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    I can't wait to see the number of false-positives they will get with this system which seems to exist for the sole purpose to stigmatize foreign populations as being a potential risk to the country, and to give a false sense of security to the Japanese waiting for their politicians to serve them the nationalist soup...

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    According to a preliminary report, released on the same day as an executive board meeting of the Tokyo 2020 organising committee, overall costs could surge to more than four times original estimates of 734 billion yen. “Given the current situation, costs could run over 3 trillion yen,” the panel wrote in its report.


    The rowing venue, estimated to cost 6.9 billion yen, now comes in at 49.1 billion yen, the panel noted.

    There are three main reasons to explain such ridiculous differences:

    1) They are liars and they lied from the beginning.

    2) They are totally incompetent and their initial estimations came from thin air.

    3) Corruption, a lot of corruption. Construction companies often linked with Yakuzas were more than happy to inflate the construction prices once they knew Tokyo got the Olympics.

    All three reasons are totally compatible with Japan.

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    She didn't "live in Taiwan" but travelled there regularly with her family as a child. She studied Chinese in the PRC. Wkipedia article about her says 1995年(平成7年)から1997年(平成9年)にかけては北京大学漢語中心に留学. She has also mentioned this in interviews.

    What's the problem to travel to Taiwan? Her father is Taiwanese for world sake, what is wrong to visit her father's country? Do you realize the enormity of the stupidity you are saying here. Would you do the same comment for a person who have a Japanese parent and who lives outside Japan but comes to travel regularly to Japan? Hell no...

    And what's wrong to study Chinese? Are you trying to claim that becoming a lawmaker in Japan implies not knowing Chinese? What are you trying to say here?

    Right. We Japanese are a nation of twelve-year olds and we need superior white adults to tell us how to run our country.

    Given your rather silly comment, I am starting to think that people here just need basic education.

    Other countries have different terminology.

    Many other countries have joined the modern world and don't see any problem for a lawmaker to have a dual nationality which by the way should officially be allowed by Japan to all people born with mixed nationalities. I say officially because Japan is full of hypocrisy with the issue of dual nationalities. It's not allowed to have a dual nationality in Japan by law, but this is not really enforced or checked. See here


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    Have you tried LINE? It's got security features up the wazoo.

    Since LINE is developed by Naver Corporation which is a Korean company, unless you really don't don't know what you are talking about (which I believe), I don't see why you are referring to it in conjunction with IT security in Japan.

    Japanese universities appear to use the same public access security techniques that I encounter in Britain.

    Since I don't think you are working or worked in IT security, what does "encounter" means here? What exactly Japanese universities use technically that is similar to British universities?

    Since I don't expect you to be able to answer this question, let me remind you of the massive data leak that occurred in January at Hokkaido University. Personal data from 110,000 students were leaked and the incompetence that permitted such catastrophe was equally mind blowing. Their incompetence was two-fold:

    1) They did not realize that the server had a connection outside of their intranet even if they claimed first that it was not the case. They eventually admitted it, putting more shame on their incompetence.

    2) The students data were stored on the server totally unencrypted, in plain text. Baffling!

    I don't know what they use in British universities but I am quite confident to say that they don't do gigantic screwed-ups like these ones.

    And let me continue with my own experience. Since I also work on high performance computing, I came to write software on the Earth Simulator (located in Yokohama). Once I got a user account set there, I was chocked to see how their login system was working. They actually forced people to use Java applets and the infamously insecure Java browser plug-in to connect to their portal. This is totally unbelievable to me that they were still using such an insecure peace of software known for its mountain of security flaws and malware issues. I believe they still do although Oracle has announced that it will deprecate it in JDK 9. Not only my OS and browser did not support directly Java anymore which means they forced me to install it and run an insecure software on my computer, but also I thought that with such a weak chain in their security model, how could they possibly believe that they were doing all possible things to keep their system secure. It was so weird.

    This is one example, I have a ton of others, and probably someone else has too.

    100 employees of electric power and other firms would take lessons for up to one year from former hackers and other instructors

    This sounds again as the typical "we are too pride to ask for advice" approach used in this country. I don't believe a second that Japan can beef up its security across IT departments small or big if they don't consider seriously to look for advice and learn from other countries which have much more experience on the matter.

