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    And so one of the greatest statesmen of all time became a tourist attraction only a few days after his death.

    This makes me so very very tired.

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    The best preparation you can make before coming to Japan is to learn some Japanese. Not sure why so many gajiins don't bother doing that.

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    We (and Abe) should remember that, while there are plenty of unproductive workers at Japanese companies, making it easier to lay them off is only half the answer. The other half is about work processes. If you keep the same inefficient "must stick to these procedures come hell or high water whatever the outcome and the parameters of the project" at the same time as you reduce the number of workers, you will only increase instances of karoshi and the number of kids who never see their parents.

    Yes, firing the slackers will reduce labor costs for companies. But the real key to corporate growth that you can turn into expansion and added employment lies in making sure that people work efficiently, with focus on results rather than processes. And there Japan has a long long way to go.

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    You Koreans you!! Go back to the Korean peninsula! Go back to your fast-growing market and highly competitive companies and your far more internationally adept workfor.... er, hang on, this doesn't sound right. Who wrote this??

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    Whooo... another gaijin who thinks it's perfectly ok to move to another country and live there and expect to be treated as a responsible adult alongside everybody else... without bothering to learn how to speak, read and write.

    What is it with native English speakers in Japan? Why do I encounter this attitude so much?? Ah sure ain't gone learn any goddam Japanese, dats juust too dam haaard.

    Yes, always take the easy way forward. If you can avoid something, do it. What a shitty shitty attitude. Unsurprisingly, the very same people tend to fume at the ears at the thought of people living in THEIR country without, you guessed it, learning to speak, read and write English properly.

    As for Japanese only being useful in Japan... er, no. Useful only in a Japanese context maybe, but once you speak business Japanese well, it is a skill you can use worldwide. I know.

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    Directive A1 for Japanese office clones: CONFORM. Never, ever depart from established procedures even if it would mean a higher-quality product or radically improved efficiency (and hence profitability for the company). Following procedure is much more important than trying to reach results in the most effective manner possible. If you follow procedure, but something goes wrong you'll be scolded but the fracas can be explained by "inexperience" or something similar - in rare cases, the influence of external factors may even be recognized. If you try your own way (ie try to work smarter) and something goes wrong, you will be perceived as reckless and a danger to the company.

    Also remember:

    In Japan, there is ONE correct way (or "shikata") of doing everything. All other ways are wrong.

    In Japan, there is ONE worldview only - the Japanese one.

    In Japan, regardless of the fact that a day has a finite amount of hours, and each task you're given to do uses up a specific portion of that time, if you only gambaru you can do it. You DO NOT say "I can't fit it in" - you gambaru. Nobody ever asks you whether you can squeeze something in - a Japanese person will say "yes, of course, sure" to the client first, then expect you to ganbaru to meet the deadline. This generally leads to the worst project/time management imaginable.

    In Japan, your boss is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more important than your child.

    In Japan, your client is your boss' boss. The client rules your universe.

    In Japan, there are no small or even insignificant mistakes. There are only mistakes, and mistakes are unforgivable. Anything less than perfect is unacceptable - and the way to reach perfection is to perfectly follow established procedure.

    In Japan, things that you actually can influence are perceived as unchangeable, set in stone by God. Expect to hear "sho ga nai" a lot.

    Incidentally, all of the above are reasons why Japan is stuck in the doldrums. Japanese companies like to complain about the high yen, but never once consider their own working cultures to be reasons for poor sales and weakened public images. Perhaps one day somebody will understand and shout Eureka, but I doubt it very much.

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    The only way to interview him was to make use of Google Translate.

    AFP cannot interview anyone who doesn't speak English? Reminds me of the "journalists" who parachuted into Japan after the March 11 disaster, stuck mics in the faces of devastated locals without any knowledge of Japan or Japanese whatsoever.

    Journalist - I can't think of a single occupational group that deserves less respect.

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    Japan needs:

    a) a third and fourth (credible) political alternative to the LDP or the DPJ

    b) an upper age limit for politicians - mandatory retirement at 65. Far too many 80 year-old with ossified value sets running the show here. How about a law stipulating that members of the government cannot be older than 55?

    c) an upper salary limit for politicians. The AVERAGE salary for Diet members is now 20 million yen, not including perks. Cut in half at least. Ka-chunk. All savings go to expanding child care.

    d) An efficiency drive throughout the civil service. For every step removed from a work process, regardless of what that may be, said department/ministry avoids a 1% budget cut.

