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    For god's sake just create a tax-funded healthcare system free to all who need it and be done with it. What's so hard about that? Works elsewhere.

    Agreed, buttt... GoP would call that socialism.

    Nevermind that the GoP loves socialistic policies as long as they benefit the rich.

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    He's out, fired and irrelevant.

    Apparently, he was never in or in for a minor period of time and had minimal influence on the campaign.

    In fact, he worked for over a year and a half on the Trump campaign. He was the leader of the campaign for four months until he was outed by the news as a supporter of Russian interests in Ukraine.

    While he advised the Trump campaign, their positions on Russia turned very sympathetic. Manafort was paid millions to change U.S. policy at the highest levels to be sympathetic to Russia. It seems he succeeded.

    It's undermining US interests/elections in favor of our adversaries that bothers me. You have proof of this so called collusion? Do you know something the FBI doesn't?

    The FBI has sufficient proof to investigate charges of collusion. They said that in testimony because the FBI must have sufficient evidence to meet a probable cause standard, which is required for an investigation.

    The point of an investigation and the reason it will take time is to work that intelligence assessment and probable cause into evidence that meets the reasonable doubt threshold to allow prosecution. For example, their methods of intelligence collection may not meet the evidence standards required to be admitted in a court of law. So, they have to use that intelligence to find other ways to collect evidence that could be admitted into a court of law.

    I for one would be terrified if the FBI counter-intelligence were investigating me for some reason because I would know they basically had all the goods on me, but they were just working on the case in order to prosecute. Their methods of collection are very heavy handed and they are relentless.

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    Apparently, the set-back will occur on Friday because Trump wants a vote then.

    If the Congress does vote on the bill, the GoP will get shot down on their first attempt to pass the repeal because they don't have the votes.

    Trump forcing this through is another amateur and stupid move. Surely there is someone who can tell him no or try to educate this loon.

    I'm happy for them to vote on it because it will end the current farce.

    So now we have two things to watch: Whether Ryan rolls over and - likely against his better judgement - accedes to Trump's ultimatum by allwing a vote; and whether the bill actually passes. (There's a third: who takes the blame. Trump and his coterie have never much liked Ryan. Not a good day to be him.

    If I attribute rational thought to Trump, then I would agree that this was a play to marginalize Ryan, again.

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    Do you have proof of this?

    Only the bumbling comments from Nunes, but I forgot, words spoken by the GoP don't matter.

    Hmmmm.....the Washington establishment elite rational? Even socialist Bernie Sanders would object to that comment.

    No, it is the rational thought rationale as opposed to the alt-right party rationale, which are inherently irrational.

    It should be easy to distinguish between a rational discussion and a hair brained alt-right discussion. No wonder why Trump got elected if people can't tell the difference.

    Bernie Sanders is already on the record saying that there should be an independent investigator appointed, which is what McCain and Graham recently recently said. Graham and McCain also denounced Nunes antics.

    Trump has no credibility left, except with the apologists and 37% of the population giving him a positive approval.

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    So until the investigation is done

    There are a number of investigations, the Senate, the House, and the FBI counter-intelligence. These investigations are focused on Russian interference with the election. The most important is the FBI's investigation. The legislatures' investigations are more akin to government oversight, but they could directly lead to impeachment.

    The whole Obama wiretapping investigation originated from Trump to slow the Russian investigation down, and that investigation is done and over. In hindsight, that tweet was pretty stupid because now you have the FBI and NSA stating on the record that they are investigating Trump collusion with Russia. Plus, it was negligently sent (Trump could have easily asked the FBI and DOJ), which could be criminal in itself.

    Then you have Nunes holding a new conference and running to Trump with supposed wiretapping information. In fact, this is collections on foreigners who are talking with Trump associates. Although the names were legally redacted, Nunes stupidly confirms it is obviously Trump, which is probably criminal.

    Nunes actions causes other intelligence committee members to come out and say, yes there was not only circumstantial evidence of collusion but there is direct evidence of collusion between Trump associates and Russia.

    Overall, not the GoP at their best. If you want to listen to GoP who are not absolute idiots, watch Sen. Graham and McCain. They are at least rational and not beholden to Trump.

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    Ok, so new evidence came up yesterday but you guys refuse to even consider it and are just basing everything on what was said on Monday.

    The testimony was clear: (1) No evidence of Obama wiretapping Trump, (2) FBI investigating Trump collusion with Russia.

