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    Wasn't that how it went down here? ...a couple of sevens, about a month or so apart, in the same general area?

    Posted in: 7.7-magnitude quake hits off Alaska, triggering local tsunami

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    I'm just glad its not another "Tokyo will meet the apocalypse in 3 months..." article.

    Anyway, I love everyone's comments; fun!

    I usually refer to myself as a gaijin upfront...then wait to see the reaction! Some people lecture why its not good. Others are utterly speechless. And some actually get my odd humor.

    My first week in my town, on the edge of Tokyo and Saitama, so not exactly the styx. My first McD's trip was HILARIOUS! Found the ladies working the counter calling their co-workers and leaning over the counter to stare at my blue eyes. That was my 'welcome to Japan moment.'

    Incidentally, does anyone know what they call 'green' eyes? I wonder if the traffic light rule applies...just curious!

    Posted in: How do you feel about being a ‘gaijin’ in Japan?

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