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    Won't the elderly with Dementia, not remember their license getting taken away, and still drive their cars? haha

    Unless you were to take away their car keys, and provide them with extra care (food delivery, taxi rides to the hospital, etc etc), I'm pretty sure they are still going to drive.

    Hell, if I was an old person and didn't have dementia, but they took my license, I would probably still drive. What are they going to do? arrest me for driving without a license? oh wait, there are like almost no police who enforce traffic laws, so how will they know to pull me over and check that I don't have a license ?

    Lets see...car keys in hand....car in driveway...live in the countryside....hungry and want to buy food.....but no license. I guess I'm going to starve right? lol

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    Yeah the balance is hard, because women still want to date or marry a man who is more ambitious, more successful, has more money, etc etc. I think if they are empowered and ambitious, they should date men who want to be househusbands and care for the family, while they are in the trenches bringing home the bacon. But I think most women don't like that scenario (at least most westernized women).

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    I praise this man. Working hard, taking care of his Father who raised him. If all the women he has met so far, don't want to be with him, because he is doing an honorable thing, then screw those women.

    I mean if the woman's parents suddenly became ill and needed care, wouldn't you want to a spouse who was going to be fully supportive and understand the situation?

    Sad world we live in today.

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    More stimulus please ~~~~

    Obviously the first round didn't stop ppl from driving the YEN stronger

    Honestly just keep propping up the economy, since no of it makes any difference to the everyday consumer.

    None of my monthly bills changed dramatically even though the yen was inflated to 1 USD = 120 JPY, so just re-inflate it again.

    If wages are not going to improve with either a weak or strong yen, then might as well keep the yen weak.

    Having a strong yen doesn't make your gas / electric bill any cheaper. Having a strong yen doesn't help Japanese consumers, since most Japanese people want to buy everyday goods which are made in Japan.

    Wow my YEN is so strong, I can go buy a bunch of imported Chinese products.......

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    nom nom nom nom....more easy money. So tasty.....

    Seriously though, there is no point in even arguing or discussing about this, since you guys know this isn't going to stop. They are going to keep pumping more and more into the economy. Sound finance and common sense are not a part of this global economy anymore.

    Just accept it, make as much as you can now, and buy up other real assets / investments with the earnings you get from your portfolios.

    And lastly, even if everything goes to hell, you won't see Japanese people rioting, looting, and killing one another, so being in Japan, is still safer than anywhere else during an economic meltdown.

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    @Peter Yup, at least they are doing something. And honestly the current exchange rate for the yen still isn't back to pre-2008 levels yet, so the fact that some import companies went bankrupt , means they were only profitable due to an unusually strong yen.

    If you can't switch your business method, stay flexible, and stay competitive due to the exchange rate, then those businesses were doomed to begin with.

    Even when the yen was at 77 per 1 USD, I was still able to pull in the good profit margins, and I too am in exports. So if I can stay in business even when the conditions sucked for export companies, than why can't the importers adapt to a 110 yen rate ?

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    Guys, all of this debate is pointless. Taxes will always go up. Spending will never be cut.

    What you need to do is just accept it, and find a way to position yourself to profit or at least gain from the increase in tax. That way you can have your savings / retirement / investments offset the increase and be ahead of the curb.

    Taking away entitlements (whether they be political / govt workers bonuses or pay) (or social welfare programs) will not happen. Humans don't like stuff taken away from them once they have it. Any politician who even attempts to do so, will be outcast and targeted. They won't be re-elected and they lose their means to make a living. So don't expect change from the political side or from the people who are receiving benefits. So the only choice is to raise taxes.

    We are already headed down the road to the inevitable. Its best to just take advantage of the situation, gain as much as you can , and built a buffer to protect your standard of living and the lives of your loved ones.

