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Contaminated beef served in Gifu school lunches

Jul. 30, 2011 - 06:13AM JST

Gifu prefectural authorities said Friday that beef thought to be contaminated with radioactive material has been served in children’s school lunches in 52 schools throughout the city of Gifu. City authorities told a news conference that mincemeat from 14 head of cattle was used in croquettes served with children’s school lunches, and that the serial number of one of the cows matches that of an animal believed to be contaminated.

The contamination is thought to have come from cesium-tainted straw fed to the animal. According to authorities, no straw remains at the farm that provided the cattle, meaning the level of contamination cannot be measured. In a statement, the school health board assured parents that the level of radiation was very low. In total, around 23,000 contaminated croquettes were made.

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