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    Fortunately looking like any other proud parents in this picture.

    But, wait a minute, where are all the other proud parents??!?

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    Shouldn’t the sleeves be longer?

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    Of course we need to see the criteria for judging costliness. For instance, the Big Mac price test - not the best given local taxes, etc., but pretty standard.

    Or, going into a convenience store in Sydney and paying $3-$4 for a 5-600 ml bottle of water, then going to a super market and getting one three times the size for $1 or less.

    Travelling in a place is always more expensive than living there. Probably need two sets of criteria to judge costliness as a result.

    Posted in: Strong yen puts Tokyo, Osaka back on list of world's 10 most costly cities

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    I bet the writer had fun putting this story together.

    Posted in: Japan's oldest porn queen retires -- at 80

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    According to a Scientific American article (, solar roof 'shingles' have been out since 2005.

    The concept is a bit of a no-brainer. Just need to wait until they become mainstream, and to wait for a way to deal with the triangular corners in my roof. Unless Panasonic can make the shapes to order, of course.

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    I could never get used to evenings falling earlier and earlier in autumn in Tokyo and Yokohama, nor later and later in summer in the west such as in Nagasaki, where daylight savings would make the sun go down in June after 9pm

    Or coming home from a summer all-nighter and it is still 4 am.

    The problem is that Japan is so far east in its time zone before swinging right to become so far west in its time zone. South Korea, which has daylight saving is less wide and so does not have Japan's problem

    I doubt that they will institute different time zones here, and daylight saving is akin to that.

    I suppose then that in Japan the times somehow won't change.

    Posted in: Are you in favor of daylight saving time?

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    It is a bit like if you want to look slimmer you just surround yourself with fat people.

    Some people have a lot of fake friends anyway.

    But the person who had all her fake friends back to her place for drinks and cake seems so sadly lonely.

    Posted in: Company offers fake friends photo service to help customers look popular on social media

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    2.3 million is an interesting figure - it is about 1.8% of the population of Japan, not a high figure until compared to percentage figures in the recent and not so recent past.

    It is interesting in the sense that policy makers less and less can make assumptions about homogeneity of the nation's population here. Then it waters down more in some areas - say Gumma, Aichi and so on with concentrations of people with cultures from outside (not really in Kochi though).

    For quite a few years they have been discussing demographics in terms of 127 or 128 million people, who for all intents and purposes have been considered 'Japanese'. It would be a bit of a shock if the actual figure for the local 'Japanese' count were below 125.

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    ... they had a lego of Godzilla

    Now there is a thought for a new Lego movie. And the sets are already made!

    Posted in: Legoland Japan ready to open

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    Maybe next is walls around airports

    As Merkel might say, Ganz voll idiotisch!

    Posted in: Trump wants to build 30-foot-high wall at Mexican border

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    'Working' for instead of 'paying' for tuition is nothing new - it happens in Australia too which has a much more highly regulated education sector than Japan: near Cairns in Port Douglas there is a small English school which gets lots of Korean students who clean in hotels and resorts there in return for tuition and accommodation (it seems more of the cleaning gets done than the tuition or accommodating)

    Taking the exchange of money out of the situation would seem like a win-win situation, but it never is. There is the power-status difference not to mention visa conditions and time limits. With visa, the legal aspects begin, and the ethics of it all is not yet in sight.

    Authorities deemed the Miyakonojo, Miyazaki Prefecture-based school’s educational program and labor requirements as inseparable.

    And these days sees the rise of unpaid internship. It is all pretty grey though. It can work quite well if done properly. But for each institution that does it properly there are always going to be umpteen shonks.

    Good on the authorities for acting on this place in Miyazaki, but there are still a lot more yet.

    Posted in: Japanese language school suspected of forcing Indonesian students into work

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    Posted in: 'Matrix' reboot? Some say studio should choose another pill

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    Since when did age have this connection with physiology?

    I wonder how Kaori would be if her parents were tall volleyball players on one hand or petite gymnasts on the other.

    But in tune with some other posts - whatever!

    Posted in: Where super-thin is still in: Attitudes to body image in Japan

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    La La Land did not quite have the panashe of Sound of Music where the dialogue often moved seamlessly into the song (eg. Maria: ... [what should I do Mother Superior?]; Mother Superior: You should - .climb every mountain ... Instead, once it was at the look out, Emma Stone's character actually has to stop, sit and change from her party shoes to her tap-dancing shoes - Ryan was always wearing his. Les Mis with Crowe and Jacko was not so clunky like that though.