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    and it was the Americans who set up it up.

    Total non sense. What US and its allies did is to make sure that Japan does not turn again to a country of fanatic emperor lovers who decided one day that invading all Asia was a good idea. I should remind you that this is an overwhelming powerful emperor who brought Japan to a war that had dramatic consequences to Japan population even years after the war ended. So what was decided then is to avoid that a single person which called itself a descendent of God can persuade millions of people to die for him, and the only way to do that was to remove any power from the emperor.

    Then Japan could have simply decided to modernize itself and give up about its constitutional monarchy but instead decided to stay in the past and keep the emperor even as only a symbol of the state. It’s not US or any other country that forced Japan to decide that the emperor can not abdicate, Japan decided this. Japan’s politicians could reverse this decision in one day if they really want it. They could decide that the emperor can abdicate as he should able to do right away if they really want it.

    Instead we are constantly told about this non-sense excuse that the emperor can not interfere in politics. This is silliness, his wish to abdicate has nothing to do with politics. The nationalists own this country and they are not willing to further reduce the image of the emperor by allowing him to abdicate as this would also open many other potential source of reform like allowing a woman to become an emperor. Japan conservatisms and nationalism is responsible for this situation, not US. Get your facts right…

    The Emperor is nothing but an empty symbol to those who proclaim to hold him as a god and important figure

    Exactly. This is right there the total contradiction of the Japanese nationalists and shintoism fanatics. They believe that the emperor and his family are the direct descendants of the sun-goddess Amaterasu or some crazy thing like this but the same emperor with all his great God power can not decide by himself to abdicate. Hummmmm.

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    Japan's manager wants 14 gold, 30 overall medals at Rio

    Yeah, yeah, yeah....

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    What makes you think mental health issues are not recognized in Japan?

    We don't know much yet about what pushed this cruel man to commit this horrible crime. But to answer your question, the reason is that the mental-health-related stigma is still very strong in Japan, making metal health issues poorly recognized and treated. You can read to inform yourself here:


    or here:


    And of course you can find a ton of other documentation elsewhere on the matter provided you start to have a little bit of curiosity outside of your preconceived ideas.

    I would also suggest you to watch the very interesting documentary from Kazuhiro Soda called "Seisin" which explores taboo subject of mental illness in Japan.

    RIP to these innocent people and condolences to their families.

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    And I find it even sadder than someone would assume that a claim made in an AFP wire item is an absolute statement of fact. AFP in general and AFP Japan is basically tabloid level "journalism."

    What a bizarre statement. First you would have to prove your claims with real data, which I guaranty you, you will have a hard time doing so. Second the AFP is the third largest news agency in the world, after the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters and considered to be one of the best. Just see the number of awards it got so far. And I should remind you that it has been created in 1944 and therefore has a long history of serious journalism accords the world particularly covering tragic events in a lot of details with courageous journalists going to the field.

    This is actually hilarious that you were I recall the same person who were defending the abysmal news media in Japan in another forum and now is claiming that AFP is a tabloid. I mean you are just impossibly and irrationally a Japan apologiste.

    As far people people finding it easier to talk to strangers than mental health professionals, I think bartenders in almost any country could tell you that this is rather common.

    Trying to make a comparative association between bartenders and mental health issues is totally ridiculous.....

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    Sorry, but 54.7% is quite high for a by election, better than many US presidential elections. Who becomes POTUS is far more important than who gets into the upper house in the Japanese parliament.

    54.7% is depressively low given the big importance of this election which is giving super majority to the LDP in the upper house. It has now super majority on both parliaments. Why can't you understand that?

    Now concerning the better than many US presidential elections, let's check that, shall we? Assuming that you are really referring to the voter turnout (as also the case in the JT's article) and that you are not confusing with the Voting Age Population (VAP) turnout, the data from the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance shows that you are utterly wrong, here:


    So we see a presidential voter turnout between 1964 and 2012 of 95.83% and 66.66% respectively. Therefore instead of always trying to defend Japan with silly comparisons with US and instead of making stuff up from thin air, I would suggest you to get your facts right first.

    And please go ahead and use the same site to compare Japan since the middle of the 90's with other countries, say France or Tunisia for world sake. That should hopefully put your perspectives into the right direction and get you out of your "Japan has no problem, it's all made up by foreigners" rhetoric.