    There are also statements made by the intelligence committee that there was direct evidence (not just circumstantial evidence) of collusion.

    so lets see what comes next

    FBI will find someone acted criminally in colluding with Russia, and the FBI will do what it does best, it will blackmail that person into becoming a prosecution witness. That will create a revolving door of witnesses.

    Then, we will see how high up the ladder the collusion goes.

    At best, Trump was a fool and didn't know his people were leading him around. At worst, Trump knew what was happening.

    My prediction is a mixture, a fool who blithely replies to his Russia colluding adviser, sure, ask Russia to hack Clinton. He didn't realize he was a tool for the Russians.

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    intelligence committee investigation

    The intelligence committee investigatory power to prosecute are next to zero. They can hold someone in contempt if you decide to testify. They can work to pass a law or impeach a president, but normally, they have no power.

    If you read my post, I said LAW ENFORCEMENT can and will prove it based on the evidence they have or are given.

    The FBI looked and found no evidence of Obama wiretapping Trump. End of story. No prosecution.

    Bottom line is that you guys hate Trump and have no interest in him being treated fairly for anything

    Hate is too strong a word. I don't like flim-flam men, I don't like nationalists, I don't like racists, I don't like narcissists, and I don't like liars. I certainly don't like those qualities in a President.

    Trump has been treated more than fairly. Any other person who does what he has done would never have made it to the Presidency. Instead, he is trying to condition people into accepting his bad behavior.

    What is most surprising is that people accept his bad behavior and make excuses for him.

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    Trump is not the one to prove that Obama broke the law. The law enforcement agencies are and will be able to do this based on the results of the intelligence committee investigation. The problem is that the FBI appears to have given up by saying there is no evidence.

    Incorrect, the FBI is the law enforcement agency and investigative arm of the DOJ.

    The FBI would present evidence to the DOJ of a crime and arrest criminals upon suspicion of a crime or if an arrest warrant was issued by a court of law.

    The DOJ would then consider bringing charges or bring the evidence before a grand jury, which could bring charges.

    Sorry, the FBI did its job and found no evidence.

    End of story. Obama has been cleared, and Trump is proven a liar again.

    So once again just because Trump cant prove it doesnt mean Obama didnt do it.

    Sorry, your losing me there with the alt-right rhetoric and all those feelings..

    I think people are getting too hung up on proving Trump tweet details wrong and not focusing on the illegal way that intercepted communications were handled and used.

    Thankfully, it was proven that Trump falsely accused Obama of a crime. However, the accusation could be a crime since it is probably easy to show the accusation was done negligently.

    The communications were legally intercepted. PERIOD. There may be questions about the distributions of the communications, but apparently, the names were not unmasked and were still classified.

    However, those questions pale in comparison to the accusation of collusion with Russia. Unlike Trump's lies, there are facts directly supporting that accusation.

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    @Laguna Did you not see the hearing where the fbi and nsa both said thete is no evidence showing russia altered any votes and all votes were legit?

    Did you not see Trump's tweet/lie: "the NSA and FBI tell congress that Russia did not influence the electoral process."

    The NSA and FBI rebutted that tweet during the same hearing saying they offered no opinion to that effect. They did say that Russia meddled in the race.

    Russia basically committing a crime by breaking into Democrat servers and emails, and then they meddled in the election by slowly releasing information to make one party look bad. Also in the testimony.

    Now we are learning that there is direct evidence of collusion between Trump's campaign and the Russians in those acts.

    The alt-right is again completely disregards the facts when it doesn't suit their needs.

    Will you join me for denouncing this Russian goose chase?

    Only in the Alt-right universe, circumstantial evidence and now facts coming out of an investigation that just begun can be called a goose chase. Benghazi was a goose chase that got chased and chased and chased.

    This chase has just begun. It will take one or two years for it to be completed because FBI's counter-intelligence group is handling it. I expect Trump to resign before that happens.

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    Foreign communications are subject to capture without any direction from a president..

    and without a FISA order would be illegal.

    Incorrect, FISA warrants are only needed for directly targeting American communications. Even then, there must be a showing of probable cause to justify the surveillance. A warrant requires a volume of records. It is a tedious process. Those records do not exist because there wasn't a warrant to target Trump or his associates.

    Doesn't mean that was any collusion going on or that they in some mystical Unicornverse-style way influenced the election to the point where it got Trump into office. Keep looking.

    The intelligence committee is also stating that there is more than circumstantial evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump associates. There is direct evidence of collusion.

    Still, the alt-right wants people to believe there is nothing to see, and properly investigating this is a waste of time. So, don't even look at it because we won the election.

