the right people the right way(?) has allowed this situation to develop. This was plan A from the start. Plan B, C & Z never entered the equation. Unfortunately for the govt, they never envisaged solid disapproval and protests continuing for years and now they're crying foul. LOL.

    And re alternative solutions - well that's only as limited as ones ability to conceive. Crying, "There is no option but Henoko", lacks credible insight in the least and smacks of straight out lying. - again to the " Who-the-hell-do-they-think-they-are-proles" .

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    I can only say in the case of marijuana - it messes with your short term memory.

    And for another thing it messes with your short term memory.

    And your short term memory too.

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    smithy - you are suggesting that there is only one alternative to Futenma and that is Henoko. That is the line we've heard for years & years from the govt.

    There are other options and they have not been pursued at all, because - well we're the govt and we say what goes.

    Playing the poor old suffering people around the Futenma base card is certainly squeezing the lemon. Opponents of Henokmo are not to blame for the locals plight. It's the govts hand to play, and they played it. If another option was taken up yonks ago, then their suffering would have been alleviated yonks ago.

    All govts hate to be told they are wrong by citizens, but Japan Govt Inc has an especially loathsome attitude towards "the peoples opinion", except of course when it suits their narrative.

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    craca - the like-ability of artists is of course subjective - and in a sense we're all correct. But the "poor woman's madonna" statement says what?

    I've appreciated madonna for decades and have never begun to compare her to gaga. They are both their own selves, their own artists. How ever I believe gaga's crossover talents in a wide variety of musical forms, her musicianship, her choreography, her artistic interpretations etc have established her as one of the great 21stC performers. Not just my opinion. Look around, read.

    And gaga's clever intro of God Bless America / This Land medley was not lost on many. Woody Guthrie (the antithesis of trump) wrote the classic This Land is your Land as a reaction to the popular at the time classic God Bless America by irving berlin. It's been a patriotic song of the left for decades and made esp popular by Pete Seeger.

    I wonder if trump noticed it?

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    Watching last night on tv was interesting.

    For the most part (not always) Mattis was stony faced, side on and hardly moved his body, even when talking.

    Abe on the other hand was mostly smiling, facing mainly to the front or half front (camera direction) and often used expressive "body language".

    To observe, it felt like a pantomine. But I guess Abe is out to garner as many brownie points as possible.

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    Out West here we don't have the same options as the prime ski estate areas. But frequent Mizuho Highland in Shimane whenever I can - pretty nice. And try to get to Gifu Dynaland / Takasu if I've got time (and money - gas & hwy)

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    There is no escape from the fact that tobacco is a social blight and it's days are numbered as an "activity". Those holding onto it with their last gasps just haven't seen the light through the smoke yet. Or they have and are hell bent on self-destruction and willingly are taking others near and dear to them along for the ride.

    Ban it yesterday.

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    Heda - Thank you - I read those links before.

    I'm a great believer in objectivity re matters of science and esp the nuclear world.

    Below is an extract from the worst case scenario link you provided.

    "By the last three days of March, the computer modeling produced results that settled the debate: A plume delivering radiation doses exceeding U.S. standards would come no closer to Tokyo than 75 miles, so Americans should stay put. In an April 1, 2011, email to Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Holdren spelled out details. "Our optimism, such as it is ... comes not from any assumption that the situation at Fukushima is under control but rather from modeling that shows the worst-plausible releases from one or more reactors at Fukushima would not cross [the U.S. guidelines] in Tokyo even in the event of adverse weather," Holdren wrote. "Only with big releases from the spent-fuel pools, combined with even more perverse weather than [the scientists deemed realistic], could the [guidelines] be crossed in Tokyo, and even then, according to the modeling to date, not by much," so "even in these extreme circumstances, sheltering in place might be all you'd want to do."

    Problematic. First - modelling is just that - modelling - a good indication but far from definitive.

    In the first instance they said plumes would come no closer than 75 miles (wordst case) and then iterate a worse than worse case scenario, ".... could the guidelines be crossed ....and not by much...." Well which is it?

    And, " .."even in these extreme circumstances, sheltering in place might be all you'd want to do." Love the science.

    But bigger than all that (and that is just the tip) is all of this science was done "How long after the event?" Days? Weeks? So let's just reflect back to those chaotic first few days. A veritable bounty of unknown factors being slewn around, with time being of the urgency, calculated necessary decisions need to be made. The wonder of weeks later hindsight doesn't cut it at all in the moment of despair.

    And back to my projected worst case scenario (because that's what we're on about - right) of exposed radioactive matter accompanied by gale force NNWesterlies ie direct hit in a short time on Tokyo, then any official who didn't strongly consider an evacuation as an option would have been direlict in duty. Err on the side of caution. Simple Wisdom.

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    Heda -

    And in the case of your quoted "worst plausible meltdown & extremely unfavourable weather", I'd like to see some scientific data showing "no probs" for Tokyo and also your own comments re such.

    Thanking in advance.

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    "After days of high-intensity analysis and numerous computer runs, the scientists concluded that radiation in Tokyo would come nowhere close to levels requiring an evacuation, even in the event that Fukushima Dai-ichi underwent the worst plausible meltdown combined with extremely unfavorable wind and weather patterns."

    I find this highly improbable.

    In the case of a worst scenario meltdown - worst you said - where the amount of released radiation would have far, far exceeded the 2011 release and combined with gale force N.N.W winds (not uncommon in March), the resultant radiation concentrations over Greater Tokyo(Only 200+kms) surely would have led to evacuations. No doubt. If the experts were sitting in Tokyo under such conditions - soaking it all up - I'm sure their "don't need to worry" scientific data would somehow lack credibility in hindsight.

    As tragic as the current circumstances were and still are, after the Quake & Tsunami, only luck saved much more populated areas from irradiation due to the prevailing weather patterns.

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    There will be no trouble at all with the Trump - Abe discussions, esp re any TPP replacement agreement.

    Why? Because Abe has publicly declared his belief in Trump's "Trust."

    So just relax all and put your dogs up.

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