    Now concerning this election, the marginally improved turnout compared to the previous upper house election shows that lowering the voting age to 18 was basically pointless. No surprise here, given the rather late mental development of people here. Older ones like students in big universities are not better, so there was no reason to believe in the ones coming before them.

    More dramatic is how the election was organized. Similarly to the last and sudden lower house election, everything was organized with the minimum of debate with most TV channels and media ignoring any topic out of fear of angering the LDP (see also http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/07/09/national/media-national/long-can-japans-old-mens-club-last/). The LDP did not want to have to deal with sensitive topics like the constitution revision and the disastrous results of its economical policies. So they made sure that nobody really talks about it seriously so that an already apathetic population can't be shown constructive arguments and the status quo of a country ruled by oligarchy continues.

    I should recall that it was reported that the media were told basically not to formulate critics towards the LDP for the reason they call fairness. No real debate concerning their policy and their FAILURE since they got back to power was made, we were served instead the usually ridiculous street shouting with BS rhetorics and lies. Form but not substance, this is what Japan does best. As an university employee, I received an email from the general administration before the elections asking us not to engage in political activities or even debate, the email read:

    The schools prescribed by law shall refrain from political education or other political activities for or against any specific political party.

    Which basically refrain people from criticizing the party in power. And

    An educator (a school principal and a teacher prescribed in the School Education Act (Act No. 26 of 1947)) shall not engage in election campaign by use of educational position to students.

    which basically prevent teachers to even have a debate on the country election with students.

    This country is a circus of democracy. This is disgraceful. Apparently they think that a democracy consists of people just showing up somewhere to put a peace of paper in a box. The problem in Japan is that the government is doing everything to make sure people put the peace of paper they want them to put. Biased education where freedom of thinking is not valued, manipulations to keep vested interests shared by the oligarchy protected, lack of debate, media control and the list continues.

    Now the LDP in which a few members including Abe are clearly sympathizers towards regressive ideas and potentially dangerous ones which flirt with xenophobia, has probably the biggest political power it ever had in its 50+ years of undemocratic domination of the political landscape of Japan.

    The people living in this country proved us again that they are just dumb.

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    An investigation last year found widespread accounting errors

    Excuse me. Whoever wrote this should better try to learn how to do correct journalism. Those were not errors, it was manifest frauds as it was admitted by the people who did it under the order from the executive.

    because the transactions were real and because the practice was not confined to Toshiba, the source told Reuters.

    So they are basically saying that corruption and fraud is acceptable if done by many. Well those old monkeys seems to have no shame in making fun of people in regards to how they feel they are untouchable.

    But really what is going on here? Justice and law seem not applicable to certain people, the same who constitute the oligarchy which control his country.

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    If you say she cannot be ordered to stand, then you are saying the principal's command authority is so small he cannot even order his subordinates to stand, which is obviously an untenable situation.

    Total non sense, you are again applying an absolutely twisted logic that has not basis on rule of law. The point here is not that someone can or can not order his "subordinates" (the fact you use this work tells a lot on your vision of the world) to do something. The question here is can someone in power order someone else to do something using constrain that goes beyond his authority. Clearly not, otherwise again this goes towards a form of oppression.

    This is clearly what's happening here though since nothing, absolutely nothing, stipulates in the contract teachers are employed with that they must stand or do anything during an anthem. Nor is there any law that stipulates that a civil servant or any anyone else shall be punished in any way for not standing during an anthem.

    Lastly as I already mentioned, this decision violates the Japanese consitution which guaranties the freedom of thought (freedom of conscience or ideas) to his citizens. Which means that if this woman thinks that the Japanese anthem is total garbage it does not deserve that she stand for it, she has the total right to think that. And no non sense logic of authority commending "subordinates" can change that.

    However judging from your present and past posts, I do think that this kind of principles just go totally over your head....

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    Rather, it was to ensure that “the ceremony proceeded smoothly and order was maintained,”

    What a bogus argument. The ceremony could have proceed equally smoothly if she was left alone and allowed to sit as she wished. The ones who prevented the ceremony to go "smoothly" were the nationalists who could not help but to start their shameful oppressive rhetoric.

