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    With human expansion, large animals are dwindling. Even giraffes are now on the endangered watch list:


    Posted in: Polar bear numbers to plunge a third as sea ice melts: study

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    The number I referenced is right from the article that we're commenting on

    The government’s offensive to take eastern Aleppo killed 341 civilians

    Are you saying that the AP is lying about this figure?

    Nah, just that different sources can have different methods, so whenever possible I try to use numbers from the same source, just to minimize that possible differences

    So either we use both numbers from AP sources or both numbers from Wikipedia sources, but since we don't have both numbers from AP while Wikipedia readily has both numbers, we're forced to use Wikipedia this time

    (And even I try not to use Wikipedia for these types of "active" conflicts numbers --active as in the numbers come fast and furious but hard to actually audit-- Wikipedia is usually not updated fast enough to keep up with these types. That's why I cited instead the NPO tracker above https://airwars.org/data/ since they seem to keep up with it better. Lemme see later if I can find more data more specifically about Mosul as well as Aleppo.)

    Posted in: Syria says it has seized nearly 75% of eastern Aleppo

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    Does anybody even care abt the academy awards?

    Some people still do, i.e. nominees' and winners' revenues tend to get the Oscars bump

    Even foreign countries take seriously which one film each can submit for the Best Foreign Film competition

    Posted in: Comedian Jimmy Kimmel to host 2017 Oscars

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    You seem to be grabbing at straws, firstly you referenced total casualties, including combatants and then compared them to civilian casualties.

    Wait, you're the one that cited the Wiki link that referenced a number that didn't delineate, so I merely posted the other corresponding number from the same source Wiki website (so that it's the same source as yours)

    Both Aleppo and Mosul have been long, complex battles

    Mosul just started compared to Aleppo which has been going on for longer, ya even mentioned that

    The operation to retake Aleppo didn't just start in November; they've been trying to retake Aleppo for months (just because they weren't as successful back then doesn't mean they weren't trying)

    Again, Kudos to the Russians and Syrians in their battle to retake Aleppo, they have clearly been more successful and careful than their American and Iraqi counterparts.

    Not if ya look at the casualties per month with all the bombings - that's why Aleppo is already a wrecked unlivable city, while Mosul will likely survive as a livable city afterwards

    And can even depend on how one defines "successful" there too - for instance, Germany's blitzkrieg was pretty successful too, but then they also used scorched earth tactics - while Germany took Polish and Russian cities quite quickly, they didn't care much for the civilians

    So if ya don't care much for the civilians, one can say they're successful in that regard (and really, why would Assad care for the Sunni locals of Aleppo? he has no reason to, and his actions reflect that)

    Posted in: Syria says it has seized nearly 75% of eastern Aleppo

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    You're referencing the casualties from the entire 4 year war in Aleppo, including the thousands that the rebels inflicted.

    The Iraqi government offensive to retake Mosul which started last month has caused 946 civilian casualties.

    The Syrian government offensive to retake Aleppo which started last month has caused 341 civilian casualties.

    So then just divide it by the # of months, then ya get # casualties per month

    Simply because Mosul started this month, ya can't just take this one month only in Aleppo because Aleppo has been going on for longer and thus the sieges are at different stages of their operations - yet the civilian deaths in Aleppo in the previous months still count (can't just erase those months like they didn't happen). So have it per month (Mosul gets its one month, while Aleppo gets averaged)

    But ya have to take from the same source when both data are available from the same source (in your case Wikipedia). So if ya gonna use Wiki on one, they ya have to use Wiki on the other too.

    BTW, neither of those Wikipedia links delineate between which sides killed how many civilians, but ya cited it as just a number, so I merely followed the same thing you did by citing the other corresponding number (to make it apples and apples, as mentioned)

    Posted in: Syria says it has seized nearly 75% of eastern Aleppo

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    Official sources, link below, list 926 civilian casualties from the Mosul operation.


    If ya gonna use Wikipedia for Mosul, use Wikipedia for Aleppo then too. Use the same sources, to compare apples to apples:


    926 civilians killed


    10,800+ overall deaths and 4,500+ missing

    The Russia-Syria coalition is obviously then not doing a much better job at limiting civilian casualties.

    Moreover, the Russia-Syria coalition is gaining ground much quicker.

    It'd be surprising if they're not - they're using scorched-earth tactics! They're bombing anything in their way.

    (And scorched-earth tactics have never been good at limiting civilian casualties anyways.)

    Mosul and Aleppo are classic example of the differences on how to take a city:

    Mosul and Aleppo are both besieged cities.

    The big difference is how the besiegers are besieging the cities.

    One cares about keeping the locals to live again in the city after the siege is over; the other doesn't care if the locals never live there again.

    That affects the tactics that are employed in taking the city. The Iraqi coalition has to fight block-by-block close-quarters engagements, using smaller munitions and less bombings - that increases the possible casualties to the soldiers, but it decreases the possible casualties to the civilians (basically the soldiers are themselves taking more of the risks, so that the risks on the civilians are lessened). And also importantly, less bombing preserves as much of the city as possible and thus once again livable.

    The difference is that the Iraqi government has a stake in what happens to the Sunni people in Mosul.

    (And what reason why would Assad care what happens to the Sunni people of Aleppo? There's Assad's answer right there.)

    Why would the Iraq government care about what happens to these people? Because the Shiite-Sunni-Kurd alliance is what's keeping Iraq together - otherwise, the partition of Iraq would be inevitable. (The Baghdad government doesn't want the country to separate into pieces.)

