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City in Shizuoka starts incinerating tsunami debris

May. 24, 2012 - 03:07PM JST


A city in Shizuoka Prefecture started incinerating tsunami debris on Wednesday.

Shimada City first carried out a test incineration of 10 tons of debris in March. The city tested the ashes and exhaust gas for radioactive cesium and other elements. Levels were well below the safety standard. After that, the city decided to accept more debris.

Shimada Mayor Katsuro Sakurai said the city will continue to test ashes for radioactive elements.

At Wednesday’s disposal, residents were invited to bring Geiger counters and measure the debris for radioactive substances themselves, NTV reported.

Shimada will accept 5,000 tons of wood debris per year from Yamada and Otsuchi towns in Iwate Prefecture. The debris will be incinerated with the city’s regular garbage.

However, tea growers and housewives remain opposed to the city accepting tsunami debris for disposal.

Shimada becomes only the 5th site outside Tohoku to accept tsunami debris. 

Japan Today