    The judge said Shimizu “put her own sense of values before the maintenance of civil servant discipline.”

    The is plain and simple a disgraceful statement from a person who is supposed to represent justice in this country. This woman's own sense of value is protected by Japan's constitution. Unfair constrain to maintain "discipline" on someone, civil servant or not is unconstitutional.

    This is again the same excuse of "discipline" served to use again and again to hide a clear violation of the freedom of thought as protected by the constitution and a clear action of oppression against a human being.

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    One school does not equal the whole country. Know high school kids who are having sex with their partners and nothing happens do them.

    My point is not the whole country or not, this is too simple to think like this. Yes I am sure there are a lot of schools where such thing does not happen but you also find a lot of schools where it does. I know several in Sapporo where a similar policy is applied. However my point is rather why so many schools are still allowed to do such thing here.

    and IIRC you are the defender of a country that attempted criminal prosecution of a journalist (at least in the end he was acquitted but the chilling effect will never go away).

    What? What the hell are you talking about? Could you please avoid such incomprehensible statements in your posts? Which country I am the defender? I believe you are confused, go to take a breath of fresh air...

    All schools have their own limits. For example, will you propose that it is absolutely unacceptable to set such things as 1) uniforms, 2) being on time, 3) postures, 4) manners, 5) (add any other restriction schools typically set)

    Non sense! Being on time, postures or manners have nothing to with interfering with the private life of people. Which is what this school is doing by punishing a teenager who in a supposedly free society has the right to have intimate relations with whoever he wants. You seem to be quite confused with what restrictions should be.

    Restrictions on people are only valid when they serve the life in community. Life in society implies a common set of rules so that things don't go in chaos, and law is by definition a generalization of that concept. Now private life of people has nothing to do with life in community since people intimacy does not interfere with life in community. Therefore in a state of law and based on the current legislation, this is not the business of this school or any other organization do decide whether people should gave sex or not and punish them if they do. That is, I should remind you that there is no law in Japan forbidding someone at the age of this student to have sex.

    If you are truly biased towards the "basic principles of freedom", without any regard of "reasonable restrictions", then you cannot really accept any limitations here either.

    I am not biased, the problem is that you don't understand what freedom really is. You seem to fail to understand that restrictions (or you can call them rules) are not made to control the life of people. They are made to allow people to live in community. Trying to hide oppression behind a set of restrictions is what this school is doing and what you seem to believe Japan should do. I am sorry for you.

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    There's also the issue of consent. The guy chose to go to a school with a strict code. If you volunteer to join a strict organization for the benefits (reputation or otherwise) it provides, to some extent you have a weak case against restrictions being placed on you. The ability to keep a commitment is a rather universally valued human trait.

    This is absolutely not a valid argument. Again Japan is calling itself an advanced country so you would be better asking yourself how in the hell a school in this country is still allowed to limit the freedom of people. That is, a country truly respecting basic principles of freedom should not allow any organization to interfere in the sexuality of consenting teenagers. Period.

    Trying to defend otherwise with some apologetic arguments towards this school is ridiculous.

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    Well just another example showing us that Japan is trying very hard to stay uncivilized.

    It's just utterly pathetic that in a country calling itself "advanced" and supposedly driven with little religion, a school would punish like that a teenager for having sex with his girlfriend.

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    This follows already giant calls by millions every year by Toyota which has been going on for a number of years now. This is quite bad and really shows that Japanese auto makers have a real problem in quality control.

    Honda and Nissan have also recalled cars by millions recently (not only for the Takata airbags problem).

    Even smaller companies are affected. Last october Mazda has announced a recall of nearly 1 million cars in Japan for faulty ignition switches which can catch fire, some of the models recalled dating back to 1989...... Suzuki recalled last year 1.99 million vehicles for the same problem.

    Recently Mazda issued a stop sale on all 2014-2016 CX-5s for fuel filler pipe problem that could rupture during a rear-end collision, potentially causing a fuel leak (a similar defect affected their cars in the 1970s which resulted in injuries). We can also mention the 404,000 CX-5 SUVs recall for fire risk last February, the 2015-'16 Mazda 3 recall for a fire risk and a stalling risk, or the recall in 2014 affecting 19,000 Mazda 6 due to fuel overfill fire risk.