    "Advancement is supposed to be slow. It could go much faster if we could just drop bombs all over Mosul. But of course we won't ever do that." -- Kurd Peshmerga commander

    This is the difference between Mosul and Aleppo, commanders like these

    Posted in: Syria says it has seized nearly 75% of eastern Aleppo

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    Actually it was 53%,but of WHITE women voting for him.

    With that modifier, that's right. Overall, Trump won 58% of the white votes.

    Overall, Hillary won 54% of the women votes.

    Nope, it's 53% of men voted for Trump. 54% of women voted for Hillary:

    How can anyone not see that these two statistics are wrong, just by looking at them? If more than half of women and half of men voted for Trump, he'd have more than half the vote.

    53% of men voted for Trump

    54% of women voted for Hillary

    Less than half of women and more than half of men voted for Trump

    Posted in: Madonna on Trump victory: 'Women hate women'

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    I am not so sure about this.

    Don't sleep on it

    Posted in: Don't sleep on it: going to bed mad makes it worse

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    Trump lays out non-interventionist U.S. military policy

    Would this include Iran and the nuclear deal?

    Even so, Trump said he wants to boost spending on the military. To help pay for his buildup, Trump pledged to seek congressional approval for lifting caps on defense spending that were part of “sequestration” legislation that imposed cut spending across the board.

    Wasn't he just saying that US spending too much on new Air Force One? Yet he'd lift the caps?

    Under U.S. law, a military leader must be retired for seven years before becoming eligible to become defense secretary. Speaking to the crowed, Mattis said, “I look forward to being the civilian leader as long as the Congress gives me the waiver and the Senate votes to consent.”

    Don't break the law; why not just change the law so it's not illegal

    If America is going into less conflicts, there'd be less cost..... so where does the increased military spending actually go to?

    Maybe it'll be like the Star Wars project - invest in developing new technology that cannot be defeated by current methods

    Then there's that Taiwan thing - instead of maintaining the status quo

    That may already be considered foreign intervention

    May increase possibility of war (military/trade) with China instead

    Posted in: Trump lays out non-interventionist U.S. military policy

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    “Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!” Trump said on Twitter.

    Should he do the same with Boeing's and everyone else's US military orders - so much taxpayer money going to the military

    Though of course canceling new Air Force One, that means lots of people gonna lose jobs. American jobs - that's one plane that can be said to be Made in the USA (they wouldn't trust building 2 of those, including 1 for backup) outside the country to limit possible espionage

    Current Air Force One is more than 2 decades old - that's why decision to replace it has to be in the near future (a new one will take several years to finish from design approval to manufacture to flight testing)

    Air Force One has to be military plane, not civilian plane. It has to be operational center of command in scenario of nuclear war: able to stay in the air indefinitely with in-flight refueling, withstand the EMP off nuclear explosion that fries electronics, receive and transmit coded signals anywhere over secure lines, self-defense system in case targeted, etc.

    Posted in: Trump on Boeing's Air Force One contract: 'Cancel order!'

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    Here's NPO that continually tracks civilian casualties from airstrikes in Iraq and Syria:


    More deaths from Syria-Russia coalition

    Posted in: Syria says it has seized nearly 75% of eastern Aleppo

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    The Russia Defense Ministry has issued an official statement claiming

    Shouldn't take any country's Defense Department at face value without presenting evidence; anybody can claim anything, like the DNC email hacking being claimed to be Russian

    Posted in: 2 Russian nurses killed in rebel shelling of Syria's Aleppo

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    The money would come from a $100 billion investment fund that SoftBank Chief Executive Masayoshi Son is setting up with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign-wealth fund and other potential partners, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    Thank Saudi Arabia too for the investment money

    Posted in: SoftBank CEO Son meets Trump; pledges to invest $50 bil in U.S.

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    Ban Japan fowl

    Posted in: Niigata completes culling of 540,000 birds at flu-hit poultry farms

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    The Chinese co-made the movie - so blame the Chinese for whitewashing themselves

    Posted in: Matt Damon defends being cast for 'Great Wall'

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    53% of women voted for Trump

    Nope, it's 53% of men voted for Trump. 54% of women voted for Hillary:


    Women supported Clinton over Trump by 54% to 42%. This is about the same as the Democratic advantage among women in 2012 (55% Obama vs. 44% Romney) and 2008 (56% Obama vs. 43% McCain).

    By 53% to 41%, more men supported Trump than Clinton (the 12-point margin is identical to the margin by which women supported Clinton). The advantage for Trump among men is larger than the 7-point advantage Romney had in 2012 and much different than in 2008, when men preferred Obama over McCain by a single point. Trump’s performance among men is similar to that of George W. Bush in the 2004 and 2000 elections, where he won men by 11 points in each election.

    Posted in: Madonna on Trump victory: 'Women hate women'

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    Gainax is a shell of its former self

    Posted in: 'Evangelion' creator Hideaki Anno’s production company is suing Gainax, the studio he co-founded

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    Can't believe it's butter

    Posted in: 'Last Tango in Paris' rape scene revelation sparks outrage

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    Japan has really, really good actors, who need to be introduced to movie fans all over the world.

    Japan should improve its English-learning so that more Japanese actors could speak adequate English, never mind the accent.

    That's how other East Asians are getting their roles in Hollywood - because they already speak adequate English.

    So start with that first.

    How are they going to improve on the original live-action 'Death Note'?

    That's such a low bar

    Posted in: Producer Masi Oka announces first Japanese actor in Netflix 'Death Note' movie

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    Japan lost the war, and this is the price they pay for losing the war

    Just like the price they pay when they lost the Northern Territories forever

    Posted in: Carter says U.S. satisfied with Japan's contribution to alliance

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