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Gendo Ikari shaves and smiles in new Schick x Evangelion crossover commercials

Gendo Ikari shaves and smiles in new Schick x Evangelion crossover commercials

Apr. 30, 2012 - 06:29AM JST


One of the aims of the “Rebuild of Evangelion” films is to present an alternate retelling of the original anime series, and so far the first two films have shown several major changes, such as the inclusion of a new Eva pilot and Shinji Ikari not being a spineless coward in general.

While the third film isn’t due out until this autumn, a series of videos have recently surfaced on the net that suggest fans are in for what could be the most shocking alteration yet: Gendo Ikari is going to shave his beard.

Of course, since the videos were actually released by Schick Japan to promote their new Evangelion crossover campaign, it’s unlikely the smiling, clean-shaven Gendo made it to the final cut.

Yes, we’re disappointed as well, but the promotion itself has plenty to get excited about: in addition to the bizarre commercial series, select Schick razors come packaged with one of seven adorable Eva figurines for a limited time and while supplies last. A limited-quantity Rei Ayanami razor stand is also being packaged with the Shick Hydro 5, which will soon be phased out for an Asuka version and then presumably followed by Mari.

And if you wanted the amazing image of Gendo and Ryoji going second impact on their stubble as a desktop background, just answer the 3-part questionnaire here (just enter your e-mail address in Q1, pick anything from the dropdown boxes for Q2 and Q3, and click the blue button on the left twice).