    The list goes on for all Japanese auto makers....

    It's troubling that all Japanese car makers are affected by massive recalls constantly through time, really troubling.

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    Bollocks. Foreign nationals with a Japanese medical license can and do practice in Japan.

    This is not corrected. Currently, doctors from the U.S., the U.K., France and Singapore can practice in Japan without a Japanese medical license under bilateral agreements with those nations, but they can only see patients of their own nationality. Do you see where is the problem or I need to explain it to you? The government announced last year that they want to allow five non-Japanese doctors to practice at four hospitals in Tokyo from last December. Their patients will be limited to non-Japanese who agree to pay full costs themselves. What a joke and it just makes your apologist attitude look ridiculous.

    Also I am quite tired to read your posts always referring to US or UK as a source of comparison to Japan. They are many other countries that one could use to compare Japan to, and I guaranty you that Japan won't look good in that case as you seem to believe it always does.

    Now, concerning medical care in Japan. I guess one could write a book about this topic. Basically it could be summarized as hit ad miss, the only problem is that it is more often miss than hit. The chance of getting in a hospital that sucks are just quite high here, because they all work the same way. I can quickly from my experience living here see those issues:

    1) the problem of hospitals being driven more by money than to provide care,

    2) or the absence of privacy in regards to other patients, e.g., nurses coming to talk loudly to patients in a waiting room filled with people about his/her symptoms or medical background. I saw more than one time a nurse coming to explain to a patient how to sample his fecal for stool testing in front of everyone. Crazy...

    3) or the impoliteness and coldness of doctors (with only a few exceptions really) who seem incapable to have basic conversation skill with their patients. They just seem to lack humanity in a sector where they are supposed to have one.

    I could continue but I will just mention the bad experience my father in law had before his death. He was sick with parkinson and basically was on his way to the end after it began to affect his capacity of deglutition which made him having lung inflammations. Now that can't be helped, nothing can't be really done so providing good care for him until the end (he spent six months in misery) was the best he could hope for.

    The problem we had with the medical institution (public hospital) was that they made us the usual BS play here where they start to say, well we are Japanese so we must ganbaru, so let's make him a stomach bypass. He already could not eat for weeks and they decided that he will surely get much better after doing the bypass, they even claimed he could live with it for a year, maybe two, or three, four.... This was of course a bag of horse s..., his wife agreed to do the bypass, even though he was already very weak. I asked a friend of mine who is a medical doctor in my home country about his view on the matter, he said clearly those words: "Take him at home and let this man die in peace. Those people are nuts".

    They decided to do it (my wife and I were against but could not convince his wife, I can't blame her), during the operation he wakes up, yes he wakes up during surgery (imagine his feelings), the thing is a total joke. After they finally finished the dramatic surgery, they came to us and said they they don't want to keep him because he will feel better from now so he can leave the emergency department and go to another hospital for old patients. Which of course can't deal with him if he again gets respiratory complications from lung inflation. Well, indeed he got another respiratory complications a day after they asked us if he could leave, and from then his condition was worse and worse and he died weeks later. The stomach bypass was almost never used.

    This man spent his last weeks in misery whereas it could have just been decided with rationality that ok, this is man in his end of life, let's forget about our robotic way of thinking and let's provide the best care to him so that he feels the most comfortable. In his case it was simply to keep him asleep. That's all he needed and actually wanted....

    After this experience I started to strongly question the medical system in Japan. Hospitals and doctors working there are unfortunately so Japanese. Let's just follow the procedure is their working book, they are often unable to provide individual care and think differently in order to take the best decisions.

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    I saw a few weeks ago a dude driving his car with a small boy (around 3 or 4 years old) sitting on his knees with of course no belt whatsoever, with the driver window open and while smoking a cigaret te....

    If stupidity would be a deadly decease, a few people would be left in this country.

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    deep fried chicken, meat and potato stew, and potato salad.

    I don't know what is sad, the fact that the food was clearly not manipulate with high standards of hygiene, or that fact the menu is so low grade food which also seems to be served on a regular basis in this kind of institution (my son can tell you).

    Posted in: Mass norovirus food poisoning at nursery school in Shibuya

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    It was not more than 15 C in Hokaido today (actually it has been basically the same cold miserable weather since end of May).

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