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    It needs to be scrapped. There are too many threats in the region, and Japan can't just play defense all the time. Plus, the gung-ho American troops stationed here have it in their heads that they can do anything they want because Japan needs them. It's time for Japan to be more independent and proactive in terms of its national security.

    Posted in: Do you think Japan should scrap the war-renouncing Article 9 from its Constitution?

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    Obama progressive thinker vs Abe regressive thinker. Obama demand side economy vs Abe supply side economy.

    Obama is hardly a progressive thinker. He likes to promote himself as one, but he is a centrist.

    Posted in: Obama congratulates Abe on election win

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    Another useless washed up major leaguer coming to Japan ?

    He's had better days, but he is still a good player. I'm sure Rakuten fans will be glad to have him.

    Posted in: Andruw Jones signs with Rakuten Eagles

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    Protect Japan from what?

    From China. Duh?

    yes, thats a reflection of a national media infused lemming trying to rationalize things they dont understand.

    Reminds me of the people around me while I was growing up. My doctor, who should have been among the smarter people in town, honestly thought that Muslims were trying to take over America.

    Posted in: I feel like the LDP will protect Japan and restore some national pride.




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