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Trump-related books popular in Tokyo stores

Nov. 11, 2016 - 03:55PM JST


Bookstores in Tokyo have set up shelves featuring books on U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. Prior to Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s election, stores had several books on both candidates.

At one major bookstore in Yaesu, staff put all the Trump-related books into one section immediately after he was elected president, Fuji TV reported. On the shelves are approximately 20 books that analyze Trump’s words and policies during his election campaign, his views on American society in the midst of the campaign, and books by Trump himself.

Customers have been stopping by the shelves since early Thursday morning. One woman told reporters that she wanted to know more about Trump’s numerous radical comments on immigration, the economy and diplomacy, and that she hoped to learn something from his experience as a successful businessperson.

A store employee said that interest in Trump will likely continue for a while, especially as he starts to make further statements. The books about Clinton have been pulled from the shelves.

Meanwhile, NHK reported that rubber masks of Trump have soared, with one toymaker saying that it had received over 1,700 orders for Trump masks since Wednesday. Masks of Trump and Clinton had already been popular for Halloween.

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