    Musicals are going to come and go, as they have since the 1960s. Not so many rock operas or even hip hop ones though. I wonder if Fame, Flashdance, Footloose, or even 9-Mile could be considered musicals.

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    OK. "Harry Potter and the Double-Blood Prince"

    lesenfantMAR. 17, 2017 - 10:04AM JST

    IF need to label them, "mixed" seems fine to me.

    OK. "Harry Potter and the Mixed-Blood Prince"

    Lets make J. K. Rowling admit "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" politically incorrect.

    Yeah, don't discriminate against Voldemort, but discrimination against all the others is going to happen anyway!

    I ran into this issue in Australia after 12 years in Japan - Japanese people there persisted with 'ha-fu' and 'gaijin'. Once I pointed out that they were in a different place form Japan and the reply was that they were referring to culture!.

    Also in Australia, by law the media are not allowed to refer to a suspect's ethnology in the case of reporting criminal news (though of course they do). Talking about this with some Americans once,and they said it is quite normal thereto refer to race in the news. Why? I asked. Because it is convenient, they answered.

    On that point about convenience, that is one reason why people have words for anything. Furthermore, words and so much other language tend to be culturally generated anyway. So, words like 'ha-fu' and so on here should probably be seen as a reflection on Japanese culture. As one post has it, in a way it is rather quaint, but not really something I can get into.

    Posted in: Two halves of a whole: Japan’s habitual ‘labeling’ of bicultural kids

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    Who wants really wants to send their kids to a school right under the flight path?

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    Oh well!

    Making more gas-guzzling American cars that will guzzle more gas, employing more American workers who will have to buy more gas-guzzling cars and have to pay more for more gas, and planning to export more gas-guzzling American cars that can guzzle more gas just when the rest of the world is interested in getting away from guzzling gas altogether.

    I can't understand the logic I have just articulated either.

    Posted in: Trump announces challenge to Obama-era fuel standards

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    This report is probably just the tip of the iceberg. And pity the dog that runs against the fickleness of an owner, and not just in Japan. Luckily not every owner is senseless about dogs.

    Corrections to some misconceptions:

    Dogs are not humans. They are not dolls. They are not your baby.

    Your relationship with your dog begins similar to relationship with anyone or anything else in your household: ideally should be ongoing till the end, not temporary and certainly not just only when it pleases you.

    Dogs do not do well with anger or any other overt or vocal show of demonstration - it is not so necessary to shout at a dog.

    Dogs sense people the way they sense other dogs - through disposition, posture, relative height, body position

    Dogs use their mouths like people use hands. Why? Because dogs don't have hands. So, a nip to a person which might seem like a near-fatal attack is just business as usual for a dog.

    Keeping dogs outside is OK so long as dog is conscious of where other members of its family-cum-'pack' are.

    Dogs need attention, just like you do.

    Still, sadly, SO MANY people in Japan have no idea about dogs.

    Posted in: Dog bite incidents in Japan number in the thousands every year

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    Biggest problem is that the tropical coral reefs generally are well established - in the tropics which are presented as idyllic attractive pleasant places. Therefore their disappearance is very noticeable and shocking - the end of beauty.

    There is more than that though - for instance, so many marine species use coral reefs for breeding and maturing before going out to the deeper ocean. Therefore think depleting fish stocks ... and the rest.

    It is not all bad, as coral reefs are forming in higher latitudes, with attendant fish species moving with them. However these are far less established and resident ecosystems in the higher latitudes also need to adapt.

    For people, shifting economic and geographical patterns are just anther kind of adaptation that need to be made.

    Yes, water temperatures are changing, rising. Can much be done in the short term? Probably not. However people, governments can start. The effect would not be to save existing coral reefs as much as to generally monitor and thereby improve marine ecosystems and that has a flow-on effect.

    Environmental change is as natural as life itself. The insult to my intelligence is when climate-change deniers reject this fundemental condition of life on earth and life in general.

    Posted in: Scientists race to prevent wipeout of world's coral reefs

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    Like most modern cruise ships, it just looks like a massive 'dan-chi' or block of flats stuck on top of a barge!

    Interesting to see the smaller ferry or other type of passenger vessel just beyond the QE iii and also the white floating hotel-thingey in the background as comparisons.

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