    Look at how history has played out, be a realist not an idealist

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    If you get a lambo, you have to get it in a crazy color....its part of the reason to own one. Getting a lambo in white or silver or black seems like a waste

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    Yes but will it have the same amazing sound of the new Lexus RCF with its V8 NA combustion engine? I will feel so lonely driving my gas guzzling V8 next year ;_;

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    Hmmmm, so I guess I'll have to cut my employees benefits , salaries, in order to report profits now? I've been operating just below the borderline for corp profits, since as my business does better, I increase everyone's benefits / salaries. I'd rather give money to my employees than to the J-govt tax system....but if they are going to punish me for not taking higher corp profits then I guess I should be more greedy and cut salaries / benefits increases ?

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    So glad that 42% of my income goes to fuel the great politicians we have here in Japan.......sob give me back my money

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    OMG....the initial injection of such large amounts of cash is going to insane......hmmmmm time to shift more of my portfolio into stocks.....

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    yeah....not going to happen.

    I run my own business, employ about 15 people, invested well over 100k of my own savings to start my own business, take all the risk, work 7 days a week, 14+ hours a day, and I only make about 1800yen/hour, and these people want 1500yen/hour to flip burgers??

    hell I might as well just close my business, and work for McDonalds, take no risk and never self improve.

    If you make the minimum wage, 1500yen/hour that creates no incentive for new workers / youth to ever want to aspire for something greater.

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    This site is just awesome......you gotta go old school nowadays to make that impact !

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    Maybe the car was a ferrari ? And the guy totaled it and the people who issued the loan to this guy also had dementia ?

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    I don't understand. If the work conditions are so bad, and everyone is being treated poorly, why don't the workers just vote with their feet and leave for another low skill job?

    That way McDonalds will be forced to change their ways or maybe increase their wages to attract workers again?

    Wouldn't that be better than to just continue to work for McDonalds?

    Or is the labor market so flooded right now that there is a line of workers waiting to take even the crappiest jobs?

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    not cool......30% of my wealth gain last year was from selling off my bitcoins. Unlike the stocks I sold which were all taxed.

    I love how my income is taxed, my business is taxed, then when I take the profits after paying all my taxes, and invest them back into the economy, I'm taxed again?

    I'm so glad the government is doing such great things with the millions of yen I pay in taxes each year.

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    Yeah the other day, my wife invited all of her friends over for lunch / tea / girl talk on the weekend. This is a group of about 12 women. Jokingly I brought up the topic of "Japan's economic decline, and how politicians want more women to work" , all 12 of them looked at me an giggled.

    This is a group of 12 college educated 29 year old attractive Japanese women, all of them quit working 2-4 years ago. Why did they quit? They got married to men who have very lucrative jobs. This allowed them to stop grinding away at the office and to actually start enjoying life, hobbies, raising children, socializing with friends etc.

    All but 1 of my wife's friends attended. The one who couldn't make it, but really wanted to come, guess where she was ? At the office, on a Saturday, being miserable. The entire time, the one friend at the office, was texting to my wife's friends how much she hated her boss for not letting her take the day off, and how much she wanted to quit, but couldn't because she was the breadwinner.

    95% of the people (men and women) are like her. People who don't enjoy what they do, but NEED to do it in order to provide / support their family. I mean what man or woman really enjoys sitting at some cubicle, grinding away 5-6 days a week, having 25-30% of their income taxed away, and then being too exhausted to enjoy their time off? Men especially don't have the option of just quitting work and having their wife support them, as most women wouldn't want to marry, let alone be with a man who wanted to be a househusband. Women on the other hand , still have this option.

    Is it no wonder that its hard to convince women to give up on the things which bring enjoyment, when there is only a small % of people who actually are lucky enough to be doing a job they really love.

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    Oh joy...the time of the year where they get to take 42% of my income, then of course use it properly to better society right?

    I'm just glad none of it is going to waste....because its not like I would use it properly, re-invest in my business, hire more employees and expand....nah I think the gov't does a better job at using our money.

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    More printing pleaseeeee. I want another 35% increase in my portfolio this year, so I can just retire before I'm 40.

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