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    There now IS evidence but everyone still want to talk about Russia or something unrelated about someone else.

    Obama did not tap Trump's phone. "PERIOD" to quote Spicer. The FBI and NSA said that on Monday.

    The information illegally disclosed by Nunes also makes that clear, i.e., the intercepts were of foreigners, who happen to be talking with Trump associates.... Foreign communications are subject to capture without any direction from a president..

    The FBI and NSA also confirmed they were investigating Trump collusion with Russia. They also have evidence of that points to collusion.

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    And still the left carries on even after this, desperation is a *****! You guys keep searching, you might something at the bottom of the box if you continue to dig, hopefully. LOL

    Yes, we might find out that Manafort was an undeclared foreign agent and accepted $10M in fees from an associate of Putin to lobby Russian national interests.

    You also should read more recent "leaked" news before making your trite statements.

    The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign, US officials told CNN.

    This information is from the FBI and not from the MI6 agent's report, which also made the same claims. That report keeps being proven true as time goes on.

    There is a reason for an investigation, and it isn't partisan politics. As I said before, if the subject of the investigation were a Democrat, you would be running around on fire.

    Nunes antics show he is not impartial and cannot run a so-called independent investigation. An independent prosecutor should be appointed. The American people deserve to know that an investigation of these credible accusations are not subjected to politics.

    Nunes may have also committed a crime by disclosing information related to a FISA warrant. Republican hypocrisy on view for all to see.

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    Is it the GOP that is allowing the release of criminal illegal immigrants who are caught? Same criminals who then murder and rape US citizens?

    Keep reading the alt-right news and listening to Trump's lies.

    The fact is criminals who are here illegally are deported. Deportations increased under Obama.

    With the current alt-right rhetoric, racists are being given the green light to persecute their fellow Americans. I read a story about four Latin American women who were asked for proof of their residency at a restaurant. This would never have happened before.

    The current deportations are just broad round-ups and are not focused on criminals because criminals have always been deported. You only read about one or two anecdotal stories per year that get conflated to millions of non-whites in America.

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    The GOP has become the party for the working class, the religious persecuted and the fighter for small business, that's pretty much the revolution that has been taking place.

    The GoP can care less for the working class after an election. They talk about coal miners like they are some saint. Now, the sainted coal miners can go back in the mine and die of black lung disease without being able to pay for health insurance, because the GoP looks after the mines but not the miners.

    the GoP disbands unions that protect workers and pass laws that benefit the wealthy.

    Why should a hedge fund manager only be taxed at 15% on their carried interest? Why tax dividends at 15% and wages at up to 40%?

    Sure, a 8.5% tax on the rich is super sad so that millions would have healthcare. They couldn't buy a fourth Mercedes that year. The fact is that they should pay back into the system that allowed them to get rich.

    Religious persecution really means not being able to force Christian views on the population. Just look at the whole Roe v. Wade fight. That is the law of the land, but the GoP keeps passing unreasonable restraints on access to women's health care to nullify the ruling.

    Now we will have religious charter schools popping up everywhere and supported by the government and the bat brained Devos. White Christians can do what they want, but what they want is to impose their views on others, which is exactly like the Islamic Jihads who also want to impose their view on others.

    Small businesses are not going to be saved by the GoP. If they are cast a lifeline by the GoP, it will be at the expense of the working class employed by the small business. It will be legalized slavery with limited chance of mobility for your precious working class.

    I'm not for creating a welfare state, but cutting funding for national endowment for the arts, PBS, meals on wheels, etc. is about 0.2% of the total federal budget. However, increasing the defense budget by hundreds of billions of dollars is really necessary especially after Trump decries all the costs of wars?

    The GoP is dying a slow fitful death. Their only lifeline is the idiocy of Trump voters and the racists who voted in the GoP legislature. Those same voters are going to be hurt by Trump's policies, and they will destroy the GoP in the next election.

    You can call it the race card, but seeing the GoP speak about Obama, it was easy to tell how racist the whole movement was. I have lived around racists, they are a petty, transparent, and cost a dime a dozen.

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    We had to listen to "hope and change" talk for 8 years.

    Where has compassionate conservatism gone. It has been replaced with revolution for revolution's sake and nutball oligarchs.

    At least there were programs to help the needy during the Obama administration.

    That is, until the party of NO took power in the legislature once the right side riled up enough white animosity against a black president to put the GoP back in power.