    Posted in: Does Japan need a political "third force" to challenge the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and the main opposition Liberal -Democratic Party (LDP)?

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    I didn't realize such laws existed. How can you outlaw dancing in a supposedly civilized country? Then again... somehow I'm not surprised.

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    Erh... it is absolutely useless in terms of advertising. But apart from that, why is it "shocking"?

    Could somebody please explain to me why this is in any way or form "shocking"? Some dude who looks like a girl with no clothes? Oooh.

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    A noble step forward, Japan, well done. Now please make some draconian laws about IDLING.

    Oh, right, Japanese cars are built differently and need to have the engine going to run the air conditioner. For f@ck's sake, stop!

    Posted in: Japan joins int'l anti-soot and methane campaign

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    "There are a lot of cafes out there and Japan is no exception."

    What a terrible opening line. Lazy, nonsensical... just aaaargh from a writing point of view. Seriously JT.

    We editor and copywriters should unit against thighs like this.

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    ... not to mention that the poor performance of one will drag all the others with it, spreading damage far more than otherwise would have been.

    Posted in: Renesas says major investors to offer aid

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    Congrats to Noma! I don't think I can afford a full-course dinner there, but I'll try an appetizer next time I'm in Copenhagen.

    As for the person who had spent all of three weeks or so in Scandinavia and found Nordic food a bit "plebian".... er, no. A bit no-nonsense, yes, but that's a good thing. Besides knowing what you eat and that you get good quality ingredients, you also get a sense of the ingredients' natural flavors. We don't pointlessly dunk the food into batter or sugary stuff, we don't overcomplicate the cooking like certain European countries famous for their food. Scandinavian food is simply some of the best in the world. Norwegian salmon. Danish ham or crisp-fried pork. Swedish herring or smorgasbord... this discussion is over.

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    namabiru4 wrote: "as they struggle to survive amid fierce global competition

    should read: "as they fail to adapt and innovate in pace with their global competitors"

    Alternatively: "as they continue to design and make products with only the Japanese customer in mind and expecting to be competitive overseas"


    "as they continue to stick to world-spanning yet highly Tokyo-centralized organizations where managers are unable to communicate effectively in English verbally and conceptually, and completely unable to think from anything other than the Japanese point of view"


    "as they continue to stick to management practices where saving face is much more important than clarity and transparency in corporate governance, and where Following the Process is a billion times more valued (= risk-reducing) than New Thinking"

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    How to improve the bike riding etiquette in Japan? Allow me to suggest one huge step forward:

    If you approach someone from behind, use the ring bell!!!

    Posted in: Experts discuss how to improve bike riding etiquette in Tokyo

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    Newsflash to all Japanese cyclists: the RING BELL is there for a reason. Use it! Especially when approaching someone from behind!

    Posted in: Not all cyclists are mindful of pedestrians and fatal accidents involving bicycles are on the rise. As the number of elderly pedestrians is expected to increase in the future, we decided strong action was needed now.

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    Dogs have more honor, dignity and courage in their rear left paw than all of the human race together. I feel precisely zero compassion for the drunkard girl in the story, but the dog died patiently waiting for its master to come home - and probably showed 100% love and affection up until the very end, even as it didn't receive any back. Heartbreaking.

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    Oh, japanbashing... Actually if the europeans could just get their overpaid behinds together and resolve the problems that are unnecessarily weighing on Japan, Japan would be in a different situations. Not all of Japan's woes are created by Japan - far from it.

    The other day, a German bank/finance/somesuchsort minister appeared on the BBC saying that the fate of the eurozone - and hence the little global financial stability we have - now rests in the hands of the Italian (cough, smirk) "government." Facepalm.

    Again, not all of Japan's problems are created by Japan.

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    Turning off the TV is a hallmark of a more refined, intelligent and enlightened human being. Unfortunately, making up for the non-TV time by mindlessly browsing your keitai internet is pure idiocy. One step forward, two steps back.

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