    Yes, the GoP is in power because America is still basically racist. Obama's presidency was a turning point for race relations. The only problem was it was a U-Turn.

    Now, all the GoP has on offer is less for those who need help the most and more for rich individuals and corporations.

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    Trump warned wavering House Republicans that their jobs were on the line in next year’s elections if they failed to back a GOP bill.

    Their jobs are also on the line if they pass the bill.

    More like the left distracting who in the WH leaked the conversations between Flynn and the Russians, Trump's taxes and all the other leaks? I mean, they just didn't leak themselves.

    I'm more concerned with the subversion of the political process the leaks show. If the parties were reversed, you would be calling the leakers god fearing country loving patriots and buying guns.

    Who are you kidding, Trump surely leaked his own 2005 tax return. It fits with past so-called leaks where he got caught leaking positive information about himself.

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    There was no evidence of Obama wiretapping Merkel until Edward Snowden released it, then there was. Was no evidence of the NSA spying on US citizens and James Clapper denied it to Congress, until there was evidence. Where is anyone saying 'THIS DID NOT HAPPEN'?


    I am not surprised about the U.S. tapping a foreign leader, even an ally. I had just assumed that to be the case since it is what the NSA does, collect everything within its power to collect. And it can collect nearly everything and does not discriminate.

    Snowden wasn't any kind of bombshell in that respect. I already new the NSA was sucking up any information it could. The NSA has been doing this for decades.

    Merkel wasn't special or some evil plot carried out by Obama. In fact, he made it a point not to monitor her after it was revealed that the NSA was collecting her communications.

    As sinister as it seems, all foreigners (enemies and allies) are fair game under U.S. law. Still, the U.S. generally uses the information to inform government.

    I somewhat agree with what Snowden did. Obviously, the NSA was violating the law with respect to collecting on U.S. citizens. There were no checks, and Gen. Hayden out and out lied about the scope of the NSA's spying with regard to U.S. citizens.

    The Snowden release also raised broad questions of privacy and potential abuse, which in spite of government assurances are probably not limited to a very few exceptional cases of agents checking up on their spouse or significant other.

    But to say there is a comparison between Merkel and Trump is another alt-right falsehood, or just another Trump lie repeated by his followers.

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    Why would a sitting POTUS go to so much trouble to invent and obfuscate unless he actually had something to hide?

    First and foremost, Trump is a narcissist and a practiced liar. He is also good at distraction and showmanship. He's not a great businessman or a decent and ethical person for that matter.

    I honestly doubt that Trump himself will be directly involved with Russian hacking, but I believe someone in his circle was.

    I suspect that because of the comments he made on the campaign trail, e.g., if Russia is listening, please hack Hillary's email servers to find the missing 30,000 emails, the softening of the GoP's Ukraine position after meeting with Russians, Trump liked Putin, etc.

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    The "no comments" were pretty damning on Trump. Indeed, the one positive statement of no wiretapping was also damning. The WH forgot about the "wiretapping" and focused on the Russia damage control, which they previously claimed was just "fake news"

    The WH and Spicy are trying to put distance between themselves and those who had contact with Russians and are a focus of the investigations. They are trying to create distance using their old go to, lying.

    Paul Manafort was the head of Trump's campaign last year and worked closely with the campaign before that point. He was later fired after the so-called "fake-news" found out he was a paid adviser to a the pro-Russia Ukraine group. Now, Spicy is saying he had a very limited role.

    Spicy is calling Carter Page and Roger Stone basically a groupee. The Trump campaign itself called Page a foreign policy advisor. Stone is a long-time friend of Trump.

    Meanwhile, the GoP is trying to blame leakers instead of looking at Trump's connections to Russia. Talk about hypocrites.

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    What claim?

    Good question. There are so many it is hard to speak in general terms about Trump's claims, let alone his constant lies.

    Someone else pointed out trickle down economics or as it was known at the time supply side economics.

    Supply side economics was a novel idea, and it was proven false with Reagan and again with GWB. It only created huge deficits and did nothing for the economy or the small businesses you keep referring to. It also made the rich, richer, and the poor, poorer.

    If a small business cannot survive in the current environment (including paying the lawful tax), then too bad. It should fail. There is another economic theory that applies, spill-over costs and benefits. If a small business cannot pay for its employees because the hourly rate or minimum benefits are too high , then the employees are paying for the business. Of course, GoP treats less wealthy people as slaves or disposable commodities to be used by those in power. They don't realize that an educated workforce is better for the economy and will not invest in education, unless it is religious education of their particular brand.

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